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    Post by TeeBeeKay on Sun May 24, 2015 10:20 pm

    Bought this and it just finished up, tons of thoughts

    -Heel ACH is great
    -they never really got the audio issues figured out, eventually got just the english audio, but the crowd, music, etc was almost non existent, early on both spanish and english feeds were coming through
    -show was too long, show went 4:15 for only 8 matches, took 35 minutes to get first match into the ring, I get doing some ceremonial stuff, but do it in a timely manner
    -show was really fun for the first 5 matches, but last 3 were all kind of a bummer imo
    -vampiro was either the hero or the killer of this show, the idea of him being drunk makes sense because he ran out steam at the end, but vamp was blatantly dropping f bombs, making anti homosexual remarks and just saying whatever the fuck he wantes for a while before losing steam and essentially sleeping through the last few matches
    -the 15 mintue time limit leading to one on one 5 minute sudden death matches were fun early but killed the main IMO, they went 15 then went to 3 playoffs and I figures out early Rey was scoring the fall because mistiseze and alberto got earlier wins so I had to sit through 2 heatless over times before Rey got in

    Overall some fun stuff but not enough to reccomend and probably my last foray into AAA

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