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    Super Cruiser Hardcore Pro Wrestling Empty Super Cruiser Hardcore Pro Wrestling

    Post by GolfClubNinja on Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:37 pm

    I'm bored, so i did this to counter Keiji pro wrestling

    The ultimate hardcore cruiser-weight promotion based in New Jersey.Spiritual successor to the dead THAW wrestling, even more Indie than ever. Funded by a pot fueled RVD, he just happenend to be high with crazzy steve, so he is the GM (heyman is booking)

    Head Booker (backstage): Paul Heyman
    On-Screen GM: Crazzy Steve
    Commentary(if we get T.V.): Taz and RVD, on Skype with Taz from colorado.

    more will be posted later (or never)

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