Show Write Ups - Week 1


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    Show Write Ups - Week 1

    Post by Swarles on Tue May 06, 2014 6:22 pm

    Announcers: Joey Styles and Steve Corino
    Ref: Mike Chioda
    Road Agent: Ted Debiase

    Segment 1
    Pyro, bally hoo etc. We are welcomed to the 1st ever BWF show by our announcers, Joey Styles and Steve Corino – 3 minutes

    Segment 2
    In ring promo featuring Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Kazuchika Okada w/ Layla and Mick Foley - 10 minutes

    Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring to open the show, and leads the crowd through some “YES!” chants.

    DB: It's so great to be here in the BWF. It was really an honor to be the first overall pick, you know there's just so many great wrestlers out there right now. I only hope that I can prove I deserved that #1 pick, and that I am the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!

    [John Cena's music hits and he comes to the ring]

    JC: Daniel Bryan, for a long time, people have been calling you the best in the world. And thats what separates you from those other guys who said they were the best in the world. Other people started calling you that, you didn't have to go out and say it. And Daniel you know I have nothing but respect for you, you've taken me to the limits, you even beat me for the WWE title. But John Cena's name never gets talked about when people discuss who's the best in the world. And I get it, I'm not the most scientific wrestler in the world, I don't know as many moves as you. But who has had more success in the past decade than John Cena? Who has won more titles in the past decade than John Cena? Who has more heart, more determination, more guts than John Cena?! So congratulations on being the #1 pick, congratulations on being declared “Best in the World” by the Internet, but until you can prove you're better than me, you're not the best in the world.

    [Kazuchika Okada's music hits and he comes out with Layla]

    Layla: Gentlemen! Let me introduce you to my man, Kazuchika Okada. You may have heard of him, he was the IWGP champion [Editor's note: Fuck you AJ Styles]. And while one of you may be the best wrestler in North America, you wouldn't last a month in Japan! This man is the best wrestler in a country of great wrestlers!

    JC: Look Layla it's real cute that you get to be a manager but the big boys are talking out here, how about you and your friend go to the back.

    Layla: How DARE you John? Kaz-

    [Mick Foley's music hits, he comes out with a mic]

    MF: Well, I'm glad you guys are running with this “Best in the World” theme, we really went hard with the branding on that. Oh by the way hi everyone, I'm Mick Foley, the BWF commissioner. I think it's time for my 1st ruling! I'm going to help you all decide who is the best wrestler in the world. I think the 3 of you all have a case. I think another man on our roster, Hiroshi Tanahashi, also has a case. At our 1st PPV “Cornonation” we are going to find out who is the first “Best in the World” Champion, the top prize of BWF. To do that, we'll have a little mini-tournament. Bryan, you will be facing Mr. Okada. John, I'm going to put you against Tanahashi. The winners of those 2 matches will then face off in the main event to determine the 1st ever “Best in the World” champion!
    Now until then I still want to see you all in action, so each of you will have a match over the next 4 weeks. For about I book Tanahashi against oh I don't know....Alberto Del Rio? What do you all think [Crowd cheers]. So it's all settled then, you guys can settle this in 4 weeks. Until then, let's get on with the show!
    Segment 3
    Announce teams goes over king of flight tournament and bracket – 3 minutes

    Segment 4
    King of Flight round 1 match: Sami Zayn over Rich Swann clean – 12 minutes

    Segment 5
    Renee Young interviews The Japanese Embassy (Marufuji, KENTA, Rave w/ Nana) – if not possible leave out rave – 3 minutes

    RY: Renee Young here with Prince Nana and Jimmy Rave. Nana, what is your goal here in BWF?
    PN: Ah Renee. My goal remains the same, wherever I go. Win the gold. Win ALL the gold! Now me and Jimmy go way back, and we've been planning to bring the embassy back for along time. And we decided if we ever brought it back, we needed to bring in the best of the best. I'm talking the best talent the prince's money can buy. So we traveled the world, we networked, we wined and dined with many a wrestler, looking for the perfect members of the new embassy. We had to go all the way to Japan my friends, but the flights were worth every penny! We found 2 guys, 2 guys we actually knew. 2 guys we ran into a few times before. They knew the winning ways of Prince Nana and the embassy, and they knew if they wanted to make it to the top of the BWF, I was the man to take them there! So after some long negotiations over saki and shrimp cocktail, I am PROUD to introduce the newest members of the embassy. Excuse me, the Japanese Embassy! They are KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji! [KENTA and Marufuji walk into frame, Renee seems surprised]. I already got them a match tonight! It's the 1st step to BWF domination! Let's go boys!

    Segment 6
    Japanese Embassy(Marufuji and KENTA) w/ Nana and Rave over Goto and Shibata via Nana interference – 12 minutes
    Finish: Nana distracts Goto, when he turns around he gets hit with a Busaiku Knee, then a GTS

    Segment 7:
    Hype video for Shinsuke Nakamura – 3 mins

    Segment 8
    KES(Hoyt and Smith) squash Planet Fitness(Marcos and Cheech) – 5 mins
    Finish: Running power slam by smith on Marcos

    Segment 9
    Renee interviews Matt Sydal – 3 mins

    RY: Matt, tonight you have BxB Hulk in the King of Flight tournament. Your thoughts?
    MS: Renne, how about I ask you a question instead.
    RY: OK
    MS: Do you know what round I was drafted in?
    RY: Not off the top of my head, no.
    MS: The 11th Renee, the 11th round! 10 men drafted before me, the uncrowned King of Flight! And 3 of those guys were Japanese! They don't even speak english, and the promoters here thought they were a more important asset than me? It's completely ridiculous that we spent so many high round picks on boring ass Japanese guys when there were plenty of hard working Americans on the table! Just absolutely disgusting, the owner of this company must be some left wing, Obama loving tree hugger.
    RY: Uh...Matt aren't you worried your words might be perceived as racist?
    MS: Ohhhhh of course anyone who doesn't like Obama is a racist! I'm so tired of that defense from liberals!
    RY: No Matt, the Japanese part.
    MS: Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was America! I didn't know this was little Japan! Man I'm telling you I  don't even know why this promotion is in America. There are just foreigners everywhere. If it was up to me we wouldn't let a single one of them work here.
    RY: ...I'm Canadian.
    MS: SEE? EVERYWHERE! That's it, I'm out of here!

    Segment 10
    King of Flight Round 1match: BxB Hulk over Sydal via flash pin. Sydal beats Hulk down after match. - 15 mins
    Finish: Sydal goes for a SSP, BxB rolls out of the way, Matt lands on his feet but gets school boyed as soon as he does.

    Segment 11
    Renee interviews Del Rio and Ricardo – 3 mins

    RY: Renee Young here with Alberto Del Rio and his personal-[Alberto grabs the mic from Renee]
    ADR: Mick Foley, you sweat pants wearing cabron! You put together a 4 man “best in the world” tournament, and you don't include Alberto Del Rio? Do you even know who I am? Are you that out of touch amigo? I am a former WWE champion, I am cross trained in MMA. I speak English and Spanish fluently! I am a world class athlete and entertainer, and a box office draw around the world! And you don't even give me an opportunity to be “The best in the world?”. Tonight in the ring with Tanahashi, not just will I prove I deserve to be in the tournament, not just will I prove I am better than Tanahashi, but I'm going to break his arm, and put him on the shelf! Maybe then Commissioner Foley, you'll realize who your real stars are, and who really is “The best in the world!” [glares at Ricardo]Tell them who it is!!
    Segment 12
    Hiroshi Tanahashi over Alberto Del Rio clean – 19 minutes
    Finish: Frog splash


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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 1

    Post by Swarles on Fri May 09, 2014 11:45 pm

    so for future reference, is everyone just going to post in the results thread?


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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 1

    Post by Vipes on Fri May 09, 2014 11:49 pm

    I can do the short form results in the results thread if it's easier for Astil to get the information he needs. I just got writing the promos and figured "screw it, I'll just put them in the results anyways."


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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 1

    Post by Swarles on Fri May 09, 2014 11:53 pm

    I mean I don't care either way, just checking with everyone.


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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 1

    Post by Grant on Sat May 10, 2014 12:38 am

    Once I get into the better groove, I'll certainly start using it. Still trying to find my footing.


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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 1

    Post by 2kNikk on Sat May 10, 2014 10:20 am

    I like the seperation


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    Re: Show Write Ups - Week 1

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