TNA done with Universal Studios moving to New York & Casinos


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    Re: TNA done with Universal Studios moving to New York & Casinos

    Post by Spudz on Wed May 14, 2014 1:10 pm

    J-Double5150 wrote:
    Spudz wrote:
    J-Double5150 wrote:
    Spudz wrote:I bet they won't be doing many casinos  shows and they be back at Universal Studios by October  if still running.

    WWE has forced them out citing their relationship with NBC Universal, they won't be back this time.
    You know this how Insider Joe?

    TNA is basically on its death bed.. why force them out now?? Are they finally doing the HOF thing there?

    It was on PWInsider, Meltzer's site, and others months ago. Before inking the NYC & Casino deal, TNA was looking for new places to film because Universal told them they had to go, as WWE didn't want them filming every show in Orlando because of NXT & the WWE Performance Center, also WWE is supposed to have some type thing at Universal Studios(I think it was the Hall of Fame for tourist, I could be wrong on that, can't remember exactly what it was)

    There were some rumors going around but that was it ... unless the HoF thing is apart of the new TV deal for WWE .. Impact wil be back there before we know it..unless they shut down..

    Remember when they were done with Universal Studios months back.. but where did they just been taping the last month or 2?... Yeah, WWE wouldn't have let them come back if they had put their foot down them taping there.

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    Re: TNA done with Universal Studios moving to New York & Casinos

    Post by dragondragon on Thu May 15, 2014 11:15 am

    SBR wrote:Dragon Dragon nailed it when he said they won't make it out of NYC.

    I mean, different reason, but I'll take it.

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