Your latest 2k16 Universe WrestleMania results


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    Your latest 2k16 Universe WrestleMania results Empty Your latest 2k16 Universe WrestleMania results

    Post by Joe5150 on Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:55 pm

    Got 4 brands RAW/New Japan & NXT/WCW.

    Just finished RAW/NJPW WrestleMania year 1.

    Notes: Randy Orton was the Rumble winner, Kevin Owens as WWE World Champ, Beer Money Inc. defeated The Dudley Boyz to retain the WWE Tag Titles. Also, in a bizarre move, part owner Shane McMahon announced the winner of the Owens/RKO WWE Title Match would then go to have a another title match against the winner of a 4 man tournament between Brock, Austin, Ambrose, & The Rock. Shane announced himself as special ref and it would be last man standing.

    Also, all matches played on Legend/Epic difficulty

    WrestleMania 31 Universe Year 1 results:

    Kalisto def. The Big Show in rivalry match(Start of a Kalisto big singles push

    Intercontinental Title Hell in a Cell Match
    AJ Styles def. Mr. Perfect(c), Jushin Liger, Bray Wyatt, Randy Savage, & Roddy Piper. AJ made Bray tap out on top of the Cell with the Calf Crusher.

    The Demon vs. The Phenom 2/3 Falls Match
    Finn Balor def. The Undertaker in the 3rd and final fall after several Bloody Sunday's & Gu de Grace's in a great match. Undertaker passing the torch to Balor. This match will launch Balor into the Main Event/Title picture.

    WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
    Kevin Owens retain the title def. Randy Orton in a good match, using heel tactics.

    WWE U.S. Title Match
    Seth Rollins retained the title against John Cena

    Tournament to Main Event WrestleMania for the WWE Title:

    Stone Cold def. Brock Lesnar
    Dean Ambrose def. The Rock
    Stone Cold def. Ambrose to get the title shot. Austin was very heelish in this tournament...

    WWE World Heavyweight Title Last Man Standing Match
    Stone Cold def. Kevin Owens w/ help of Special Ref Shane McMahon. Austin & Shane screwed over KO, which lead to a double turn and Austin now the WWE World Heavyweight ''Corporate'' Champion.

    That's my latest show, thoughts on my book and what was yours?

    Your latest 2k16 Universe WrestleMania results HAcdcWf
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    Your latest 2k16 Universe WrestleMania results Empty Re: Your latest 2k16 Universe WrestleMania results

    Post by Swarles on Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:01 pm

    Where's the random HIAC with the boss's son?

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