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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Xero on Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:42 pm

    Week 5

    1 )AJ Styles In-Ring Promo
    --AJ Styles cuts a promo in the ring gloating over his victory at Wrestleversary.  He is interrupted by Heath Slater.  The two brawl and security pulls them apart
    Time: 3M

    2 )Team TNA arrives in the Arena
    --A limo pulls up outside and outsteps Eric Young, leader of team TNA alongside The Miz, The BroMans, and Dixie Carter.  Alex Riley catches up with EY, trying to get some answers.  EY tells him to piss off and he heads to the ring.
    Time: 2M

    3) Jeff Jarrett announces tonight's main event.  It's going to be AJ Styles vs 2MB in a STEEL MOTHING F'ING CAGE.
    Time: 1M

    4 ) Team TNA In-Ring Promo
    Team TNA comes to the ring and cuts an anti-GFW promo saying that they're taking over the world of professional wrestling.  Bobby Roode comes out and cuts a promo on Eric Young.  Roode/EY is announced for later tonight.
    Time: 10M

    5 )Scott Steiner vs Tyson Kidd
    Winner: Scott Steiner kills Tyson Kidd
    Time: 5M

    6 )Scot Steiner In-Ring Promo
    Scott Steiner cuts a promo on Jeff Jarrett.  Jarrett comes out to defend himself.  Steiner challenges Jarrett to a match at Extremely Hard Justice.
    Time: 15M

    7 ) Brie Bella with Ken Anderson
    Brie is backstage with Ken Anderson.  She asks Ken if he can come to the ring with her tonight as she's scared after being attacked by Dixie Carter backstage last night.  Ken agrees.
    Time: 1M
    8 ) Brie Bella w/Ken Anderson vs Alicia Fox
    Winner: Brie Bella
    After the match, Bagwell comes to the ring with a chair and lays out Brie and Ken Anderson. Afterwards, he gets a mic.
    Time: 8M
    9 ) Buff Bagwell In-ring Promo
    Bagwell says all week everyone has been asking him why Bagwell why.  Bagwell says that he's sick and tired of busting his ass every week for a bunch of fans who don't appreciate him.  He came to GFW for one reason and one reason only -- to look out for himself.  Bagwell says that if Anderson is man enough, he'll put that title on the line at Extremely Hard Justice.
    Time: 5M
    10) Eric Young vs Bobby Roode
    Winner: EY via interference from Big E and Lacey Von Erich.  Big E and LVE have joined TNA! Who can stop them now. 
    All of TNA comes to the ring and beats up Bobby Roode who is saved by Bobby Lashley and his monster truck of doom.
    Time: 20M
    11) Steel Cage:  2MB vs AJ Styles
    Winner: Heath Slater via pin on AJ Styles
    Time: 20M


    Matches Announced or Strongly Implied for Extremely Hard Justice

    GFW World Title
    AJ Styles vs Heath Slater

    Eric Young vs Bobby Roode

    Jeff Jarrett vs Scott Steiner

    GFW Television Title
    Ken Anderson vs Buff Bagwell

    Big E vs Bobby Lashley

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by TeeBeeKay on Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:34 am

    Pre Show
    1.Kota Ibushi v Zack Sabre Jr
    -Ibushi wins at 7:00(9:00)
    2. Caleb Konley/Anthony Nese v Amazing Red/Dragon Kid
    -Konley/Nese win in 6:00(8:00)

    PWE Week 5

    1. Show Open
    -Josh and Trish open the show and inform us the new PWE World Champion CM Punk will open the show…but they are cut off by the sound of machine gun firing, and the Bullet Club shows up and heads to the ring.

    Devitt: The Bullet Club is here and the Bullet Club runs this show.

    Anderson: Nobody's gonna stop us or tell us what to do, we do what we want when we want.

    They continue to talk themselves up until Cult of Personality cuts them off and CM Punk comes out with the PWE Title

    Punk: I hate to interrupt, but I just couldn't sit back there and listen to this anymore, you guys may have had a good night at the PPV, but I didn't have too bad of a night myself, you see this(holds up belt) means I'm the best wrestler in the world and until someone takes this from me, nobody else can lay claim to that status.

    Anderson: You talk a big game for someone who's all the way up there, why don't you come down to this ring and show us why you're the best in the world.

    Punk: You're right…let's do this.

    Devitt: You and what army?

    Punk: How about this army? (Samoa Joe and The Briscoes come out) Look I've got a proposal for you. Tonight I'm challenging you to an 8 man tag, if we win, Joe gets Bernard one on one with no interference at the next PPV and The Briscoes get a tag title rematch, and you get the hell out of my ring.

    Anderson: And what happens if we win Punker?

    Punk: If you win, then one of you four can get the first crack at this at the next PPV(Holds up belt)

    Devitt: You're on, and we're gonna show you that the Bullet Club is REAL!!!!!!

    Participants in order of importance Devitt, Punk, Anderson, Gallows, Bernard, Samoa Joe, The Briscoes, Josh Matthews, Trish Stratus- 9:00

    2. Elite Eight Match Jack Evans(0pts) v Samuray Del Sol(0pts)
    -Jack Evans wins in 7:00(9:00)

    3. Daniels Promo - 4:00
    -Daniels cuts a promo about how he may have fallen short at the Golden Opportunity, but at least he only lost his match, not his pride like John Morrison. There's no shame into losing a wrestling match, but losing a fight now there is shame in that.

    4. Brian Kendrick v Kazarian
    -Kazarian is out wrestled but picks up a cheap win after a low blow in 5:00(7:00)

    5. Ambrose/Angle
    -Ambrose entered Kurt's office surrounded by security
    -Ambrose asked why he wasn't getting a title shot
    -Kurt said he hasn't earned anything yet, and Kurt plans to make Dean's life hell
    -Ambrose asked if he isn't getting a title shot why is he here
    -Kurt tells him that he has to do what Kurt says and he brought him here just to tell him to go home, he's got a match at the PPV but Kurt won't announce his opponent just yet
    - 6:00

    6. Elite Eight Match Low Ki(3pts) v Paul London(3pts)
    Low Ki wins in 12:00(14:00)

    7. MVP Promo
    -MVP is backstage with Christy Hemme, and he has a title belt over his shoulder.

    Christy: MVP I have to ask why do you have a championship belt?

    MVP: Bitch please, I told the world I was going to be the Most Valuable Champion, and I am, and this belt proves I'm the Most Valuable Champion.

    Christy: But you lost to CM Punk in the title match.

    MVP: Look I won this title in a tournament over the weekend in Rio De Janeiro fair and square and I am the Most Valuable Champion

    Christy: You were in New York this weekend at our PPV

    MVP: I was in a tournament in Rio, ask Meltzer he was there, he gave it 5 stars

    Christy: He gave the tournament 5 stars?

    MVP: He gave everything I do 5 stars, this interview is 5 stars right now as long as you shut your mouth, you know what I don't need this, I'm outta here.

    8. reDragon v Super Smash Brothers
    -reDragon wins in 6:00(8:00)

    9. Punk/Joe/Briscoes Promo
    -80's style cocaine promo, these four are fired up
    - 5:00

    10. Punk/Joe/Briscoes v Devitt/Anderson/Gallows/Bernard
    -Long crazy intense match
    -Lots of high spots and near falls
    -Punk hit Anderon with the GTS but he wasn't legal and Bernard wiped Punk out with the Bernard Bomb
    -Jay Briscoe tagged in but Bernard dominates him and hits him with Gomennasai and pins him
    -The Bullet Club wins in 19:00(23:00)

    Post Show
    John Morrison v Brodus Clay(if he signed, if not Shane Helms or Hernandez)
    -Morrison wins in 9:00(11:00)

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by GolfClubNinja on Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:08 pm

    Doing a quick episode today


    Show Opening: BAtistaa comes out

    • He talks crap about ryback and how he won.


    Air Raiderz: Soldier Ant v.s. Sin Cara
    Soldier wins by pinfall @ 10 mins

    Angle: Backstage big show and orton talk

    • The Show says if orton wants a rematch, he can have it
    • orton declines and says he is already facing Raven on the main event of this show, before orton leaves, the show tells him to beat him bad, both men laugh a bit before the go off screen.


    Angle: The New Kliq(Rhino, Diesel and Tommy Dreamer) in Ring

    • They say that the attack was unnecessary.
    • Then out of nowhere, this music plays, with the intitials F.A.G. (start at 1:18)

      then Rikishi, Vader, blue meanie and abyss come out and they say they are the Fat Attack Gang, and T.H.A.W. is there turf, it errupts into a short fight

    5 mins

    Tag Team: F.A.G.(rikishi and vader w/Abyss and Blue Meanie) v.s. Sugar Dunkington and CHEESEBURGER
    F.A.G. wins by a distraction by abyss into a pinfall by rikishi, 6 mins

    Angle: Stone Cold and Ryback backstage
    • stone cold is chilling in his office when he hears heavy breathing, as ryback is simply standing in front of his desk. Austin camly ask's what he wants, he responds "Feed...Me...More".
    • Austin decides to give him a T.V. king shot later tonight

    3 mins

    And now in the Air Raiderz area...
    • The colony is talking with each other, until a random cloud of smoke appears. After a bit, the smoke clears and all 3 members of the colony are down and out

    2 mins

    T.V. King: Ryback v.s. Knux
    Ryback wins by pinfall, 6 mins

    Angle: Backstage, the new kliq is walking around
    • When adam page comes up and ask's if he could join, the men polietly decline, but if he proves himself, they will consider.

    3 mins

    Main Event: Randy Orton v.s. Raven
    Randy orton wins by pinfall, 13 mins

    After the match...
    • Orton starts beating up raven, who honestly deserved it

    5 mins

    *autistic screeching*

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Stroke on Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:29 pm

    BCW Week 5

    Announcers: Jim Cornette and Road Dogg (Note the change from Striker to Road Dogg)
    S1: Video recapping what happened at Dawning, a night that ended with Kevin Steen being crowned BCW World Champion (2 minutes)
    S2: We see The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling arriving backstage. Big night, Kevin Steen announces. The group is celebrating the champ's win in style with a big celebration in the ring. (2:00)
    S3: Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs Go Shiozaki. Swagger wins clean via Patriot Lock (7:00)
    S4: Backstage we see a pissed off Bully Ray, he's walking backstage before going into Ric Flair's office (2:00)
    S5: In-Ring Segment with Kevin Steen and The Young Bucks celebrating Steen's title win. We've got balloons, streamers, a Panda Bear in a cage and all the Fruit Punch Gatorade that Mount Rushmore can drink. Steen talks about how he said he was going to win at Dawning and he did. He beat James Storm, Davey Richards and Dolph Ziggler and that fans should get used to him having the title, because he was going to for a long time. Young Bucks also talk about how they'll become the first-ever BCW World Tag Team champions. Ric Flair comes out and congratulates the champ, and has a few announcements. First, Kevin Steen will make his first title defense the week before BCW's next PPV, Proving Grounds, when we have a return match with Dolph Ziggler. Second, the BCW Tag Team champs will be crowned at Proving Grounds with a 6-team tournament. Five of the teams are already set: The Young Bucks, The American Wolves, The Primetime Players, The All Night Express and Sleazy Money. The last team will be decided next week in a 10-man battle royal. The winner of the battle royal will get into the tournament and gets to use a partner of their choosing. And third, tonight in the main event we will see The Young Bucks take on the team of Dolph Ziggler and Bully Ray. (15:00)
    S6: Backstage Interview with Matt Striker: Jeremy Borash interviews Striker about why he stepped away from his announcing position. Striker said his heart has always been with wrestling and being around the ring. He wants to lend his knowledge to those that deserve it. He's forming Striker Enterprises, an organization dedicated to giving opportunities to deserving talent. Next week, he unveils his first client. (2:00)
    S7: The American Wolves vs The All Night Express. Wolves win clean via Edwards over King. (12:00)
    S8: Interview with Dolph Ziggler and Bully Ray. JB talks with the duo about their match with The Young Bucks. Bully says he knows why the bucks interfered in his match with Richards at the PPV, because Steen is scared of Bully. He knows Bully is bigger, badder and better than Steen and didn't want to face him. Ziggler talks about getting his rematch and about how he got so close to the title and that having to watch Ric Flair (his childhood hero) hand the belt to Steen as the worst thing to happen in his life (worst than being a male cheerleader). Tonight Ziggler starts his road to redemption. Tonight Ziggler and Steen take down the bucks. (2:00).
    S9: Backstage in the women's locker room: Gail Kim is getting ready when AJ Lee comes in. They talk about teaming tonight against Emma and Paige. AJ tells Gail the best thing she can do is stay out of AJ's way. They do some womanly bickering before Kim storms off (2:00).
    S10: Colt Cabana vs Ethan Carter III w/Joey Ryan. Cabana wins by DQ after Ryan interferes. Sleazy Money beats down Cabana. (10:00)
    S11: AJ Lee and Gail Kim vs Emma and Paige. Back and forth match. AJ gets the pin on Emma after blindtagging Gail in after the Eat Defeat. (10:00)
    S12: Tag Team Match: The Young Bucks vs Bully Ray and Dolph Ziggler. Ray and Ziggler win by DQ after Kevin Steen interferes. Steen is about to Package Piledrive Ziggler onto a chair when James Storm tears out of the locker room to make the save. (24:00)

    Confirmed matches for BCW 'Proving Grounds'
    - BCW Tag Team Title Tournament
    Confirmed Teams: The Young Bucks, The American Wolves, Sleazy Money, The All Night Express, The Primetime Players

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Vipes on Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:30 pm

    WRE TV
    Week 5

    1. Show Open (4 mins)
    - Video plays showing the big happenings from Ascendancy, including the crowning of new champions in Chuck Taylor and The Ascension, Chris Hero’s betrayal of Cesaro, and Brock Lesnar becoming the first ever WRE Champion.
    -Ross and DW give us a rundown of what is to come tonight, including a major announcement from Stacy Keibler, Chuck Taylor in action, and hopefully an explanation from Chris Hero after his reprehensible actions at Ascendancy.

    2. Layfield Investments Victory Party (6 mins)
    -JBL, Brock Lesnar and The Ascension all come down to the ring as red, white and blue confetti rains down from the rafters.
    -JBL gloats about how much smarter he is than each and every person in the crowd, and each and every person in that locker room.
    -He now manages the most dominant champions in WRE, and there isn’t anyone in the back who can hope to take these belts off of them anytime soon. Ross points out that Lesnar had a helping hand from Hero, which JBL ignores.
    -His clients’ stock is rising fast, people should get in on the ground floor now before it’s too late.

    3. Eddie Kingston is pissed off (4 mins)
    -Eddie Kingston is in the back, being restrained by security from storming into the Iron Sheik’s office. He’s screaming about being screwed and he wants another shot at Chuck Taylor.
    -Stacy Keibler arrives and tries to placate Kingston. She promises Kingston that he’ll get a chance to get revenge on Chuck Taylor, but not before AR Fox gets his shot. Besides, Kingston's hand was fractured by the chair, and he's not medically cleared to compete right now.
    -Kingston demands Earl Hebner apologize and be suspended for the chair incident. Keibler refuses and defends Hebner for trying to get rid of the chair. Kingston storms off not at all pleased with anything he’s heard.

    4. Bo Dallas Vs. Justin Gabriel (9 mins)
    -Bo does his usual pompous entrance. Gabriel kicks him upside the head for his troubles.
    -Bo is more aggressive tonight after his loss to Uhaa Nation at Ascendancy.
    -Gabriel misses a big splash, and Bo gets a roll up win with a handfull of tights as a result.
    -As Bo heads back up the ramp, he smiles at Gabriel, and tells him he needs to Bo-lieve more.

    5. Rusev is also pissed off. (4 mins)
    -Lana and Rusev are backstage, and Lana is apparently still irate at Rusev’s loss at Ascendancy, as she swears at him frequently in Russian.
    -Gary Jay and Pierre Abernathy happen to walk by, and Rusev takes his anger out on them by beating the living fuck out of them. Jay gets lawn darted through an office window, while Abernathy gets his head kicked off.
    -As Rusev and Lana walk away, Yoshi Tatsu is seen in the background watching on with a very serious look on his face.

    6. Chuck Taylor Vs. AERO (8 mins)
    -Pre match, Taylor announces that he will be a generous champion, and he is awarding his hand picked opponent tonight the first crack at his Lucky 7 Title.
    -AERO comes down the ramp excited, but clearly still sore from the beating he took from Super Dragon and Rusev. JR is quite incredulous as to Taylor’s generosity.
    -The bell rings, and Taylor bum rushes AERO. After toying with him for a few minutes, Taylor mercifully ends AERO’s suffering with an Awful Waffle.
    -Post match, Chuck declares that’s one down, six more to go before he can get his shot at the WRE Championship. And he promises to bring prestige and honor to this title with all his glorious defenses, just like this one. JR wants to vomit.

    7. Believe it or not, Cesaro is ALSO pissed off! (2 mins)
    -Veda Scott is backstage with Cesaro. He is not at all happy, and is trying to compose himself before opening his mouth.
    -Cesaro says that he’ll be in the ring later on, and if Hero is any kind of a man, he can explain himself face to face.

    8. The Irish Airborne Vs. 3.0 (12 mins)
    -Good, fun tag match with plenty of action, as 3.0 look to get into the title picture.
    -3.0 give the Crists a scare, but The Airborne eventually pull out the win. They shake hands with parker and Mathews post match, and then signal to the camera that they are coming for the gold.

    9. Stacy Keibler Announcement (5 mins)
    -Stacy comes to the ring with something in a bag. She reveals the newest title in WRE, the WRE Television Championship.
    -There will be an 8 man tourney over the next three weeks, with the finals to be held at our next pay per view event, Crossfire, with the Champion obligated to defend the title on WRE TV regularly.
    -This announcement brings out Bo Dallas and the Bravado Brothers. Bo is delighted at this prospect, and knows this will be the ultimate way for his Bolievers to experience him every week.
    -Stacy is slightly creeped out by the cheesey smiles plastered on the faces of Bo and the Bravados, and quickly exits the ring.

    10. Guess What? Michael Elgin Is Pissed Off, Too (3 mins)
    -Veda interviews Michael Elgin, who is seething with anger after what happened at Ascendancy.
    -He calls Barrett a gutless coward who couldn’t bead a “scruffy Canadian pillock” without Summer Rae’s help.
    -Elgin tells Barrett to take his balls out of Summer’s purse and meet him in the ring next week. Or send Summer out instead if he’s too big of a pussy to get the job done himself.

    11. Curtis Axel and Chris Masters Vs. Adam Rose and ? ( 8 mins)
    -Axel is demanding Adam Rose come to the ring and bring one of his freak show with him, so they can get beat down by a couple of real men like Axel and Masters
    -Rose and the Exotic Express hit the arena, and everyone goes ape shit. Among the revelers this week are a man dressed as a monkey, someone wearing a french maid outfit and a Richard Nixon mask, Gerald Brisco and Mantaur!
    -Rose gets into the ring and motions to the back for his partner to come out...
    -PIRATE PAUL BURCHIL! PAUL FUCKING BURCHIL DRESSED LIKE A PIRATE! Burchil swings into the ring from the top of the stage, and kicks Masters in the face on the way into the ring.
    -Rose takes a few hits...i mean, licks of his lollipop before going to town on Axel. Again, Axel has no answer for Rose’s offense, and Rose wins again.
    -Burchil and Rose celebrate their win with the rest of the Exotic Express, and even Don West gets swept up in the partying.

    12. AR Fox Vs. Shiima Xion (15 mins)
    -Fox comes out strong after his big win at Ascendancy.
    -But Shiima is keen to take down the #1 contender and get his name into the conversation.
    -This is a back and fourth affair with plenty of action, and the occasional dirty tactics from Shiima.
    -Shiima and Fox are both down, and Eddie Kingston comes out to ringside. He gets in the ring, stands over Fox, and backhands Earl Hebner! Kingston screams at Hebner that he screwed Eddie, while security pours out from the back to restrain Kingston before he can do anything else to Hebner. Kingston is dragged to the back, and the match is sadly ruled a no contest due to the chaos.

    13. The Kings of Wrestling Implode (10 mins)
    -Cesaro comes out to the ring, and tells Hero to get his ass out to the ring before he drags him out and beats an explanation out of him.
    -Hero’s music hits, and Cesaro watches the ramp intently. This is a huge mistake, as Hero comes out of the crowd and blasts Cesaro in the back of the head with a pipe. Hero has a sick smile on his face while he looks down at his former friend and protege.
    -Hero exits the ring and grabs a chair, bringing it back in the ring and wailing away on Cesaro for what seems like an eternity.
    -Hero eventually sets the chair up over the throat of the helpless Cesaro and sits down with mic in hand.
    -”An explanation? Maybe I want an explanation from you, Claudio. Maybe I want to know where my friend was when I needed him. Where was my friend when I was getting dropped on my face by Brock Lesnar? Where was my friend when I was getting let go by the WWE? Where was my “friend” when I was languishing in NXT? WHERE WAS MY FRIEND, CLAUDIO!?!”

    -Hero slaps Cesaro repeatedly as he screams into his face, the chair choking Cesaro each time Hero bends over. “Where was my friend? Furthering his own career. Getting himself over with the big wigs, making a name for himself, never once trying to help the man who taught you everything you know. Never once reaching back to bring your “friend” along with you. Never putting in a good word for me. You’ve always been out for yourself, and you proved that when you let Lesnar pin me. He did your dirty work for you. When that happened, it opened my eyes, and now I see it all. I see how selfish you’ve been, and you’ve had this coming for a while now.”

    -Hero throws the chair down, and drops the lifeless Cesaro down onto the chair with a sickening thud with a Hero’s Welcome. The anger from the crowd turns to stunned silence, and concern for Cesaro is very real, as Ross and West are dead silent as well. As officials and EMT’s swarm the ring, Hero stands over his handiwork with a perverse smile on his face as we go off air.


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by GolfClubNinja on Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:46 pm

    not in the mood to write now, might get it in later

    *autistic screeching*

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by SBR on Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:47 am



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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Grant on Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:28 pm


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Grant on Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:39 pm

    Dark Match #1: Yuji Nagata/Yamato & Naruki Doi d. Biff Busick & The Spectral Envoy (9 min)
    -The Collection Agency puts Biff & The Envoy down after Nagata drills Frightmare with a Twisting Brainbuster.

    Dark Match #2: Brodie Lee d. Aaron Epic, Zander Jones & Nathan Cruz (7 min)
    -Brodie destroys multiple men yet again, ends the match after kicking Zander's face off.

    Dark Match #3: Goldberg d. Vin Gerard (6 min)
    -Goldberg murders Vin for a few minutes. Kicks him in the side of the head, spears him out of his boots and Jackhammers him to hell.
    ---Aftermath: Goldberg press slams Gerard over the top rope onto the steel stairs then beats him viciously with a chair. Medics stretcher Gerard out to the joy of the crowd. Goldberg gets a pop for his actions.

    WEEK 6

    Segment 1: BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! Flashing jacket, shiny pants, yes out comes none other than... Johhnny Gargano dressed up as Jericho! (7 min)
    --Gargano mocks Jericho much to the fans' delight. Johnny spouts off Jericho's catch phrases and talks about taking a leave to go tour with Fozzy on some underwhelming summer festivals.
    --This brings the real Jericho out who is outraged at being made fun of. He calls Gargano a wannabe and tells him that he'll always be runner up.
    --The two exchange some witty insults and then get very serious.
    --Jericho tells Gargano that he's just not good enough, and Johnny tells Jericho that his time as champion is officially on the clock and ticking down. Gargano then warns Jericho that underestimating him will be his downfall, just like it will tonight.

    Segment 2: We see a pre-taped sitout interview with Hulk Hogan talking to LuFisto, Crazy Mary Dobson, Seleziya Sparx, Cheerleader Melissa, Mia Yim & Charlotte. (3 min)
    --They all discuss how important winning the MFW Women's Championship is to them.
    --They all claim this will be a much different women's division than is portrayed in the limelight.
    --We cut to the announce table where Hogan and Lawler welcome us to the show and talk about last week's happenings as well as tonights.
    --They discuss what happened that lead to Shawn Michaels making the main event for tonight, Adam Cole and #1 Contender Johnny Gargano will team up to face Ethan Page and Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho.
    --They hype the MFW Women's Championship as a title that will change your view on women's wrestling.
    --We have another TV Title Qualifier tonight between Akira Tozawa and the debuting Corey Graves and much more!

    Segment 3: Singles Match
    Adrian Neville vs. Roderick Strong w/Mike Quackenbush (9 min)

    --Great match, insanely competitive with many reversals by Adrian and high impact, cringe worthy power moves from Strong.
    --After a few nearfalls, Neville goes for a handspring DDT off an irish whip rebound but Strong catches him and flips him right into Death by Roderick for a close two count. Strong argues with the referee about the speed of his count and gets caught in a school boy for the closest of falls. Strong gets to his feet and levels Neville with a Sick Kick.
    --Absolutely frustated with Neville, Strong chops him in the fucking face three times and forearms the hell out of him before forcing him to the top rope. Roddy goes up top and goes for an Awesome Bomb but Neville manages to switch his position and hit a reverse rana from the top rope! He scrambles to make the pin and gets the one-two-three!
    Winner: Adrian Neville

    Segment 4: Aftermath (1 min)
    --Quackenbush quickly slides in the ring and attacks Adrian.
    --He blasts Neville with the Palm Strike as he tries to get up. Quack pulls Neville back to his feet and drills him with the QD4! Quack and Strong stand over the lifeless body of Neville as we head to the back.

    Segment 5: We go to Shawn Michaels' office. (3 min)
    --HBK announces that after what we just saw, he's officially sanctioning a no holds barred, no disqualification, hardcore six man tag between The Forgotten and Sheamus, Masada and if they can find a partner.
    --He also announces that Brodie Lee vs. The Undertaker has officially been signed as well for Aesthetics of Hate.
    --Shawn announces that next week we'll see our final TV Title qualifier as Sami Callihan will go one on one with Goldberg. The winner will join Adrian Neville, Mike Quackenbush and Corey Graves in the Fatal 4 Way for the Television Championship at Aesthetics of Hate.
    --And if Ethan Page wants to be one of the big dogs, he'll get his chance when he faces Adam Cole one on one at Aesthetics of Hate!

    Segment 6: Handicap Match
    Pieces of Hate vs. Brodie Lee (6 min)

    --Jiggy and Shard try so, so hard. But Brodie annihilates them every time they rebound.
    --He toys with them for a few minutes, which opens up a flurry of dropkicks and a calf-kick/leg-sweep combo that lands them a two count!
    --They take to the skies, but Brodie swats the Shard out of the air and catches Jigsaw. He hits the Truck Stop on both men and then doles out chokeslams to both to put them awa- er, maybe not. He's not done and decides to kill Jigsaw with a spinning lariat before buckle bombing Shard, hitting the ropes and turning him inside out with a Big Boot. Mercifully, it ends this time.
    Winner: Brodie Lee

    Segment 7: Aftermath (4 min)
    --Brodie says he's sick of running through multiple "opponents" every week. He says he's killing between 4 & 5 guys a night. He says he's clearly the most dominant force in MFW and there's not a man living or dead that can stop him... *GONG* The lights drop to pitch black. *GONG* Thunder rolls and the eerie fog rises from the stage. *GONG* The familiar music plays and we slowly pan up to the entrance way where the ominous figure stands tall. Lawler and Hogan lose their minds and point out the obvious, that the Undertaker has arrived. The Deadman points to the ring and drags his thumb across his throat as the Aesthetics of Hate logo appears on the tron. Brodie looks concerned for a moment then it melts into excitement as he shakes his head in agreement.

    Segment 8: We see a highlight video of the altercations between Sheamus, Masada and The Forgotten. (1 min)

    Segment 9: Tag Match
    The Forgotten (Jacobs & Whitmer) vs. Masada & Sheamus (8 min)

    --This one is beyond physical. Nobody holds back and it becomes a brutally stiff contest.
    --Masada pulls Whitmer to the apron and tells him to die but Whitmer blocks his attempt at a DVD and kicks him away as Jacobs rushes him and hits a rana over the ropes and off the apron, sending Masada to the floor with a thud. Whitmer gets back in the ring and levels Sheamus with a stiff lariat for a two count.
    --Jacobs goes for the Spear but eats a a running knee by Masada. The Ultraviolent Beast then drills Jacobs with the Skull Fucka Busta as Sheamus cuts Whitmer off for the one-two-three!
    Winners: Masada & Sheamus

    Segment 10: Aftermath (3 min)
    --Havoc hits the ring with a fucking shovel and blasts both Masada and Sheamus with it repeatedly. Jacobs and Whitmer then grab chairs and hit a conchairto on Sheamus and then then triple team powerbomb Masada through two open chairs as Daffney cheers them on. Jacobs grabs a mic and tells Masada and Sheamus that if they're so damn tough, then they won't have a problem meeting the Forgotten in a six man war at Aesthetics of Hate. That is, if they can find a partner.

    Segment 11: Darren Burridge is with Milano Collection AT, Yuji Nagata, Yamato & Naruki Doi. (2 min)
    --Burridge asks Milano how likely he is to see his agency walk away with gold at Aesthetics of Hate in a few weeks. Milano guarantees that he'll have gold amongst his ranks after the PPV.
    --Milano tells us about his elite stable of athletes and promises that they're going international much sooner than expected. He says that every person dreams of power and wealth, and they know to come to Milano when they're ready to rule the world.
    --ACH and CIMA will learn the hard way. And Akira Tozawa will pay for his stupidity soon, nobody messes with the Collection Agency and nobody is above Milano.

    Segment 12: Television Championship Qualifier
    Akira Tozawa vs. Corey Graves w/Aksana (8 min)

    --The debut of Corey Graves is accompanied by none other than some eye-candy in Aksana.
    --The two put on a great match, with Tozawa having the crowd firmly behind him. The two have some great exchanges but Tozawa manages to hit a vicious Saito Suplex and heads up top.
    --Tozawa hits a diving headbutt for a two count and calls for the end. But Milano Collection AT comes out and distracts the referee, allowing Yuji Nagata to come out and drill Tozawa with an Exploder before exiting the ring. Graves picks up the pieces and plants Tozawa with the MK Ultra for the tainted victory.
    Winner: Corey Graves

    Segment 13: Backstage, Rosa Mendes is with Shawn Michaels. (2 min)
    --Shawn is holding the MFW Women's Championship.
    --He explains that such an important title needs an official that can keep any outsiders out of it.
    --So, to add stability and to prove how important this title is to MFW, HBK will be the special referee tonight in the 6-Way Elimination for the Women's Championship.
    --He asks Rosa to excuse him as he heads to the ring for the important match.

    Segment 14: MFW Women's Championship - Special Referee: Shawn Michaels
    LuFisto vs. Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Seleziya Sparx vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Mia Yim vs. Charlotte (12 min)

    --Charlotte is the first casualty of the match after she makes the mistake of getting cocky with pretty much everyone in the match. She takes a bit of a beating and ultimately gets put away by LuFisto and Crazy Mary who hit a Backdropdriver/Lariat combo. Charlotte is eliminated!
    --Sparx really lays into Melissa, Mary and Lufi while Mia is down. She hits a tornado DDT on Lufi for a nearfall, and goes for another on Melissa, but she manages to block it halfway through and repositions Sparx to hit the Air Raid Crash to send her packing. Seleziya is eliminated!
    --Crazy Mary goes for a DVD, but Mia reverses it, allowing Melissa to hit a backfist to Mary and then Mia hits the Package Piledriver to eliminate her! Crazy Mary is eliminated!
    --We're down to LuFisto, Mia and Melissa, and all three women are exhausted. Lufi hits a spinning lariat to take Melissa down, dodges a Yim kick and decimates her with a Cradle DDT! But Mia kicks out and Lufi decides to put her up top. She goes for a rana, but Yim holds on and lets her crash to the ground, allowing her to hit the Sky Yim to eliminate LuFusto! LuFisto is eliminated!
    --Mia catches Melissa with a beautiful springboard forearm and goes up top for the Sky Yim but Melissa rolls out of the way, rushes to Mia and Yakuza Kicks her face off. Without a moment of hesitation, Melissa sets Mia up and drills her with the Kudo Driver! She hooks the leg and eliminates Mia, capturing the championship.
    Winner and FIRST MFW Women's Champion: Cheerleader Melissa

    Segment 15: Backstage, DDP is with Ethan Page & Seleziya Sparx. (2 min)
    --DDP asks Ethan why he has such a grudge against Adam Cole.
    --Sparx tries to answer but Ethan tells Seleziya to keep her whore mouth shut and do as she's told tonight.
    --Ethan explains that it's a two-fold situation. Originally, he simply didn't want anyone messing with his property. But now he sees it as an opportunity. He acknowledges Cole as one of the "big dogs", as HBK said, in MFW. Well this is a golden opportunity to put one of the big dogs down and take their spot.

    Segment 16: Main Event Tag Match
    Chris Jericho & Ethan Page vs. Johnny Gargano & Adam Cole (15 min)

    --This is a fantastic match that set Jericho & Page's sly and devious ways against Cole & Gargano's fast paced and courageous styles.
    --Jericho and Page really isolate Gargano, but eventually Cole gets a hot tag and goes nuts. After the babyface fire, Page manages to land a low-blow on Cole allowing Jericho to hit the Code-NO! Cole shoves him off and nails a superkick before collapsing to the ground in pain.
    --Page tags himself in and waits patiently for Cole to get up and mocks him, All Ego steps on for the Headshot Cutter but Cole hooks his head and nails the Corona Crash for the one - two - three!
    Winners: Johnny Gargano & Adam Cole

    Segment 17: Aftermath (4 min)
    --Jericho throws a tantrum on the mic, blaming their loss on Cole and Gargano CLEARLY cheating. Jericho DEMANDS a rematch next week without them breaking the rules! Good ol' HBK comes out and agrees. Nobody should be breaking rules, dammit. And so, next week there WILL be a rematch and they WILL play within the rules. Because next week Ethan Page and Chris Jericho will take on Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano in a rematch... where there are no-dq's and pins count anywhere in the building!


    MFW Undisputed Championship
    Chris Jericho (c) vs. Johnny Gargano

    Crowning of the Tag Team Championships
    The Collection Agency (Yamato & Naruki Doi) vs. #MOTIVATION (ACH & CIMA)

    Crowning of the Television Championship
    Adrian Neville vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Corey Graves vs. ???

    The Biggest and The Baddest Collide!
    The Undertaker vs. Brodie Lee

    Six Man Hardcore War
    The Forgotten vs. Masada, Sheamus & ???

    Grudge Match
    Adam Cole vs. Ethan Page


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Swarles on Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:16 pm

    WEEK 6!

    Dark Match: Volador Jr. and La Sombra over Planet Fitness(Marcos and Cheech) – 8 mins

    Segment 1: Non-Title: King of Flight Champion Sami Zayn vs. Ricochet w/ Rich Swann
    -Matt Sydal joins commentary for this match. He buries Zayn, but seems to have nice things to say about Ricochet
    -Zayn wins with the BRAINBUSTAHHHH – 12 mins

    Segment 2: Post match
    -Sydal grabs the belt and goes to blast Zayn, but La Sombra and Volador Jr. run down to stop Sydal.
    -Sydal finds himself surrounded by Zayn, Sombra, Volador, Swann and Ricochet
    -In a surprising move, Ricochet and Swann attack Volador and Sombra, allowing sydal to blast Zayn.
    -Sydal, Ricohet and Swann stand tall over Zayn and the luchadors – 5 minutes

    Segment 3: Renee Interviews John Cena
    -Renee says a lot of people have been speculating that Cena has joined the Japanese embassy since they helped him win 2 matches. John says he has nothing against the Embassy, but he has not joined. Renee asks John if he respects Bryan. John says of course he does, but it's not about his respect for Daniel Bryan, it's about the peoples respect for John Cena. John says the fans turned their backs on him, and no matter how hard he tried, no matter how many hurracaranas he tried to learn, they still shit on him. So screw those guys, it's all about John Cena now. - 4 mins

    Segment 4: Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Homicide
    -ADR wins with the armbreaker -11 mins

    Segment 5: Renee Interviews Sydal, Ricochet and Swann
    RY: Matt Sydal it looks like you have joined forces with Ricochet and Rich Swann and I must say it was very surprising
    MS: Why was that surprising Renee?
    RY: Well.....
    MS: Oh. I see what this is. Well Renee I told you guys once before, but I guess you didn't believe me, so let me reiterate. Matt Sydal is not a racist, he is a truthist. And let me tell you some truth about Ricochet and Rich Swann. The truth is, they're great athletes, just like me. They're world class athletes, just like me. They were born in the southern united states, just like me. They're tax paying honest Americans, just like me. Hell us 3 we're practically the same person! So why wouldn't we join forces when we have so much in common?!
    RY: Ricohet, Swann, what do you have to say?
    Ricochet: Renee I conquered Japan, I held titles in multiple companies. I haven't even been given a fair chance in BWF. That's reverse racism! If I was Japanese I'd be wrestling John Cena! Only Matt understands our issues.
    RS: Like Matt said, I was surprised how much we had in common. The 3 of us are gonna be unstoppable!
    MS: Zayn, luchadors, if you 3 free loaders have a problem with what just happened, we'll see you in the ring next week! - 4 mins

    Segment 6: Dem Rhodes Boys w/ Dusty vs. Magnett(Magnus and Bennett) w/Maria
    -Rhodes boys win clean – 8 minutes

    Segment 7: Post match
    -After the match Magnett jump the rhodes boys. They are laying into them when Dusty hops in the ring and runs in front of them to buy his boys some time. Magnett don't relent, and attack dusty. Magnus and Bennett spike piledrive dusty! Magnett leave and dusty is hurt. Cody and Goldust try to help Dusty but he isn't responding. Dusty gets carted out on a stretcher. - 8 mins

    Segment 8: KES attack Goto and Shibata
    -Goto and Shibata are backstage when they are jumped by the KES. The 4 men brawl and are broken up by security – 5 mins

    Segment 9: BxB Hulk vs. Jimmy YANG
    -BxB Hulk wins clean – 7 mins

    Segment 10: Renee Interviews Bryan, Tanahashi and Nakamura
    -Bryan says John has no idea what he's gotten into. Before it was a sporting competition, but this time when he faces John for the belt he will kick his ass and prove that the fans are right, he's an over pushed lug with 5 moves. He speaks for Tanahashi/Nakamura, he says Tanahashi wants to single handedly take down the Embassy, and then get his hands on Nana – 3 mins

    Segment 11: John Cena, KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji W/ Prince Nana vs. Daniel Bryan, Shinsuke Nakamura and Hiroshi Tanahashi
    -Tanahashi pins Mrufuji after botched interference from Nana – 23 mins

    Dark Main Event: Kazuchika Okada w/ Layla over Hirooki Goto w/ Shibata – 10 mins


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by JustSkiff on Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:48 am

    Man that BxB Hulk vs. Jimmy Rave match should be good.

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Swarles on Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:33 pm

    JustSkiff wrote:Man that BxB Hulk vs. Jimmy Rave match should be good.

    We'll find out in 8-12 weeks.


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Vipes on Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:02 am

    WRE TV
    Week 6

    1. Big Impressive Intro (4 mins)

    -Before the show open, we see Eddie Kingston outside, being kept from entering the building by security. They tell him it’s Stacy Keibler’s orders, and he’ll receive a full explanation later in the night.
    -Ross and DW welcome us to WRE TV, and introduce the newest member of the broadcast team, Chael Sonnen! Chael immediately does what he does best and starts talking up a storm, giving us the lowdown on whats to come tonight, including matches in the WRE TV Title tournament, Bad News Barrett potentially answering Michael Elgin’s challenge, and an update on the condition of Cesaro after Chris Hero’s vicious attack at the end of last week’s show.

    2. Chris Hero promo (6 mins)

    Hero comes to the ring to a deafening roar of boos, and with a very satisfied smirk across his face.

    Hero: You didn’t like that? You didn’t like what I did to my buddy? My BFF? My bestest pal in the whole wide world?!? Too fucking bad. Because that is exactly what he had owed to him. Actually, on second thought, that’s not what he deserved. If I’d had better resources, he’d have gotten much worse. Your name wouldn’t even still be on the roster. They’d be getting ready to sue me for ending your career and depriving them of a revenue stream. You’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, Claudio. A day would not go by that you wouldn’t think of me, and regret your selfishness every waking moment.

    The more Hero goes on, the more sinister his words become, as they drip with venom and resentment.

    Hero: They won’t tell me how you’re doing. Wouldn’t even let me in the hospital. Imagine that, wouldn’t even let your best friend in the world in to see you. Word is that you’ll recover, and you’ll be back. I’ve given you a lot of advice over the years. Taught you damn near everything you know. So by all means, take this advice now: Quit. Never walk through those doors again. because if you do, I’ll hurt you. I’ll maim you. I’ll break every bone I can get my hands on. I’ll make you suffer until you beg me to stop. And after they wheel you away, never to be seen again, then maybe I’ll forgive you for what you’ve done.

    Ross: What an absolute joke! Forgive him for what!? After what you did?!? You have to be kidding me!

    Sonnen: That right there is a man who knows how to get the job done! He’s not going to let Cesaro use him to get to the top anymore. Cesaro better stay away if he knows what’s good for him!

    3. Chris Hero Vs. Amasis (8 mins)

    -Amasis, a former student of both Hero and Cesaro, comes to the ring to confront Hero. Hero simply blasts him in the face with an elbow, and we have an impromptu match.
    -Match is mostly Hero punishing Amasis for even challenging him.
    -Amasis gets in a few bursts of offense, but eventually gets leveled by an elbow smash and Hero picks up the win.
    -Post match, Hero exits the ring and brings a chair back in, looking to do the same to Amasis that he did to Cesaro until Ophidian rushes to the ring with a chair of his own and Hero beats a fast retreat.

    4. Exotic Express backstage (5 mins)

    -We go backstage, where Veda Scott is standing by with Adam Rose and the rest of the Exotic Express, dancing around in the background.

    Scott: I’m here with Adam Rose. Adam, last week you and your newest party guest, Paul Burchill, defeated Curtis Axel and Chris Masters. Now that you’ve dealt with them, what does your future in WRE hold?

    Rose: *pauses, takes a few licks of his lolipop. Eyes stare off into the distance for a bit* Veda, you’ve got three heads, that’s brilliant! My future is full of dancing bunnies and fruit with anatomically correct features and Bob Barker having a crap on Julie Andrews’ head and luchadors flying to the sun in a rocket made out of Snickers and......I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?

    Before Veda can get another word in, Shiima Xion enters the screen.

    Xion: Freak. Look at you, look at them. You are wasting valuable screen time. Time that could be going to me. I was *this* close to beating AR Fox last week, then I would have been the #1 contender for the Lucky 7 Title. And this week? Not even booked, while you get to ramble about...God knows what. When you talk, does it make sense to you?

    Rose: Awwww, little Shiima Wima, all sour and dour cause nobody loves him. Shiima, don’t be a lemon, BE A...

    Before Rose can finish, Shiima cracks Rose in the mouth with his can of hairspray. The partygoers rush to his aid while Shiima walks off.

    5. WRE TV Title Tournament: Quarterfinals
    Uhaa Nation Vs. Petey Williams (11 mins)

    -Petey making his debut in WRE against one of it’s most promising young talents.
    -Big Petey Pump tries to have a pose off with Uhaa, but as you can imagine, it does not go well for Petey.
    -Their match is a fairly back and fourth afair, with Uhaa getting to show off more of his acrobatic skills than he usually does.
    -Petey makes a good showing, but Uhaa is too much to overcome, and he wins it with a standing Shooting Star Press. Afterwards, Petey raises Uhaa’s hand and gets the crowd to give him another big ovation.

    6. Michael Elgin goes looking for Bad News Barrett (5 mins)

    -Elgin is searching the backstage area after hearing that Barrett and Summer Rae have arrived at the building. He kicks in several doors, finding nothing, until he rounds a corner and finds Summer Rae at the end of the hallway. Elgin starts walking towards her, demanding to know where Barrett is, until Barrett comes up from behind and runs Elgin’s skull right into the hallway’s brick walls. Barrett pummels Elgin, eventually throwing him through a door. Elgin keeps trying to fight back, until Barrett drills him with a Bull Hammer.

    Barrett: If you thought you were gonna be clever and get the drop on me, well I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news! Clever isn’t in your vocabulary, Michael, not that you have much of one. Take this beating like a man and move on, or you’ll get the worst news of your life.

    7. AERO Vs. Monty Brown (5 mins)

    -Yes, you read that correctly. I am giving you this pay per view caliber matchup on free TV!
    -Monty does the usual Monty Brown things, like that weird stutter motion, and rubbing his head against the ropes.
    -And the POOOOOOOUNCE! He still does that too, and he kills AERO with it after about a minute to pick up the win.
    -Post match, Monty picks up a mic and says he’s thrilled to be back in wrestling. He’s missed a lot of time, but he’s going to make the most of the time he has now. The Alpha Male is back on the hunt.

    8. Stacy Keibler Announcement (4 mins)

    -Stacy says that Earl Hebner will be fine after the attack from Eddie Kingston last week, and will return to his duties next week. Which is more than she can say for Kingston.
    -She understands Eddie was angry with what happened at Ascendancy, but attacking Earl Hebner was not going to solve anything. Eddie went over her head to try and get his revenge, and now he must pay the price.
    -Effective immediately, Eddie Kingston is suspended indefinitely, without pay. Attacking officials will not be tolerated on her watch. Eddie can return when he shows a willingness to follow the rules.

    9. Chuck Taylor promo (4 mins)

    -Chucky T is backstage laughing at the news of Eddie Kingston’s suspension. He tells KIngston that he’ll never get another shot at Chuck, or the Lucky 7 Title, if he’s even still employed.
    -AR Fox enters the screen, and tells Chucky that he needs to forget about Kingston, and start worrying about him. Last time Chuck pinned Fox, he needed a low blow to do it. Fox dares him to try it again tonight.
    -Chuck tells Fox to go find some partners and maybe Chuck will grace him with his presence later on tonight, if can fit it into his schedule.

    10. Brock Lesnar Vs The Submission Squad (8 mins)

    -The Submission Squad challenge anyone to come out and test them, so they can prove to Steve Blackman that they belong in the bounty hunter business.
    -Brock Lesnar accepts this challenge, and the Submission Squad immediately regret this.
    -Lesnar kills Abernathy with a huge clothesline, press slams Gary Jay out of the ring, and starts mauling Gelistico with MMA strikes. Abernathy tries to save his partner, but Lesnar simply powerbombs him, rolls him out of the ring, and F5‘s him through the announce table.
    -JBL gets on the mic and dares anyone in the back to come out and try Lesnar. This brings out Takeshi Morishima and William Regal, which seems to unnerve JBL.
    -Regal tells Lesnar that he got the better of Morishima after having a month of rest to prepare. Next time, he won’t be so lucky. Regal just had a chat with The Iron Sheik, and at Crossfire, it will be Brock Lesnar defending the WRE Championship against Takeshi Morishima!
    -JBL is not happy with this announcement, and quickly ushers Brock out of the ring. Brock and Morishima lock eyes as Brock backs up the ramp.

    11. Rusev kills Mantaur (3 mins)

    -Rusev is still walking around backstage pissed off, and comes across several members of the Exotic Express. Rusev sees Mantaur in the group and starts beating the shit out of him.
    -The head comes off to reveal it is actually Braden Walker portraying Mantaur these days, but Rusev doesn’t give a shit, and probably doesn’t know who the fuck Braden Walker is.
    -Lana finally calls Rusev off, but when he turns around, he comes face to face with Yoshi Tatsu. Yoshi looks very different than the last time he was in the ring, his hair dyed black, and not a smile to be found.
    -Yoshi says something to Rusev in Japanese. Lana translates, and Rusev actually looks worried for a moment. Yoshi walks away soon afterwards, his work done for now.

    12. WRE TV Title Tournament: Qurterfinals
    Justin Gabriel Vs. Facade (10 mins)

    -Because we need some fucking flips in this show.
    -Fun match, lots of high spots, lots of unnecessary risks from Facade.
    -Facade hits a 450 Splash to pick up the win and advance.

    13. Cesaro Update (2 mins)

    -JR informs us that Cesaro has been released from the hospital and is resting at home. Doctors have not cleared him to compete, and may not for some time.
    -JR and West wish Cesaro a speedy recovery. Sonnen, being a dick, tells him to stay home or he’ll get more of the same.

    14. Chuck Taylor and The Ascension W/ JBL Vs. AR Fox and The Irish Airborne (15 mins)

    -Chucky T went and found himself some fellow Champions to team with. And in an amazing coincidence, AR Fox picked the guys who have given The Ascension the most problems. Weird, huh?
    -The faces control the action early, and wow the crowd with a triple dive on the heels outside the ring.
    -Once the pace settles down, the heels isolate Jake Crist and beat on him for a while.
    -Believe it or not, Jake makes it to his corner and gets the hot tag in to Fox. Fox cleans house, and shit starts to break down again.
    -Chaos abound! Brawling everywhere! Fox hits Taylor with the Lo Mein Pain for a near fall. Konnor and Viktor try to hit Fox with Fall of Man, but the Crists take out Konnor with stereo dropkicks. Taylor gets caught with Krunch from Fox, and Dave hits an Air Raid Crash on Viktor to pick up the win! Someone has pinned the Tag Team Champions!
    -JBL is furious, mostly blaming Taylor for the loss. Fox and the Crists challenge the heels to get back in the ring, but they simply sulk off and leave the good guys standing tall as WRE TV goes off the air.

    Confirmed matches for WRE Crossfire

    WRE Championship
    ©Brock Lesnar Vs. Takeshi Morishima

    WRE Lucky 7 Championship
    ©Chuck Taylor Vs. AR Fox

    WRE Television Championship Tournament Finals
    TBD Vs. TBD

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by TeeBeeKay on Tue Jun 24, 2014 6:20 pm

    PWE Week 6

    1. Bullet Club Promo

    -The Bullet Club is here, Anderson, Gallows, Tonga, Fale, Devitt and Bernard make their way to the ring.

    Anderson: Do you people get it now? The Bullet Club runs this show… period. Last week we took your four heros and we destroyed them, we can't be beat, and in a few weeks when CM Punk meets his "Giant Challenge" The Bullet Club promises there will be a new PWE World Champion in the Giant Bernard. Big man I'm taking on Punk tonight, and I'll do my best to leave you a piece, but I can't promise anything.

    Devitt: That's right brother Anderson, we come out here week after week and people think we're some kind of joke, but we aren't. We are the Bullet Club, we are TOO SWEET, we are 4 LIFE, and we are REEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!

    2. Elite Eight Match: Alex Shelley(4pts) v Jack Evans(3pts)
    -Alex Shelley wins with the Shelley Clutch in 9:43
    -Alex Shelley(7pts)

    3. MVP Promo
    -Christy interviews MVP and he talks about being the Most Valuable Champion and how nobody can take that title from him.

    4. John Morrison v Kazarian
    -Christopher Daniels is on commentary making fun of Morrison
    -Morrison looks to be in full control, but with the ref distracted Daniels throws an appletini in Morrison's face
    -Kazarian hits Fade to Black to pick up the win in 11:43

    5. Ambrose/Angle
    -Kurt is backstage in his office when Dean Ambrose bursts in

    Angle: What are you doing here? You're banned from the arena tonight..SECURITY!!!!

    Ambrose: Oh I took care of your security, don't worry, they won't be interrupting. Last week you told me you had an opponent for me at the next PPV, well I'm here to find out who it is, but I know you don't want to tell me and that's fine, I'm a reasonable man. You have one week to tell me who my opponent is, or next week, I'm going to ruin this whole show. See ya boss.

    Ambrose gives Kurt a little pat on the face and walks off.

    6. Joe/Briscoes v reDRagon/Shane Helms
    -Weird pairing with reDRagon and Helms, they weren't on the same page
    -Joe and the Briscoes were pissed and reDRagon took one look at them and decided…fuck it, they threw Helms in the ring and bailed to the back
    -Joe and the Briscoes murder Shane Helms in 2:04, and then beat him down some more

    Joe: BULLET CLUB…This isn't over, this isn't over by a long shot, you guys think you're hot shit, but me an DEM BOYS are coming for you, so you better pray to whatever gods you believe in that they have mercy on you, because we will not, and that is REAL!

    7. Kendrick Promo
    -Kendrick cuts a promo about trying to find inner peace but last week Kazarian threw off the cosmic forces that control their lives when he cheated to win, and now Kazarian has some bad karma coming his way.

    8. Elite Eight Match: Kota Ibushi(4 pts) v Paul London(3 pts)
    - Ibushi wins with the Golden Star Press in 7:45
    -Kota Ibushi(7pts)

    9. Punk Promo
    Punk: Bullet Club, welcome to the big time. You got your little Cactus Bunch Gang, you got your little catch phrases and it was all fine, but then you had to keep running your mouths and now you got me involved and trust me when I tell you I'm the last person on the planet you want to mess with. This belt means I'm the best wrestler in the world, but if you look into my eyes you'll realize I'm the baddest man on the planet and tonight Machine Gun I'm coming for you, and big man at "Giant Challenge" the challenge isn't mine Bernard, it's yours. How on earth do you think you're taking this title from me? You better be prepared to kill me because the only way is over my dead body!!!

    10. CM Punk v Karl Anderson w/Bullet Club(with no Bernard)
    -Good long match, a few BC shenanigans here and there but nothing too much
    -Match picks up with big moves and the BC start to get more involved but Joe and the Briscoes hit the ring and clear the area!!
    -Anderson goes for the cutter but Punk shoves him off and hits GTS for the win in 14:39

    Winner: CM Punk

    After the match Giant Bernard blindsides Punk out of nowhere. Bernard gets a table and Bernard Bombs Punk through the table!!!!

    Confirmed for PWE Giant Challenge

    PWE World Championship
    CM Punk(c) v Giant Bernard

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

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    Segment: In Foley's office
    -Foley is in his office when the embassy comes in. He informs them after their win in the 6 man tag last week, Tanahashi and Nakamura want a tag title shot. Prince Nana freaks out and says they're not even a tag team! They have no tag team victories! Foley says fair enough, if they beat the KES tonight they can get a title shot. - 3 mins

    Match: Truth Corps(Sydal, Ricochet, Swann) vs. King of Flight Champion Sami Zayn, La Sombra and Volador Jr
    -Great action with lots of heat.
    -Sydal pins Zayn after a SSP - 14 mins

    Segment: After the match
    -Sydal says he exposed the truth about Zayn by pinning him. He DEMANDS a title shot at BWF's next PPV “Total Extreme Warfare” - Zayn says yes then slaps the taste out of Sydal's mouth. The 2 men are seperated by the other 4 wrestlers before things come to blows - 3 mins

    Segment: Dusty Update
    -The Rhodes boys come out. They say Dusty has been with physicians all week after getting a spike piledriver from Magnett last week. They say dusty got multiple opinions, and all the doctors told him it would be best to stay away from the wrestling business for good. Cody says their dad didn't bust his ass for 50 years to get his career ended by dumb wanker and a pretty boy with 2 left feet. Goldust DEMANDS Magnett come out here right now to receive the ass whoopin' they deserve. They don't show up. The Rhodes boys leave and are on the hunt for Magnett - 4 mins

    Match: Homicide vs. Marty Scurll
    -Scurll gets a big surprise win when he rolls up homicide for a 3 count. - 8 mins

    Segment: Post match
    -Homicide jumps Scurll right after the bell and hits him with the Cop Killer (DANGEROUSSSSS) - 2 mins

    In ring segment: Layla w/ Okada
    -Layla comes out and says Okada hasn't been getting real competition the best few weeks. She DEMANDS a world class opponent for Okada at TEW. Del Rio comes out, says he's just the guy. BOOM, match booked. -5 mins

    Backstage Segment
    We literally see the Rhodes chasing after Magnett, who are sprinting down a corridor. They leave the building and seem to have no place to go, but maria pulls up in a car. They hop in and she speeds off before the Rhodes boys can catch them. - 3 mins

    Match: TJP vs. BxB Hulk
    -TJP gets one in the win column after hitting his wacky modified GTS. - 10 mins

    -Cena says for the last decade he's been playing by the rules and still kicking everyone's ass. At TEW he's going to do whatever it takes to win, so he'll be unstoppable. Bryan tells Cena he's up his own ass. He says he beat Cena 2 times, and there's nothing that cena can do that Bryan hasn't seen. Things get intense and both guys stare each other down, but just sign the contract. The table lives to see another day. - 10

    MAIN EVENT: Hiroshi Tanahashi and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. KES(Archer and Smith)
    -The Embassy tries to interfere but are stopped by Goto and Shibata!
    -Nakamura pins Archer after the Boma Ye - 20 min

    Post match:
    -8 MAN BRAWL! WE'LL SEE YA NEXT WEEK!! - 5 min

    Confirmed Matches for BWF "Total Extreme Warfare":

    Main Event – BWF Title
    Daniel Bryan© vs. John Cena

    King of Flight
    Sami Zayn© vs. Matt Sydal

    Tag Titles
    Japanese Embassy(Kenta and Marufuji)© vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Shinsuke Nakamura

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Kazuchika Okada


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

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    swarles wrote:Confirmed Matches for BWF "Total Extreme Warfare":

    I see what you did there.

    *autistic screeching*

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