So The UK Indy scene is amazing right now


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    So The UK Indy scene is amazing right now

    Post by PhenominalXX1 on Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:28 pm

    Full show, I'd argue this is the top UK promotion at the moment.Their big shows (at a music venue in London) sell out 800 tickets every single time. The guys who own it and book it are massive wrestling nerds but also have backgrounds in TV/Comedy/Theatre so have a good idea of production values and Jimmy Havoc is probably one of the top heels in the whole world at the moment. He started off as a death match wrestler and has really developed this character that's just gold. The only thing I don't like about Progress is their title belt is actually a staff, like with their logo on the top, which is a bit dumb, but seriously check out their shows.

    Samoa Joe is on there next DVD (which was filmed today) and they've booked Prince Devitt a lot before but mainly focus on breaking through UK talent and have their own school and training facility.


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