Show Write Ups - Week 2


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    Show Write Ups - Week 2

    Post by Grant on Wed May 14, 2014 11:57 pm

    Week 2:
    Dark Match 1:Singles Match
    Ethan Page d. Nathan Cruz (6 min)

    Dark Match 2: Triple Threat
    Josh Alexander d. Kobald and Biff Busick (10 min)


    Segment 1: Intro video! Music! Pyro! Bang-Bang! 'SPLOSIONS! (3 min)

    Segment 2: The music of Chris Jericho hits and it looks like we'll be kicking off our show with Y2J! (10 min)
    --Jericho thanks all of the fans for coming out to HIS show and for being there for him to constantly prove wrong. He tells us that we should have believed him when he said he'd beat the Undertaker. That we should have believed him when he said that he's the best in the world at what he does. That we should have believed him when he said he was a top tier talent in this sport.
    --Chris reminds us that if he can beat the Undertaker, he's going to have no trouble winning the Killers and Kings Tournament to become the first MFW champion. There's not a single person standing between him and another reign at the top!
    --This claim brings ACH out to the ring with his own mic. He points out that Jericho may just be forgetting his first round opponent in that very tournament.
    --ACH tells Jericho that while he's out here complaining about people not believing him, he'd better believe that he's going to have his hands full next week when they square off in their match.
    --Jericho insults ACH about his height and asks him who the hell he is anyway. ACH responds by telling Jericho that he's the man that's going to make Y2J look like a punk-ass next week!
    --Jericho smiles before jamming the mic into ACH's forehead, gaining a chorus of boos for his cheap shot. Jericho then pulls ACH up only for ACH to break his grasp and dropkick him out of the ring! ACH begs Jericho to get back in, but Jericho wants nothing to do with him as we go to the back!

    Segment 3: Our new backstage correspondent Greg Burridge is with Johnny Gargano! (3 min)
    --Greg asks Johnny what's going through his mind tonight as he goes into a very important match with Akira Tozawa.
    --Johnny tells Greg it's a mixed bag of emotions. He's excited, but still staggered by the passing of Gabe Sapolsky. He says that Gabe always believed in guys like Tozawa and him. And now here they are, main eventing a show in a match that is forming the landscape of MFW.
    --Greg ponders whether Johnny can keep his mind where it needs to be tonight to advance in the Killers and Kings Tournament. Johnny tells Greg that he's always got a lot on his mind and tonight, it'll be an insane amount of pressure. But if there's one thing he's known for, it's being a pressure player.
    --Greg and Johnny shake hands as Johnny goes to prepare for the big match tonight.

    Segment 4: Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket C
    Jimmy Jacobs w/BJ Whitmer, Tommy Mercer & LuFisto vs. Sami Callihan (9 min)
    --The Forgotten come out to "Adora Vivos" by Woods of Ypres and look quite united. Though there's a wall of enemies, Sami comes out fearlessly.
    --Great back and forth action between Jimmy and Sami, though Callihan seems confused by the crowd cheering for him by default via hatred for The Forgotten (but mostly for Tommy Mercer.)
    --A few near falls and a series of high impact moves between the two end when Jacobs rakes the eyes of Sami and dumps him to the floor.
    --Jimmy quickly distracts the ref allowing The Forgotten to move in on Sami on the floor when the lights go out. After a few brief seconds and the roar of thunder, the lights pop back on and the Undertaker stands between Callihan and Tommy Mercer. Mercer looks terrified and starts back pedaling as Taker stalks after him up the ramp.
    --The distraction gives Callihan an opportunity to dive off the apron onto Whitmer & LuFisto before scrambling back into the ring.
    --Jacobs goes for the spear but Callihan  manages to catch him coming in and transitions it into the Headlock Driver flawlessly spiking Jimmy for the win and the advance.
    Winner: Sami Callihan

    Segment 5: We go to the announce booth with Hulk Hogan and DDP! (2 min)
    --DDP and Hogan go over tonight's matches, noting that what we just saw will be the future for Tommy Mercer. The Undertaker is coming for him and there's no stopping the Deadman when you piss him off.
    --They discuss that later on, Mike Quackenbush and Goldberg have to put their sourpuss attitudes on display against The Party of Adam Rose and Roderick Strong! Hogan says that Adam Rose gets it, the wrestling business is about having fun and tonight they're going to teach some lessons in partying!

    Segment 6: Tag Team Match
    The Spectral Envoy vs. Mad Blankey (12 min)
    --Absolutely crazy action chalk full of nasty kicks, beautiful chain moves and insane dives. Both teams come within moments of victory repeatedly but can't quite put anyone away.
    --Hallowicked sidesteps a superkick by YAMATO, then ducks a Doi clothesline and drills Doi with a Rydeen Bomb as Frightmare nails YAMATO with a springboard dropkick! Wicked climbs to the second rope as Frightmare scales up with him, climbs to his shoulders and goes for a super Kneecolepsy on Doi but he rolls out of the way as YAMATO rushes in with a step up kick, knocking Wicked to the floor.
    --Doi hits a shinbreaker on the obviously pained knee of Frightmare and hits a dragon screw leg whip.
    --Wisely, YAMATO zones in on the weakened and smaller Frightmare's hurt knee by locking in the CBV as Doi cuts Hallowicked off, leaving Frightmare to tap out.
    Winners: Mad Blankey

    Segment 7: Once again we go backstage with Greg Burridge who is with Akira Tozawa! (1 min)
    --Burridge, though aware of the language barrier, asks Tozawa about tonight's match against Gargano.
    --In broken, but understandable English, Tozawa says: "Tonight, Gargano is crushed for Gabe's honor. Killers Kings, my time. NOW!"

    Segment 8: Singles Match
    Aaron Epic vs. Krimson (2 min)
    --Aaron really tried his hardest in this one, but the aggressive, hyper violent nature of Krimson overwhelmed him early on.
    --Epic mounted a momentary comeback and went for a springboard back elbow, but Krimson clips him in mid-air and drops the poor bastard right on his head.
    --After some savage elbows and an Implant DDT, Krimson nails the Witches Wheel for the absolute victory.
    Winner: Krimson

    Segment 9: We see Masada outside the venue, signing autographs for fans. (2 min)
    --Depite being a ruthless madman in the ring, he's actually quite the nice guy otherwise.
    --His signing is interrupted by Danny Havoc who decides it's a good time to talk shit on Masada. He calls him a sellout and a coward.
    --Havoc then proceeds to drive a pen into Masada's forehead and then slam him into a concrete wall before kicking him low and slapping him in the face before leaving the scene.

    Segment 10: Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket A
    The Undertaker vs. Tommy Mercer w/Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer & LuFisto (7 min)
    --Once again, The Forgotten is in full force, but the force they're up against is like no other.
    --The Forgotten tries interfering multiple times, but each time The Undertaker disposes of them quickly. However, it finally works, allowing Mercer to get some offense in.
    --Taker shakes off the attack only to eat a diving clothesline. The Forgooten try to get involved again but this time Taker is prepared and levels Whitmer with a stiff big boot, then catches both Jacobs and LuFisto with a double Chokeslam.
    --Mercer staggers to his feet after a snake eyes/big boot combo and right into a Chokeslam for the one... two... three. The Deadman advances.
    Winner: The Undertaker

    Segment 11: Greg Burridge interviews Sheamus! (3 min)
    --Sheamus and Greg exchange pleasantries, talk about football a bit and generally get sidetracked.
    --At least until Sheamus makes reference to kicking his way to the MFW Championship.
    --He gives credit to Biff Busick being tough as nails, but promises everyone that Biff is going to have to kill him to advance.
    --Sheamus panders to the crowd a bit and cracks a few jokes as we head back to the ring.

    Segment 12: Tag Team Match
    The Party vs. #QuackenBerg (7 min)
    --Rose starts off against Quack and wastes no time prancing about the ring, getting the crowd to chant and sing the 'ooh oohs' much to the chagrin of Quackenbush.
    --Some fun time shenanigans take place courtesy of Rose and actually results in a few near falls due to Quack becoming frustrated.
    --The fun wouldn't last long though as Goldberg rushes Rose without being tagged and levels him with a clothesline.
    --And soon the match becomes a game of beat the holy hell out of Adam Rose and keep him from getting a hot tag to the completely fresh Strong. Each time Rose sees an opening to tag, he gets cut off and Strong grows more frustrated.
    --Rose manages to break from of Quack's grip and kicks him away. He sees an opening to make a much needed tag but Quack manages to cut him off yet AGAIN. Strong can't take any more and hops in the ring against the ref's orders, he ducks a Quack clothesline rebounds and... nails Adam Rose with the Sick Kick! WHAT?! The crowd erupts out of anger as an amused grin forms on Strong's face.
    --Strong then shakes the hands of Quack & Goldberg as Quack instructs Goldberg to finish Rose. They pull him up and whip him into Goldberg who annihilates him with the Spear and follows it with the Jackhammer. Quack then takes the glory and insults Rose and the fans by putting his foot on Adam's chest for the victory.
    Winners: #QuackenBerg

    --Sadly, the backstab and loss wouldn't be the end of heartbreak for the Exotic Express as Strong and Goldberg set up a table on the floor and proceed to heave him over the top rope and send him through the furniture, practically exploding it to the sound of a chorus of boos from the fans. Medics come out to attend to Rose as Quackenbush grabs a mic and asks Adam how the party life is now. He says there's absolutely no reason to be a lemon or a Rose-bud when you're a Quackenbush.

    Segment 13: We go to the announce table where they discuss what just happened and hype the main event one more time. (2 min)
    --Hogan and DDP call Quack and company cowards for the needless assault on Rose.
    --But they soon move on and hype the main event between Johnny Gargano and Akira Tozawa one last time.
    --Hogan and DDP are selling the match big time and certainly adding a shine to the stars of Gargano and Tozawa.

    Segment 14: Quackenbush, Goldberg and Strong are walking through the backstage when none other than Shawn Michaels steps in front of them. (2 min)
    --HBK gives them credit for pulling the wool over his eyes and tricking everyone on their way to a victory. The super serious guys won. YIPPIE! But Shawn makes it a point to tell them that since they're so clever, they'll be able to appreciate some of the similar behavior in return.
    --So next week, there's going to be a little bracket shuffling and a creative twist in the Killers & Kings Tournament. As in, we're going to roll three first round matches in one! We're going to have a six man tag with you guys facing your respective first round opponents. Mike Quackenbush will team with Roderick Strong and Biff Busick to take on Adam Rose, if he's physically capable, Goldberg and Sheamus!
    --Let's see how your little alliance holds up when the temptation of the Undisputed Title is at stake.
    --QuackenBerg and Strong look angry and conflicted at HBK's decision for next week as we cut to the announce table once again.

    Segment 15: Hogan and DDP take note that Adam Cole has come out and taken a seat at ringside. (2 min)
    --Hogan gets up and grabs a mic to catch a potential interview with Cole.
    --Hogan asks Cole if he could have a word and Cole gladly agrees. He explains that he's out there to watch as a fan, as one of the boys and as a determined competitor. He says that he will see the top of the MFW mountain come Killers and Kings.
    --Cole says that in order for that statement to remain the realm of reality, he needs to see firsthand how determined everyone else is. And this is a good starting point. With two men that have the same drive that he does. Cole promises that this will be a match to replay, and more so, a match to set the standard for the Killers and kings Tournament.

    Segment 16: Main Event - Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket B
    Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa  (23 min)
    --A mutual show of respect from both men, who are sporting black arm-bands in honor of Gabe, they shake hands and the match is under way!
    --They're evenly matched from the get go, no one getting the upper hand after a quick series of reversals and pinning combinations that only resulted in near falls.
    --It gets cranked up a few notches and they start trading some stiff forearms, kicks, chops and even a sequence of headbutts. But Tozawa comes out of the exchange in better shape after a final headbutt and hits a tornado DDT for an extremely near fall.
    --They battle to the apron where Tozawa goes for a DVD on the apron but Gargano knees him in the chops and drills him with a DDT to knock him off the apron. Gargano then proceeds to hit a trifecta of suicide dives and rolls Tozawa back inside the ring.
    --Gargano goes for the slingshot spear but Tozawa sees it coming and nails a bicycle kick for a near fall. He pulls Gargano up and hits the Tozawa Driv- no! Gargano reverses it into an armdrag and floats over into the Gargano Escape! Tozawa reaches and crawls and scrapes at the ground to inch towards the ropes only for Gargano to roll the hold back towards the middle of the ring but Tozawa uses the momentum to swing back to his feet and knee Gargano right in the skull.
    --He nails the Tozawa Driver and rolls Gargano over for a deadlift German but his grip looses enough for Gargano to slip behind him, hit the Hurts Donut and immediately lock in the Gargano Escape! Tozawa tries to fight it but has no choice but to tap out this time.
    Winner: Johnny Gargano

    --We go off the air with a happy crowd and an exhausted, but triumphant Gargano with his hand raised in victory.

    Post Show:
    Dark Match Main Event:
    Adam Cole, Adrian Neville & Sheamus d. Chris Jericho, Mike Quackenbush & Goldberg (13 min)
    --Fun match that ends after the Red Arrow by Neville on Quack
    --Faces celebrate by throwing t-shirts and other merch to the fans as the heels exit in a huff.


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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 2

    Post by Stroke on Thu May 15, 2014 1:40 am

    BCW TV

    DARK Match: Masato Tanaka defeats Tommaso Ciampa (5:00)
    S1: In Ring Segment: Ric Flair announces the final four competitiors for the one night BCW World Title tournament at Dawning: Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, James Storm and Colt Cabana. Announces tonight in the main event, we’ll see Dolph Ziggler and James Storm take on Jack Swagger and Colt Cabana. He also announces that next week the bracket for the tournament will be unveiled. (12 minutes)
    S2: Segment: Bully Ray arrives to the building, looking for Kevin Steen. Jeremy Borash catches up with him and he says that he’ll find him tonight one way or the other. (2 minute)
    S3: Match: Young Bucks vs Primetime Players. Young Bucks win by pinfall clean. (8 minutes)
    S4: Backstage Interview: Jeremy Borash with Dolph Ziggler and James Storm. They talk about not being anything alike, except for their goal to be champion. They have no problem with each other and will get along fine tonight, but if they meet at Dawning they won’t be afraid to do what it takes to win. (2 minutes)
    S5: Match: Billy Gunn w/Road Dogg vs Joey Ryan w/ECIII. Ryan wins after interference from ECIII. Teams fight after match (8 minutes)
    S6: In Ring Segment: Bully Ray makes his way to the ring, calling out Kevin Steen. Mount Rushmore of Wrestling makes their way onto the stage. Bully says he wants Steen tonight. Steen says he already has a match so that’s not happening. They trade barbs before Steen warns Bully to be careful who he tries to pick fights with because he might start something he can’t finish. (10 minutes)
    S7: Backstage Interview: Jeremy Borash with The Beautiful People. TBP talk about how they’re here to beautify BCW and the women’s division and that starts tonight with Madison Rayne and Emma. (2 minutes)
    S8: Match: The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne and Emma. Back and forth. TBP win after Love pins Rayne. They go to bag her postmatch but Emma runs them off. (7 minutes)
    S9: 2 Good Minutes Video Package: Davey Richards. Davey talks about his career and why he’s in BCW. (2 minutes)
    S10: Match: Kevin Steen vs Go Shiozaki. Squash with Steen getting the win via Package Piledriver (6 minutes)
    S11: Backstage Interview: Jeremy Borash with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Jack and Zeb talk about how Jack is the perfect choice to represent an American company like BCW as its champion. JB asks about teaming with Colt Cabana tonight and losing to Dolph Ziggler last week, Jack refuses to acknowledge Ziggler beat him and Zeb says that Cabana would be best served to stay out of Swagger’s way. (2 minutes)
    S12: Match: Matt Taven vs Shark Boy. Taven wins clean (5 minutes)
    S13: 2 Good Minutes Video Package: Eddie Edwards. Hype video for Eddie as he talks about his career and his goals for BCW. (2 minutes)
    S14: Tag Team Main Event: James Storm and Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter and Colt Cabana. Back and forth. Swagger and Cabana win after Swagger sneaks a low blow on Storm followed by a gutwrench powerbomb. (20 minutes)
    DARK MATCH: American Wolves vs All Night Express. Wolves win clean.  (8 minutes)

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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 2

    Post by GolfClubNinja on Fri May 16, 2014 9:09 pm

    just doing a quick show, i'l add the details tommorow.

    T.H.A.W. DESTRUCTION @ Happy Hour!   tongue 

    Announcement on next 4-4-4 match later tonight: Knux v.s. Randy Orton v.s. Vader v.s. fire ant
    2 mins

    4-4-4 match #3: Ryback v.s. Rikishi v.s. Dreamer v.s. Sabu
    dreamer wins by pinfall, 10 mins

    Angle:Rikishi & Vader beat up Ryback: The Old Guys are formed.
    5 mins

    Angle: Heyman talks to other board members, Mcmahon and Booker T., on austins decisions
    3 mins

    Air Raiderz Action: R.V.D. v.s. Soldier Ant w/ worker & fire @ ringside
    R.V.D. wins by pinfall, 12 mins

    **Commercial break**

    Main Event Announcement: Tag Team Match between Rhino & Diesel v.s. Mysterio & Mystico
    2 mins

    4-4-4 match #4: Knux v.s. Randy Orton v.s. Vader v.s. Fire ant
    randy orton wins by pinfall, 14 mins

    Angle: Heyman comes out and asks orton if he could be his manager, orton says he will consider it
    3 mins

    Angle: Austin is at bar when McMahon calls him about heyman, austin replies "I don't give a F#$@ about dat midget", orders 2 more beers.
    3 mins

    Random Match: Dino v.s. Sugar Dunkington.
    Dino wins by pinfall, 10 mins

    **comercial break**
    Tag Team Championship: Rhino & Diesel v.s. Mysterio & Mystico
    Rhino pins Mystico, 16 mins

    Angle: Rhino & Diesel say their the new kliq, heyman interrupts saying the did nothing important, austin comes out with the tag belt and with "the new kliq" attacks and throws heyman out.
    10 mins

    POST SHOW!!!
    Sandman v.s. Diabise.
    Diabase wins by pin, 10 mins

    *autistic screeching*

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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 2

    Post by Vipes on Sat May 17, 2014 7:10 pm

    Dark Match: Bravado Brothers d. 3.0 (7 mins)

    1. Big Impressive Show Open!

    -Pyro! Lights! Explosions! Holy shit there goes our special effects budget for the rest of the month!
    -Good ol' JR and Don West run down what is to come on tonight's show, including a fatal 4 way match to determine one of the entrants into the Lucky 7 Championship match, a new message to WRE Management from JBL and Brock Lesnar, and our main event which will see Eddie Kingston go one on one with Chris Hero to see who else gets to fight for the WRE Championship at Ascendancy! (2 mins)

    2. Bad News Barrett promo:


    The crowd immediately turns their ire onto Bad News Barrett, who is being raised up onto his obnoxiously high platform along with Summer Rae.

    Ross: Well, that man right there has got a lot of explaining to do after last week.

    Barrett: Now, if you thought Michael Elgin was going to shock the world and advance to the WRE Championship match, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you...

    Barrett just smirks while the crowd boo even more.

    Barrett: You people want to know why I attacked Michael Elgin last week? I attacked him because he needed to be taught a lesson. And that lesson is that he did not deserve to be in the main event of our very first show. A spot so prestigious should not be wasted on a scruffy Canadian pillock. Obviously he did nothing with that opportunity, much like you people have done with any opportunity you’ve ever been presented to better yourselves. If you think for one second that a gorgeous woman like Summer Rae would ever be seen in public with any of you disgusting lot, then I’ve got some more bad news for you!

    The boos are raining down from the crowd now while Barrett just laughs at them.

    Barrett: And I’ve got more bad news for you Michael Elgin: Last week was the pinnacle of your career here in WRE. You don’t have what it takes to compete with people like me. Take your beating like a man and move on, or I’ll be forced to put you out of action for a lot longer than a week. Thank you very much! (5 mins)

    3. WRE Tag Team Championship Tournament
    Round 1: Osirian Portal Vs. Chris Masters and Curtis Axel

    -Evidently by order of The Iron Sheik, Masters and Axel have been ordered to go by the name “Axel Masters” and dress like mechanics. They are not at all happy about this development.
    -They take out some of this anger on the Portal, but eventually the quick and agile Egyptians are too much for them. Amasis and Ophidian hit the Osirian Sacrament on Axel and pick up the win. (8 mins)

    4. Chuck Taylor promo

    Taylor: WRE, take a good look at this handsome face. Because this is the face of your soon to be Lucky 7 Champion. Tonight I’m in a fatal 4 way match where the winner advances to the Lucky 7 title match at Ascendancy. Let’s go over my opponents: AR Fox, Corey Graves and Justin Gabriel. What do they all have in common? They are all NOT Chuck Taylor, so they’re already at a disadvantage. Corey Graves will probably stop and get another tattoo mid match, and Gabriel and Fox will spend ten minutes trying to figure out how to out flip each other. Chuck Taylor doesn’t do flips, he wins matches, and he’s gonna win tonight, unlike you, Eddie Kingston. I’d accuse you of bribing your way into that title match, but we all know you haven’t had a free dime in your entire life. Try not to be too jealous of me after you fail again tonight. (3 mins)

    5. Lucky 7 Qualifier Preview
    Uhaa Nation Vs. Shiima Xion

    -Competitive match, both men trying to get a psychological edge going into next week’s 2nd qualifying match.
    -Uhaa rags dolls Shiima for a while until Shiima sprays him with his hair spray while the ref is distracted.
    -Uhaa fights his way back and eventually takes the win with the Uhaa Combination (10 mins)

    6. JBL and Lesnar promo

    We see JBL sitting in front of the camera while in the background we can hear loud thuds and cries of pain as Brock Lesnar spars against some random MMA fighters in his private gym.

    JBL: Until WRE sees fit to match my price, I’ve decided it’s important that my client keep his skills sharp. And what better place than his very own home? That is how dedicated Brock Lesnar is to ensuring that he stays at his absolute physical peak, he built his own personal gym, complete with an MMA ring. I’ve had to use my own money and fly these sparring partners in however, as all the local fighters here in Minnesota are too afraid to step in there with Brock.

    JBL pauses as Brock tosses a much smaller man across the ring into the side of the cage. Brock immediately starts to rain down fists onto the prone fighter while JBL just smiles.

    JBL As you can see, they are wise. Because they have already learned the lesson that WRE will learn soon enough: That Brock Lesnar is the most destructive force to ever set foot inside a wrestling ring. WRE Management are saving you all severe embarrassment and suffering, for now anyways. This is a man who walked into the UFC and within a year won the Heavyweight Championship with barely any previous MMA training. This is  a man who takes what he wants, when he wants it. If I were you, Iron Sheik, I’d agree to my terms and get Brock Lesnar inside your ring. Because the longer he has to wait to ruin someone’s life, the worse a beating it’s going to be for whoever you sacrifice to him. (4 mins)

    7. Alexander Rusev W/ Lana Vs. AERO

    -You can guess how this one goes. Rusev crush jobber.
    -After the match, Rusev continues to beat AERO down. This brings out Super Dragon, who has a long stare down with Rusev before picking up AERO and throwing him out of the ring head first into the guardrail. With AERO disposed of, Dragon and Rusev continue their staredown. Finally Lana calls Rusev off and they leave the ring. (4 mins)

    8. Eddie Kingston promo

    Scott: I’m here with “The War King” Eddie Kingston, who tonight has a chance to earn a spot in the WRE Championship match when he faces Chris Hero. What’s your mindset going into this match?

    Kingston: Determined, Veda, very determined. You see Chris Hero and I have a bit of history. We go back a ways, don’t we Chris? We’ve called each other names, insulted one another’s families, tried to put each other into emergency rooms all over the country. Make no mistake about it Chris, I didn’t like you then, and I still don’t like you. But i’m not an idiot, because I know how dangerous you are. How good you are in that ring. I respect what you can do from bell to bell. And you’d better respect what I can do too. This is a big opportunity Veda, an opportunity I’ve worked a long time for, and an opportunity I know I’ve earned.

    Scott: Not according to Chuck Taylor.

    Kingston: Heh, Chuck Taylor. Ran away last week before I could slap some respect into him, now he’s running his mouth again. You’ve got a beating owed to you Chuck, but tonight I got bigger things on my mind. Chris Hero, we’ve done this dance before. Now let’s go tear down the fucking ballroom. Eddie Kingston, holla! (3 mins)

    9. Winner Advances to Lucky 7 Title match at Ascendancy
    Chuck Taylor Vs. AR Fox Vs. Justin Gabriel Vs. Corey Graves W/Charlotte

    -The action is all over the place in this one. The only theme seems to be Gabriel and Graves resuming their hostilities from last week.
    -Fox nearly scores a quick pin off a fallen Graves before Taylor saves the match. This leads to Taylor and Fox trying to take one another out for the remainder of the match.
    -Graves and Gabriel spill out onto the floor, where Charlotte sets up a table at Graves’ command. Unfortunately for Graves, Gabriel recovers and knocks Graves onto the table with a superkick.
    -Gabriel climbs onto the top turnbuckle and hits the 450 Splash on Graves, absolutely obliterating the table and Graves as well.
    -While the ref is distracted by the carnage outside, Taylor hits a low blow on Fox, and drops him with the Awful Waffle to win the match. (15 mins)

    10. Team Blackman training session.

    -We are treated to a training session for the newly formed Team Blackman, consisting of Steve Blackman, Erick Rowan and the Submission Squad. Blackman tells the Submission Squad they were not his first choice by any means. Or second, or third, or even a fourth choice for that matter. But he’s determined to get them into fighting shape and with his leadership, they’ll be a top notch bounty hunting unit. We see a montage of the various training Blackman puts them through. While Rowan seems to be doing well, the Submission Squad fail horribly at virtually everything. Abernathy collapses about 50 yards into a 5 mile run, Gelistico can’t maneuver an obstacle course to save his life, and Gary Jay dislocates his shoulder after one attempt of breaking a door down. Abernathy and Gelistico start to shoot each other with their training guns, running around the still injured Jay, while Blackman looks absolutely dumbfounded. (5 mins)

    11. Facade Vs. Willie Mack

    -Willie Mack’s debut match in WRE. He and facade have a good little match, but Facade comes out on top after a springboard moonsault. Fans applaud both men’s efforts. (10 mins)

    12. William Regal and Takeshi Morishima promo

    Regal: Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you unfamiliar with this man, allow me to introduce you to Takeshi Morishima. A three time heavyweight champion in Pro Wrestling NOAH, 5 time tag team champion there, and a former Ring of Honor Champion. And above all else, this man is an absolute force of nature. I have seen hundreds of competitors come and go from that ring in my career, and few have ever been as fearsome as this man standing beside me. Now he had a very comfortable life back home in Japan. He was a dominant star there, a celebrity so in demand he could never leave his house without being mobbed. But he wanted to come to WRE to take on a new challenge. To pit himself against some of the best talent the rest of the world had to offer. Last time he did so, he dominated Ring of Honor. Now he’s returned America. and you’ll see just what he has in store next week. I had a chat with Stacey Keibler the other day, lovely as ever by the way, and she informed me that next week, Takeshi will be making his WRE debut in a Qualifier for the WRE Championship match at Ascendancy. And I’ve got some bad news for my fellow countryman Mr Barrett, as he will be Takeshi’s opponent. Get ready America, Morishima is coming. (3 mins)

    13. Winner advances to WRE Championship match
    Chris Hero Vs. Eddie Kingston

    -No handshake between these two old foes, as they start laying into one another right from the opening bell.
    -This match spills out all over the outside, and into the crowd as well. Given the importance of the match, Earl Hebner gives them some lead-way and lets them brawl.
    -Back in the ring, Hero tries to put Kingston away several times, but the Last of a Dying Breed won’t stay down, and nearly gets a three with a Backfist to the Future from out of nowhere.
    -Hero fights back and drops Kingston with a Hero’s Welcome, but Kingston kicks out! Hero is more than a little pissed.
    -Kingston has Hero set up for a Sliding D, but Chuck Taylor runs out and trips up Kingston. Kingston gets back to his feet, and walks right into a discus elbow smash from Hero. 1,2,3, Hero moves on to the Ascendancy main event. (18 mins)

    Hero stands in the ring with his hand raised, either unaware of Taylor’s interference or indifferent to it. Taylor stands in the aisle laughing at Kingston as WRE TV goes off the air.

    Post Show Dark Match:

    -Eventually Cesaro comes out to celebrate Hero’s win with him, and the two tease a preview match to the live crowd. This brings out the Submission Squad to tell Hero and Cesaro that nobody paid to see them, that these people paid to see the Submission Squad in action instead.
    -Hero and Cesaro oblige and briefly reform the Kings of Wrestling long enough to whip the shit out of Abernathy and Jay. The jobbers retreat to the back while the Kings send the crowd home happy. (7 mins)

    Confirmed matches for WRE Ascendancy

    WRE Championship
    Cesaro Vs. Chris Hero Vs. TBD Vs. TBD

    WRE Lucky 7 Championship
    Chuck Taylor Vs. TBD

    WRE Tag Team Championship
    TBD Vs. TBD.

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