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    Post by Swarles on Mon May 26, 2014 11:57 am

    WEEK 4!

    Dark Match: Jimmy Yang, Marcos and Cheech over Mike Mondo, Marty Scurll and Mark Haskins – 7 mins

    Segment 1: Foley in ring
    -Foley welcomes the crowd to the show, says tonight is a Coronation preview, we will have several matches previewing the PPV. Most importantly, our main event will be John Cena and Kazuchika Okada vs. Daniel Bryan and Hiroshi Tanahashi in a huge tag match. - 4 minutes

    Segment 2: Inner City Machine Guns(Ricochet and Rich Swann) vs. Jay Lethal and TJP
    -ICMG win clean – 10 mins

    Segment 3: Renee Interviews Matt Sydal
    -Renee asks Matt if he found a partner for tonight's match against Zayn and Hulk. He said for whatever reason people seemed to be avoiding him backstage and he could not find one. Renee says she spoke to Mick Foley earlier, and Mick said if Matt did not find a partner, which he was pretty sure he wouldn't, that he would team with Zayn's opponent at Coronation, La Sombra. Matt is not happy about this. - 3 minutes

    Segment 4: Sami Zayn and BxB Hulk vs. Matt Sydal and La Sombra
    -BxB Hulk gets another flash pin on Sydal – 12 mins

    Segment 5: Aftermath
    -Sydal sucker punches BxB hulk, but is then chased away by Zayn and his own partner La Sombra – 3 mins

    Segment 6: Renee interviews Daniel Bryan
    -Bryan says he hopes to scope out Okada in tonight's tag. Renee asks if he would rather face Cena or Tanahashi in the finals, Bryan says he can beat whoever he faces but would be honored to wrestle Tanahashi – 3 minutes

    Segment 7: Cody Rhodes w/ Dusty vs. KENTA w/ Nana vs. Harry Smith w/ Hoyt
    -The 3 managers cancel each other out and no interference takes place. Smith pins cody with a powerslam – 13 mins

    Segment 8: Del Rio/Nakamura CONTRACT SIGNING~!
    -They both sign, Del Rio puts Nakamura through the table. - 8 minutes

    Segment 9: The Embassy and Tanahashi
    -Backstage, the Japanese Embassy approaches Tanahashi. Nana says if he joins the embassy Japan will have all the gold after the ppv. He says KENTA/Marufuji will win tag titles, and he can guarantee Tanahashi would win the BWF title with the help of the Embassy. Tanahashi respectfully declines then walks away. Nana is not happy. - 3 minutes

    Segment 10: Mick Foley's office
    -Magnus comes in, complaining about not being booked in Dixieland matches. Mike Bennett comes in with Maria, he hasn't been on TV yet and is all mad and stuff. Foley tells them to shut up and suggests if they want to get booked maybe they should for a tag team. - 3 minutes

    Segment 11: Video Package hyping Cena/Okada vs. Tanahashi/Bryan – 3 mins

    Segment 12: Cena/Okada w/ Layla vs. Bryan/Tanahashi
    -Okada pins bryan after interference from Layla – 20 mins

    Segment 13: After the match
    -Bryan pushes Okada, unhappy with the ending of the match. It doesn't take long for this to turn into a WILD 4 MAN PULL APART BRAWL~!!! WE'LL SEE YOU AT CORONATION FOLKS!!! - 5 mins

    Dark Main Event: Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto and Katsuyori Shibata over Alberto Del Rio, Magnus and Mike Bennet – 10 mins



    Winner of Cena/Tanahashi vs. Winner of Bryan/Okada

    Sami Zayn vs. La Sombra

    Japanese Embassy(KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji) vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. KES(Lance Archer and Harry Smith)

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

    Matt Sydal vs. BxB Hulk

    John Cena vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    Daniel Bryan vs. Kazuchika Okada


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Grant on Mon May 26, 2014 2:11 pm

    Dark Match #1: Akira Tozawa d. Aaron Epic (6 min)
    Dark Match #2: UnStable d. Jollyville Fuck-Its (8 min)
    Dark Match #3: Cheerleader Melissa d. Daffney (6 min)


    Segment 1: Mike Quackenbush & Roderick Strong come out to the ring. (8 min)
    --Quack says it's pathetic how this company is being run. Combining tournament matches is ridiculous! He calls HBK a joke and calls for change.
    --Shawn Michaels comes out and asks Quack if he and Roddy need a nap since they seem so damn cranky. If they feel they need to justify themselves, they can do it right here, right now against two other men that may not have advanced, but are still hungry for competition....ACH & CIMA!

    Segment 2: Tag Match
    ACH & CIMA vs. Mike Quackenbush & Roderick Strong (11 min)

    --Absolutely fantastic match, with ACH & CIMA pulling off some incredible team work. Quack and Roddy prove they've got good synergy too though, and we end up with an absolutely incredible match to kick off Meltdown.
    --Quack goes for the Black Tornado Slam but ACH manages to land on his feet and hit a rana on Quack, sending him into CIMA who hits the Schwein for the victory!
    Winners: ACH & CIMA

    Segment 3: Aftermath
    After the match is over, Yamato & Naruki Doi hit the ring and assault CIMA and ACH, leaving them laid out and the crowd booing as we go to the back. (2 min)

    Segment 4: Greg Burridge is with Milano Collection AT & Yuji Nagata (3 min)
    --Milano tells us that he's in MFW to dominate and bring together the greatest stable of talent possible.
    --He tells Burridge that the Collection Agency is open for business and that there's already three wise, wise men that signed with him. One being Yuji Nagata, and the other two? Just then Yamato and Doi enter the picture after their assault in the ring.
    --Milano tells us that ACH & CIMA were presented with offers before the show and chose to turn him down. This is what happens when you make the wrong choice. Take note MFW.

    Segment 5: Badass Triple Threat - Killers & Kings Preview
    Brodie Lee vs. Masada vs. BJ Whitmer (8 min)

    --As you could imagine, these guys hit each other fucking hard. Some major cringe worthy blows occurred in this match, one that left Masada with a cut above his left eye.
    --We get to some huge moves from each man. Brodie hits Whitmer with the Truck Stop and a sitout spinebuster on Masada, but soon they team up on Brodie and decimate him with a lariat/leg clip combo.
    --The referee checks on Brodie, opening up the moment for Danny Havoc to come from the crowd and drill Masada with the Wrist Clutch DVD and bolts, allowing Whitmer to score the pinfall and win the match.
    Winner: BJ Whitmer

    Segment 6: Aftermath
    After Brodie leaves, Havoc hops back in the ring to assault Masada only for Whitmer to ask him what he's doing. The moment is tense until LuFisto, Tommy Mercer and Jimmy Jacobs come out. Havoc then removes his coat to reveal a Forgotten shirt. The crowd roars with disapproval as all five people beat the holy fucking shit out of Masada, who tries to fight back but simply can't fight the numbers. Finally security comes out to break up the beatdown. (4 min)

    Segment 7: Rosa Mendes is with Shawn Michaels and Josh Alexander backstage. (2 min)
    --Rosa asks HBK if someone has stepped forth to challenge Josh. HBK confirms that a great talent has signed the open contract and will challenge Alexander later tonight.
    --Josh says there's no free rides in wrestling and that's the reason he put that contract out. If he's going to advance, he's going to earn it and prove exactly why he's the Walking Weapon.

    Segment 8: A Debut
    Yuji Nagata w/Milano Collection AT vs. Biff Busick (3 min)

    --Biff tries his damndest, but Yuji manages to ward off any offense he had and quickly murders Biff with a trio of Saito Suplexes and a sickening roundhouse kick.
    --Yuji gets the Nagata Lock on and Biff has no choice but to tapout.
    Winner: Yuji Nagata

    Segment 9: Adam Cole is headed to the ring for his match when Seleziya Sparx steps into his path. (3 min)
    --She seems a bit flirty and was wondering what Cole was doing later on. Before he can answer, Ethan Page steps into the scene and asks Seleziya what the hell she's doing.
    --Page apologizes to Cole and claims that if he doesn't keep the bitch on her chain, the snatch wanders. He pushes Seleziya to the floor and turns back to Cole with a very serious tone falling over his tone. He wishes Cole good luck and to stay away from his property. The two stare each other down as Sparx frantically pulls Page away.

    Segment 10: Opponents Unite - Killers & kings Preview
    Sami Callihan & Adam Cole vs. Adrian Neville & Johnny Gargano (15 min)

    --Look at this fucking match. You already KNOW it's amazing.
    --And boy is it ever! These guys tear the house down and damn near take out the first row after Gargano and Neville do stereo dives onto Cole and Sami.
    --Neville heads up top and nails the Red Arrow on Callihan but Cole makes the save and decimates Neville with the Panama Sunrise! Gargano ducks a Cole Superkick, hits one of his own and hits the Hurts Donut! Callihan goes for the Headlock Driver but Gargano blocks it and hooks him for the Hurts Donut as well. Only this time Callihan blocks it and back elbows Johnny. Suddenly Neville comes from the heavens with a springboard dropkick.
    --However, Sami moves and Gargano eats the full force of it and goes tumbling wildly out of the ring. Cole capitalizes on the mistake and hits a brainbuster on Neville and goes for the pin but Callihan stops him and drills Adam with the Headlock Driver before pinning Neville for the 1 - 2 - 3!
    Winners: Sami Callihan & Adam Cole

    Segment 11: Milano, Yuji, Yamato & Doi are celebrating Yuji's debut when HBK steps into the screen, welcoming Yuji & Milano to MFW. (2 min)
    --Milano kisses some ass and tells Shawn he's looking great. HBK already knows.
    --HBK says that competition is getting hot around here. And since he knows Milano enjoys that, his boys Doi and Yamato will be facing ACH & CIMA at Killers and Kings.
    --The Collection Agency is not pleased, but Shawn pats Milano on the back, smiles and walks away.

    Segment 12: Hulk Hogan gets in the ring with Josh Alexander. (2 min)
    --They talk briefly about Alexander's decision to not take a bye in the tournament.
    --Josh states his case and says he's waited long enough. Bring out his opponent!
    --Hogan then informs Alexander that the man who signed the contract is none other than Akira Tozawa!
    --The crowd pops for Tozawa as he comes out, who is getting a second chance at glory.

    Segment 13: The last Killers and Kings Quarter Final Match-Up
    Akira Tozawa vs. Josh Alexander (8 min)

    --The two have a very stiff, very competitive match with Alexander's size being a big factor.
    --Tozawa manages to rebound after a sickening release Tiger suplex and bicycle kicks Alexander in the chops before hitting a beautiful German suplex for a nearfall. Tozawa goes for it again but Josh blocks it, hits a rolling elbow and then a TKO before calling for the end.
    --Josh picks Tozawa up and goes for the spinning Tombstone, but Tozawa manages to kick his way out of it and goes for a moonsault press only for Josh to catch him and hit the Spinning Tombstone! He hooks the leg and gets the one - two - thr-NO! Tozawa manages to escape the loss.
    --Alexander pulls Akira to the corner for the second rope Tombstone but Tozawa fights out of it, kicks Josh in the face and pulls him to the top turnbuckle to hit a top rope Falcon Arrow! He hooks the leg... one - two - three! Tozawa is back in the running!
    Winner: Akira Tozawa

    Segment 14: We get pre-taped interviews with Hogan and DDP asking Jericho, Goldberg, Sheamus and Undertaker about the main event tonight. (5 min)
    --Sheamus says he's ready for a fight and suggests that Goldberg and Jericho's egos won't allow them to co-exist.
    --Goldberg laughs it off and says that so long as he's getting paid, he's already won.
    --Jericho says Sheamus is too damn stupid to win this match and that he's outshined the Undertaker all month. Tonight will be no different.
    --Undertaker ends the interview by warning Jericho of his arrogance. It'll be the death of him.

    Segment 15: We're with DDP and Hogan at the announce table. PPV hardsell, main event hardsell. HBK joins them to call the main event. (4 min)

    Segment 16: Main Event - Killers & Kings Preview
    The Undertaker & Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho & Goldberg (4 min)

    --This is the most motivated we've seen Taker in a long time and he's blood thirsty. He damn near mauls Jericho when he gets his hands on him.
    --The match is absolute chaos, brawling all over the place, Jericho trying to escape the clutches of Taker, Sheamus & Goldberg beating the hell out of each other.
    --Somewhere along the line, the referee bites the dust and we lose what little control we DID have. When he comes to the match is thrown out and shit gets even crazier.
    Winners: No Contest

    Segment 17: CHAOS!
    --All four men continue brawling, and this brings out Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Sami Callihan, Adrian Neville, BJ Whitmer, Akira Tozawa, Masada and Brodie Lee! We have a huge, massive, vicious brawl going on and nobody can control it. These are your 12 semi-finalists folks! Killers and Kings, this Sunday on Pay-Per-View! We crown a champion! OH MY GOD! WE'LL SEE YOU THERE! AHHHHH! (6 min)


    MFW Undisputed Championship
    Killers & Kings Final - 6 Way Elimination

    ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

    Tag Team Action!
    ACH & CIMA vs. Collection Agency (Yamato & Naruki Doi)

    Killers & Kings Semi-Finals
    The Winners advance to the Main Event for the Undisputed Championship

    Adam Cole vs. Sami Callihan
    Chris Jericho vs. Akira Tozawa
    Masada vs. Sheamus
    Goldberg vs. The Undertaker
    Brodie Lee vs. BJ Whitmer
    Johnny Gargano vs. Adrian Neville


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Xero on Mon May 26, 2014 8:53 pm

    1) AJ Styles In-Ring Promo
    AJ Styles comes to the ring dressed in an American flag t-shirt.  Styles says he loves this country and has the utmost respect for the men and women who have fought and died in the name of American freedom, but he thinks that it’s an absolute shame that these men fought and died for a country full of homosexual immorality. 
    Jeff Jarrett comes out and tells AJ Styles that Global Force Wrestling has no place for his homophobia and that honest, decent gay men and women have also fought and died for this country.
    AJ claims that there are no good and decent homosexuals just like he proved last week when former GFW World Heavyweight Champion Heath Slater walked out on his match, disappointing homosexuals all over the world.
    Jeff Jarrett claims that the reason Slater walked out was because of AJ Styles’ homophobia and that he refused to put over someone with an anti-gay agenda and that the storylines for the pay-per-view had to be re-written entirely.  Meanwhile, indignant Mike Tenay is upset over Jeff Jarrett’s unprofessionalism for not following the script, but he excuses Jarrett as he’s obviously a fervent gay rights supporter.
    Styles claims that Slater was intolerant of his personal beliefs, and like he said last week, he will not stop until the homosexual menace has been completely eradicated from GFW.
    Jeff Jarrett gets upset and books AJ Styles in a match later tonight in a steel cage in a match of his choosing.
    Time: 10m

    2) Heath Slater backstage with Drew McIntyre.
    Slater is backstage talking to Drew McIntyre.  Slater says that he has worked all of his career for the opportunity to main event Global Force Wrestling but that he’s absolutely shocked and appalled that someone can so easily get away with being so offensive.
    McIntyre re-assures Slater by stating that he will always love him whatever his choice, but that working for GFW was his dream.  He shouldn’t be so willing to give up on his dream.  He should fight for what he believes in and with the entire homosexual community behind him, he can fight for major change in Global Force Wrestling.  Slater agrees and the two hug each other.
    Time: 2m
    3)2MB vs Hawkins & Ryder
    Winners: 2MB
    Time: 18m

    5)  Willow Promo
    Willow is backstage saying something about having sex with Teddy Hart’s cat.
    Time: 2m
    6) Lacey Von Erich vs Sasha Banks w/Scott Steiner
    Winner:  Lacey Von Erich via roll up
    Scott Steiner is pissed and begins to assault Lacey Von Erich, but Big E runs to the ring to save Lacey.  
    Time: 3m

    7) Big E Promo
    Lacey thanks Big E.  Big E grabs a microphone.  Big E explains that he has always admired Lacey Von Erich, and especially after a couple weeks ago when he got to see her up close and personal.  Lacey Von Erich is horrified.  Big E shouts, “IT WAS ME LASHLEY.  IT WAS ME ALL ALONG.”  Big E attempts to advance on Lacey Von Erich once again, but he’s interrupted by Lashley’s theme music.

    The show cuts to a commercial break and Mike Tenay reminds everyone that if they want to see more of this brawl, they can watch it live at Wrestleversary this Sunday for 49.99 on Justin.TV.
    Time: 5m

    Cool Jeff Jarrett Backstage Promo
    Jeff Jarrett is backstage and announces that tonight, live on GFW, AJ Styles will put his title on the line against the founder himself in a steal cage match.
    Time: 1m

    9) Scott Steiner & Sasha Banks vs Ken Anderson & Brie Bella
    Winner:  Scott Steiner & Sasha Banks via Sasha Banks pin on Brie Bella
    Time: 11m

    10) The Miz vs Fandango
    Winner:  The Miz via interference from X-Pac and Hardcore Holly.  Holly and X-Pac are chased off by DISCO INFERNO.
    Time: 12m

    11)  The Miz In-Ring promo
    Miz makes fun of Eric Young and announces that at Wrestleversary he’ll team with the BroMans and a mystery partner to take on Eric Young and whoever he chooses.  EY Stands on the entrance ramp and out come Bobby Roode and the Usos. The two teams battle in the ring until separated by security.
    Time: 10m

    12) GFW World Heavyweight Title:  Steel Cage:  Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles

    Winner AND NEW GFW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION:  Jeff Jarrett via Stroke
    Time: 19m

    13) Buff Bagwell Video
    A camera is situated in the backseat of a truck.  Bagwell is riding as a passenger with his luggage in his lap.  The camera man asks Bagwell where he's going.  Bagwell says he's headed for Wrestleversary.
    Time: 1m


    GFW World Heavyweight Title
    1) AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett

    GFW Women's Title
    2) Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella

    GFW Television Title
    3) Scott Steiner vs Ken Anderson

    GFW Tag Team Titles
    4) X-Pac & Hardcore Holly vs Fandango & Disco Inferno

    Kittens on a Pole Match
    5) Teddy Hart vs Willow

    8-Man Elimination Tag
    6)Team TNA (The Miz, The BroMans, and ???) vs Team EY (Eric Young, The Usos, and Bobby Roode)

    If Big E wins, Lacey Von Erich can't press charges
    7)Bobby Lashley vs Big E

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by SBR on Mon May 26, 2014 11:49 pm

    WHOOPS! I'll post my Week 4 show this week.


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by JustSkiff on Tue May 27, 2014 1:44 am

    GolfClubNinja wrote:• **NOTE**For simplicity sakes, I’m first listing the participants, then who gets eliminated at what time, but the in depth match report WILL happen for the 10-man Scaffold Royale. Hey, I’m not WWE!


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by TeeBeeKay on Wed May 28, 2014 3:11 am

    PWE Week 4

    Pre Show
    Match 1: Alex Shelley v Zack Sabre Jr w/Tiffany- Shelley wins in 9:00(11:00)
    Match 2: reDRagon v Forever Holliganz- reDRagon wins in 8:00(10:00)

    Main Show

    1. Elite Eight Match: Kota Ibushi(3pts) v Low Ki(0pts)
    - Low Ki wins in 18:00(20:00)

    2. Ambrose attacks Hernandez backstage (2:00)
    -Hernandez is warming up backstage when Ambrose attacks him

    3. Bischoff calls out Ambrose, intros Kurt as new Match Maker, Angle makes Ambrose v Morrison at the PPV(6:00)
    -Eric Bischoff comes to the ring and calls out Dean Ambrose, Ambrose skulks to the ring, Bischoff said he's sick of Dean's shit and things are about to change
    -Bischoff introduces the new PWE Matchmaker, KURT ANGLE
    -Kurt comes out and announces that since Dean is looking for a fight at PWE Golden Opportunity, Dean will take on the man he jumped last week, John Morrison

    4. Elite Eight Match: Prince Devitt(3pts) v Samuray Del Sol(0pts)
    - Devitt wins in 12:00(14:00)

    5. BC Promo
    - Devitt, Anderson and Doc run down everyone demand an opponent for Bernard(3:00)

    6. Bernard is waiting…Joe's Music hits Joe charges the ring, Bernard, Doc, Anderson and Devitt bail, but Joe catches Tonga and Fale and beats them both up, as the BC is going backwards up the stage the Briscoes attack and Joe runs out to join them, big pull apart(5:00)

    7. Angle shows up announces BC v Briscoes for the Tag Titles and Joe v Bernard 1 on 1 at Golden Opportunity(3:00)

    8. Liger Hype Video(2:00)

    9. MVP Promo(5:00)
    -MVP is ready to become Elite and win the PWE World Championship

    10. First Round in the PWE World Title Tournament: MVP v Hernandez
    - MVP wins in 9:00(11:00)

    11. Punk Promo(6:00)
    -Punk talks about how much the belt means to him, and how tonight is just the beginning

    12. First Round in the PWE World Title Tournament: CM Punk v Jushin Liger
    - CM Punk wins in 11:00(13:00)

    Post Show Match
    Daniels and Kazarian v Morrison and Kendrick
    - Daniels cheats to win by pinning Morrison in 14:00(16:00)

    PWE Golden Opportunity

    PWE World Title Semi-Finals
    CM Punk v Christopher Daniels
    MVP v Brian Kendrick

    Elite Eight Matches
    Kota Ibushi(3pts) v Alex Shelley(3pts)
    Prince Devitt(6pts) v Doug Williams(6pts)

    Special Grudge Match
    Dean Ambrose v John Morrison

    When Monsters Collide
    Giant Bernard v Samoa Joe

    PWE Tag Titles
    Bullet Club v The Briscoes

    And the Finals of the PWE World Title Tournament

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Stroke on Thu May 29, 2014 1:57 pm

    Bellinger Championship Wrestling
    S1: In-Ring with Ric Flair: Flair puts over tonight’s 8-man tag match and the BCW World Title tournament at Dawning. Kevin Steen comes out alone and asks Flair if he thinks he’s funny teaming him with Bully Ray. He’s not afraid of him, but Flair has to know it’s not going to work. Flair says whatever happens happens tonight, but nobody will interfere. He bars any interference of any kind in the main event. Flair tells Steen good luck, because teaming with a pissed off Bully Ray, he’s going to need it. (10:00)

    S2: Match: Kenny King w/Rhett Titus vs Matt Taven. King wins via finisher. (8:00)

    S3: Two Good Minutes Hype Video For Dolph Ziggler. (2:00)

    S4: Backstage Interview The American Wolves with Jeremy Borash: The Wolves talk about this Sunday’s title tournament and how they both want to be world champion. For tonight and this Sunday, they say they have no issue getting physical and fighting each other if they need to. They understand it’s just business. (2:00)

    S5: Match: The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. The Beautiful People win when Velvet rolls up Madison Rayne for the cheap win. (7:00)

    S6: Backstage with Ric Flair: Back in his office, Ric Flair is approached by the Young Bucks. They’re asking when the tag teams will get their chance. Flair says that next month BCW will crown tag team champs and that this Sunday they’ll have a 4-team special preview match with The Young Bucks/Sleazy Money/Primetime Players/All Night Express. For tonight, it’ll be the Young Bucks vs The Primetime Players (3:00)    

    S7: In-Ring: Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter. Swagger and Colter make their way to the ring. Colter runs down some key dates in American history, then brings up June 1, 2014 and says that’s the next great day in USA history because that’s when Jack Swagger will take his rightful place as BCW World Champion. Swagger talks about facing Colt Cabana in the opening round of the tournament before he’s cut off by a police siren and new music and out comes "Officer" Colt Cabana. (Obviously a more face-friendly version) Cabana makes his way to the ring and gets a mic. He says he’s here to uphold law and order and says that because of Swagger’s “prior record”, he’s a person of interest. He says that at Dawning it won’t be Jack Swagger that becomes BCW World Champ, it’ll be Colt Cabana. Swagger tries a cheap shot, but Cabana ducks and says he’s sent people to the slammer for less than that. Colter distracts Cabana and Swagger lands a cheap shot. Brawling ensues before Cabana clotheslines Swagger out of the ring to the floor. Swagger and Colter back away and exchange words with Cabana. (10:00)

    S8: Match: The Young Bucks vs The Primetime Players w/Sleazy Money on commentary and The All Night Express watching from the ramp. Young Bucks gets the win when Matt Jackson pins Titus O’Neil. (10:00)  

    S9: Backstage Interview Bully Ray with Jeremy Borash: Borash interviews Bully Ray about his opening matchup this Sunday with Davey Richards as well as teaming with Richards, Jack Swagger and Kevin Steen tonight. Bully says he has no issues with Richards, but when it’s time to fight, he won’t be afraid to beat him down. Borash asks Bully how he can coexist with Steen tonight, knowing they’ve had issues as partners in the past. Bully responds with two simple words, “I can’t.” (2:00)

    S10: Two Good Minutes Hype Video with Eddie Edwards. (2:00)
    S: Match: ODB vs Katelyn. Two unorthodox fan favorites throw down. Katelyn gets the win. (7:00)

    S11: 8-Man Tag Team Match: Dolph Ziggler/Colt Cabana/James Storm/Eddie Edwards vs Bully Ray/Kevin Steen/Jack Swagger/Davey Richards: Bully and Steen exchange hard tags throughout before they eventually brawl out of sight. Match ends with Swagger being irish whipped reversed into a Ziggler superkick, followed by a Flying Asshole by Cabana and Cabana gets the pin. Winning team celebrates to go off the air. (24:00)

    Final Card for Sunday's "Dawning" PPV
    Bellinger Championship Wrestling World Title Single Elimination Tournament
    - Colt Cabana vs Jack Swagger
    - Eddie Edwards vs Dolph Ziggler
    - Davey Richards vs Bully Ray
    - Kevin Steen vs James Storm

    Four-Way Tag Team Match
    The Primetime Players vs The Young Bucks vs Sleazy Money vs The All Night Express

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by GolfClubNinja on Fri May 30, 2014 6:25 pm

    No Pre-Show

    T.H.A.W. @ HAPPY HOUR!!! tongue 

    Angle: Randy Orton comes out to complain  w/ Heyman

    • Complains that, even though heyman cost him the match, he still think's he is a good manager, And wants a T.H.A.W. Tile shot.
    • Then Stone Cold comes out and say's that it was not his fault he lost the match, but he will not give him a T.H.A.W. title shot but a T.H.A.W. HARDCORE title shot against the Big Show Tommorow night at Construction Zone.
    • Then Raven comes out and say's that he should get the title shot because he OBVIOUSLY kisked out on the 1'st episode of DESTRUCTION, and that he should get a second chance, But stone cold reminds him he is in the scaffold royale.

    6 mins

    Annoncement: 1 spot left in Scaffold Royale!:
    [*]the five new contestanst are:
    Fire Ant
    Donshoku Dino
    Blue Meanie

    2 mins

    Texas Title #1 contender match: Dasher Hatfield v.s. Ted Diabaise Jr.

    • The match starts with the two men getting small blow's until dasher goes all CHIKARA and rana's diabaise into the corner, with hatfeild gaining control.
    • After Hatfield's fast paced style take over, diabiase comes back and hits a DDT going for the pin...1...2...3!!!! HOWWHADIWIDW! it seems like the DDT caught Hatfield by surprise! Diabase is going to construction zone!

    Ted Diabiase Jr. wins by pinfall, 5 mins

    Main event Annoncement: Rey Mysterio v.s. Fire Ant for the Air Raiderz Tile

    2 mins

    Angle: Ryback comes out

    • Ryback say's Ryback should get a spot in the scaffold royale, and Ryback will do anything for it!
    • At this point Stone Cold comes out and say's that the winner of the next match will cet the spot, and the match is Ryback... V.S. THE GREAT KHALI!! 

    4 mins

    Scaffold Royale qualification match: Ryback v.s. The Great Khali

    • The match starts with Ryback taking Khali's Knee out to bring the giant down, followed by ryback punching the shit out of khali's face.
    • The match continues but khali never fully recovers from the vicious murdering of his face by ryback, which leads to his downfall when he goes for a superplex but is countered into a top rope DDT, which means Ryback is in the scaffold royale!

    Ryback wins by pinfall, 10 mins

    Announcement: due to backstage complications, Sin Cara is granted the #1 contendership @ Construction Zone

    • ... Because SOMEONE beat up worker ant *HINT-HINT, WINK-WINK*

    2 mins

    Angle:Dasher, CHEESEBURGER, and The Great Khali complain to Stone Cold

    • They want to know why they are not booked for Construction Zone.
    • Stone Cold, already annoyed, say's that all three will be in the Cash Money Power match, not because of there fighting merits, but that he is having trouble booking. All three run away with glee and laugh and skip and be real merry.

    4 mins

    T.V. King Match: R.V.D. v.s. Knux

    • A Brutal murderizing, R.V.D. gets laid flat quick, no comebacks, nothing. We all hate Knux now.

    Knux wins by Brutal Murderizinng, 4 mins

    Angle: Rhino and Diesel come out

    • And say that tommorow night they will kick Rikishi and Vaders ass and defend their titles.

    T.H.A.W. Air Raiderz Title match: Rey Mysterio v.s. Fire Ant

    • A closely contested match all through.
    • In a stunning ending, as Mysterio goes for the 619, fire ant gets out of the way, as mysterio then hold to the corner, and a air raid siren by fire ant of the turnbuckle ends the match.

    15 mins

    Stone Cold explains why the show was short and fills the time with a MAIN Main Event of Kitty v Kiity

    Photo By:Grant

    In Your Apartment: Construction Zone

    Released Card:

    T.H.A.W. Championship

    Mark Henry v.s. Batista

    Scaffold Royale for #1 contendership for T.H.A.W. Title:

    Raven v.s. R.V.D. v.s. Knux v.s. Soldier ant v.s. Sugar Dunkington v.s. Donshoku Dino v.s .Abyss v.s. Blue Meanie v.s. Sandman v.s. Ryback

    T.H.A.W. Hardcore Championship

    Big Show v.s. Randy Orton

    T.H.A.W.: Cash Money Power Construction Site Match

    Dasher Hatfeild v.s. CHEESEBURGER v.s. The Great Khali v.s. Tomy Dreamer

    T.H.A.W. Air Raiderz Championship

    Fire ant v.s. Sin Cara

    T.H.A.W. Tag Championship

    The New Kliq v.s. Rikishi & Vader

    *autistic screeching*

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by GolfClubNinja on Fri May 30, 2014 6:27 pm

    And yes, i like cats and i'am a wrestling fan. DEAL WITH IT!

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Vipes on Sat May 31, 2014 12:42 am

    WRE TV
    Week 4

    1. Welcome to WRE TV! (2 mins)

    -The usual mix of loud rock music and even louder explosions. MURICA!
    -JR and Don West give us the lay of the land tonight, including the final opening round match in the tag title tournament, the tensions between Rusev and Super Dragon coming to a head, and the reuniting of the Kings of Wrestling inside a wrestling ring for the first time in years! However, they are soon interrupted by...

    2. JBL Promo (4 mins)

    JBL’s unmistakable music hits, and for the first time ever in WRE’s history, JBL is actually standing in our ring. However, he is anything but happy.

    JBL: Iron Sheik! I don’t know what moron thought it would be a good idea to put you in charge of anything bigger than a dimebag, but you’re doing a hell of a job of running this place into the ground before it’s even had a chance to take off! It should be obvious to anyone that the Iron Sheik is not a savy businessman of any kind, for the simple reason that he has gone this long without Brock Lesnar to prop up his ratings!

    Ross: JBL, as per usual, not exactly being tactful with his remarks. Or all that factual for the most part.

    JBL: Let’s be honest with ourselves, people don’t tune in to see a balding Canadian cave troll. They don’t tune in to see a dumpy Japanese guy with a bad haircut, and they don’t tune in to see the Swiss Miss swing someone around the ring a hundred times. This is America! Americans want violence! They want action! They want a winner! And that is exactly what Brock Lesnar is! Brock Lesnar is the biggest attraction in wrestling today, and it’s an attraction I’m about ready to shop around to the highest bidder.

    West: What’s he mean “shop him around”? He can’t do that, we drafted him!

    Ross: No doubt JBL has something up his sleeve here, Don.

    JBL: See, we haven’t signed any contract with WRE yet. And without that contract, Brock Lesnar does not appear at Ascendancy. Now, how big of a trainwreck would WRE’s first pay per view be without it’s biggest star? Sheik, you know our price. You have until the end of this show to meet it, or Brock will be sitting at home this Sunday, while I call around and see if Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair want to do business the right way.

    Ross: Why that no good son of a bitch! He’s trying to hold the future of this company hostage! And for what, more money? Endorsement deals? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

    JBL leaves the ring to a chorus of boos, uncharacteristically ignoring the jeers from the sudience as he storms to the back.

    2. WRE Tag Team Championship Tournament (10 mins)
    The Bravado Brothers Vs. AR Fox and Uhaa Nation

    -Fox and Uhaa getting a crack at more gold in WRE after coming up short in their Lucky 7 qualifiers.
    -Good matchup, with the Bravados trying to isolate Fox as much as they can, and avoiding the powerhouse Uhaa as much as humanly possible.
    -Once Fox makes the hot tag, Uhaa starts to clean house and get on a roll. Fox takes out Harlem with a big dive outside the ring.
    -Uhaa looks for the Uhaa Combination, but with the ref checking on Fox, Bo Dallas sneaks in and attacks Uhaa with a chair! Bo is still upset at Uhaa costing him his chance at the Lucky 7 Title.
    -Lancelot takes advantage and pins Uhaa. The Bravado Brothers advance! Fox checks on his fallen friend, while Bo celebrates with his Bolievers.

    3. Kings of Wrestling promo (3 mins)

    -Veda Scott is backstage with Chris Hero and Cesaro, who tonight are back in the ring together as a team for the first time in years, as they face the unlikely team of Takeshi Morishima and Chuck Taylor.
    -Cesaro says he has respect for Morishima, but can’t say the same for Chuck, given the things he’s done already in just a few short weeks in WRE.
    -Hero is more effusive of praise for Chuck and his talents, while he doesn’t see they hype in Morishima.
    -Cesaro seems confused by this, but is still excited to be teaming up for the first of many times with his mentor and friend.

    4. Eddie Kingston Vs. Pierre Abernathy (5 mins)

    -Kingston attacks Abernathy in the aisle and beats the holy hell out of him. Clearly King still has some anger issues.
    -Kingston rolls Abernathy into the ring and takes his face off with a Sliding D for the easy win.
    -Eddie grabs a mic and tells Chuck that he’s a dead man at Ascendancy. He’s got plenty of anger left in him to get out, and keeping the Lucky 7 Title away from Chuck will go a long way towards working some of it out.

    5. Blackman’s Bounties segment (5 mins)

    Thankfully, this was filmed before Abernathy lost his face. With their training complete, Blackman takes Rowan and the Submission Squad out into the field to take down some scumbags and make some money. Their first stop is one Blackman has been to before, the house with the screaming black woman, as seen in the Blackman’s Bounties trailer on YouTube. Once again, Blackman tells her to open the door, and she again tells Steve to go to hell. More yelling ensues, and finally she starts throwing anything she can get her hands on, including a flower pot that catches Gelistico right in the face and takes him down. Rowan starts to use Gary Jay as a battering ram to force the door open, until Abernathy finally realizes he gave Blackman the wrong address. Blackman spin kicks Pierre in the back of the head for his troubles, and tells the black woman “This isn’t over, you fat bitch!” before collecting his band of misfits and leaving.

    6. Michael Elgin Vs. Justin Gabriel (7 mins)

    -Competitive match, as Elgin’s raw power dominates stretches of the match, but can’t keep Gabriel down for long before his agility gets him back into the match.
    -Gabriel has Elgin set up for a 450, but Elgin rolls out of the way. Elgin follows up with two buckle bombs to finally keep Gabriel down. Despite the win, Elgin still doesn’t look satisfied, and leaves the ring to look for Bad News Barrett once again.

    7. Chuck Taylor promo (4 mins)

    Taylor: Eddie Kingston, I never thought it would be possible for you to be even dumber than you look, but you went and proved me wrong. See, you’re going to make the biggest mistake of your career when you tangle with the Kentucky Gentleman at Ascendancy. And the fact that you wanted that match really shows how idiotic you are. You see, there are some of us who are just born to be stars. We are destined for greatness. That would be people like me, of course. And then there are people who are destined to be pathetic, knuckle dragging failures at anything they touch. If you hadn’t guessed by now, Eddie Kingston falls into that category. It’s my destiny to become the Lucky 7 Champion, and bring my greatness to that title. To give it prestige and glamour. Those are all words you’d probably have to google. Actually, someone would probably have to explain Google to you first

    ...anyways, tonight Takeshi Morishima, my job is to make you look good. And look good you will with me by your side. Chris Hero, Claudi...Cesaro, whatever they’re calling you these days, we all have some history together. I know how you two operate, know how you think. And I’ll pass along that knowledge to Morishima...well, once I pass it along to William Regal, and he translates it...when the hell did William Regal learn Japanese anyways...Where was I? Oh right, Kings of Wrestling, tonight you find out who the real star of WRE is!

    8. Shiima Xion Vs. Willie Mack (10 mins)

    -Hmmm, we seem to like the big power guy Vs. flippy guy formula here tonight, don’t we?
    -Shiima cheats like crazy, but Willie keeps fighting back.
    -Back and fourth affair, but Shiima eventually catches Willie with his hairspray and hits From Lust to Dust to pick up the win.

    9. Bad News Barrett promo (5 mins)

    -Barrett skips the raised podium and starts right into insulting the fans before moving on to Michael Elgin.
    -Barrett says his match last week should have been postponed, as Elgin’s attack gave Morishima an unfair advantage. Barrett also wants an apology from the head of WRE security for not better keeping Elgin from re entering the building.
    -Instead of an apology, Barrett gets Elgin, who says he’s sick of hearing Barrett cry and bitch. He wants to do something about it, he can meet Elgin at Ascendancy and get the beating Elgin didn’t get to finish last week.
    -”Well then, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you: I accept! And it’s going to get even worse when I humiliate you on pay per view!”

    10. Tag Team Tournament hype video (3 mins)

    -Video package highlighting the remaining four teams who will compete for the WRE Tag Team Championships at Ascendancy. Includes short promos from the Osirian Portal, The Irish Airborne, The Bravado Brothers and The Ascension.

    11. Super Dragon Vs. Alexander Rusev W/ Lana (6 mins)

    -The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Especially Grant, who just loves Rusev!
    -The two monsters continue with their seemingly endless staredown. Just when it looks like this will finally come to blows, AERO again emerges, and this time he’s got a lead pipe in hand, and he is swinging it wildly!
    -Rusev tries to kick his head off, but AERO ducks and actually clocks Rusev with the pipe! Lana is furious and demands Rusev be given the win.
    -AERO turns his attention back to Super Dragon, who does not miss with a kick that takes AERO’s head off. With the prospect of killing Rusev ruined for now, Super Dragon grows bored and leaves. Lana swears at him in every Baltic language she can think of, to no avail.

    12. Ascendancy hype! (4 mins)

    -It’s the hypest! It’s so hype, it killed Mojo Rawley due to a hype overload!
    -Or maybe it’s just Ross and DW going over the matches for the first ever WRE pay per view event. Yeah, probably that.
    -Tonight we saw Michael Elgin Vs. Bad News Barrett added to the card, as well as the Tag team tourney semi finals and final, the Lucky 7 Title final, and two matches just announced by the Iron Sheik. It will be Bo Dallas taking on Uhaa Nation, and Super Dragon Vs. Alexander Rusev Vs. AERO in a No Holds Barred match!
    -Ross and West turn their attention to the WRE Championship match, and note that they are still without a 4th participant due to Brock Lesnar’s holdout delaying one of the intended qualifying matches. Iron Sheik has promised a resolution to the situation by the end of tonight’s show, which is running down, because up next is our main event!

    13. The Kings of Wrestling (Cesaro and Chris Hero) Vs. Takeshi Morishima W/ William Regal and Chuck Taylor (18 mins)

    -Crowd is pumped for this reunion. Morishima seems less than impressed and likely just wants to hurt someone.
    -Taylor tries to avoid Cesaro as much as possible, which suits Shima just fine as he and Cesaro trade feats of strength in throwing one another around the ring.
    -Once Hero and Shima start to lock up, the air of respect that Shima and Cesaro shared goes out the window, and things get nasty real quick.
    -Eventually, all 4 men are in the ring brawling. Cesaro has Taylor set up for the Neutralizer, but Hero inadvertently shoves Morishima into Cesaro, breaking up the move.
    -Hero charges in for an elbow smash, but Morishima ducks, and Hero drills Cesaro. Morishima takes Hero down, while Taylor makes the cover and picks up the cheap win.

    14. Post Match Shennanigans (3 mins)

    Cesaro comes to, and he’s furious with Hero, who tries to explain that it was an accident. Cesaro isn’t so sure, and it looks like the two friends might come to blows, until JBL’s music hits, and the big Texan looks a lot happier than he did at the beginning of the show.

    JBL: Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you the newest member of the WRE roster, and the 4th participant in this Sunday’s WRE Championship match...THE BEAST INCARNATE, BRRRRRRRROCK LESNAR!

    The music that signals the arrival of pain hits, and for the first time, the live WRE audience catches a glimpse of Brock Lesnar in the flesh.

    Ross: That’s what this was all about! JBL didn’t want Lesar to earn his spot in the title match like everyone else, he wanted it handed to him! A free pass right to the main event!

    West: Well, like it or not, he’s got it. And now those men in the ring have to deal with a fresh Brock Lesnar at Ascendancy. JBL played WRE management to perfection.

    Hero, Cesaro and Morishima all stand in the ring, looking up to the top of the ramp at the man they’ll all have to get through to claim the WRE Championship as WRE TV goes off the air.

    Final Card for WRE Ascendancy (Card Subject to Change)

    WRE Championship Elimination Match
    Cesaro Vs. Chris Hero Vs. Takeshi Morishima W/ William Regal Vs. Brock Lesnar W/ JBL

    WRE Lucky 7 Championship
    Chuck Taylor Vs. Eddie Kingston

    WRE Tag Team Championship Tournament Final
    TBD Vs. TBD

    Grudge Match
    Michael Elgin Vs. Bad News Barrett

    Bo Dallas Vs. Uhaa Nation

    No Holds Barred
    Super Dragon Vs. Alexander Rusev W/ Lana Vs. AERO

    WRE Tag Team Tournament Semi Final
    The Ascension Vs. The Osirian Portal

    WRE Tag Team Tournament Semi Final
    The Irish Airborne Vs. The Bravado Brothers


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by SBR on Sat May 31, 2014 1:28 am

    OK real quick, How long does my TV show have to be timed out til and how long do i have for Dark matches?


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Grant on Sat May 31, 2014 1:30 am

    90 minutes for your show, 30 minutes for dark matches I believe.


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by SBR on Sat May 31, 2014 1:35 am

    Ok, I shall write a TV show!


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by SBR on Sat May 31, 2014 12:56 pm

    EPW Week 4

    Dark Match: Mascara Dorada & El Torito def. Shockwave the Robot & Elijah Burke (10 min)

    Segment 1: Triple H announces Beat the Clock challenge for The Rock. (10 min)
    -The Rock will face Kane in the main event and if he can't win in less than 15 minutes he will not get a shot at the EPW Title.

    Segment 2: Colin Cassady squashes Matt Hardy (5 minutes)

    Segment 3: Tag Team Tournament- WGTT def Cryme Tyme (10 min)

    Segment 4: The Rock promo in the ring (10 min)
    -Makes fun of Triple H and Kane
    -Says he's going to the PPV and will whoop Triple H's candy ass

    Segment 5: Tag Team Tournament- Los Matadores def. Truth & Woods (15 min)

    Segment 6: WGTT attack Los Matadores after their match (3 min)

    Segment 7: Chris Sabin sneak attack's Ortiz & Rampage with a chair (3 min)

    Segment 8: The Shield def. Colin Delaney, Delirious & Arichibald Peck (9 min)

    Segment 9: Triple H announces Sabin vs Ortiz & Rampage in Handicap Match at PPV (3 min)

    Segment 10: The Rock def Kane (14 min)

    Segment 11: Triple H & Kane leave The Rock beaten and bloody (8 min)
    -The really go to town on the Rock

    Post Dark Match: Seth Rollins def Christian (10 min)

    EPPV 1

    EPW Title:
    Triple H (c) vs The Rock

    EPW Tag Team Title:
    WGTT vs Los Matadores

    Handicap Match:
    Tito Ortiz & Rampage Jackson vs Chris Sabin

    The Shield vs Cryme Tyme & Elijah Burke

    Colin Cassady vs Mascara Dorada

    Kane vs Shockwave the Robot

    El Torito vs Damien Sandow


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Swarles on Sat May 31, 2014 7:24 pm


    Dark Match/Pre show match: Homicide over Jay Lethal – 10 mins

    Segment 1: Announcers Joey Styles and Steve Corino welcome us to the show and run down the card – 3 mins

    Segment 2: Bryan/Okada video package – 2 mins

    Match 1: BWF Title Qualifier: Daniel Bryan vs. Kazuchika Okada w/ Layla
    -Layla tries to interfere again like she did in the tag match, but this time Bryan sees it coming and it back fires.
    -Bryan wins with the yes lock – 15 mins

    Segment 3: Cena/Tanahashi video package – 2 mins

    Match 2: BWF Title Qualifier: John Cena vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    -Jimmy Rave and Nana from the embassy run out. Nana distracts the ref and Jimmy blasts Tanahashi with a chair.
    -Cena is left with no choice but to pin Tanahashi – 15 mins

    Segment 4: Renee Interviews Matt Sydal
    -Matt says tonight he is going to expose the truth about BxB Hulk and show the world that he's nothing but a sub-par high flyer with a dumb Japanese hair cut. Then after tonight, whether Sami Zayn is the king of flight or not, he's going after that Japanese loving, America back stabbing jerk. Renee then informs Matt that Sami is also Canadian, Matt leaves in a huff – 3 mins

    Match 3: Matt Sydal vs. BxB Hulk
    -Sydal wins clean with the SSP – 14 mins

    Match 4: BONUS MATCH: Inner City Machine Guns(Ricochet and Swan) vs. Magnett (Mike Bennett and Magnus) w/ Maria
    -Maria distracts Rich Swann with her beauty, causing him to get rolled up by Bennett for a cheap win - 10 mins

    Segment 5: Embassy Interview
    -Renee wants to know why the Embassy attacked Tanahashi. Nana says he should have accepted the embassy's offer. But enough about that FOOL Tanahashi. Tonight his boys KENTA and Marufuji are winning the gold, and bringing power to the embassy! - 3 mins

    Match 5: Elimination Match for the BWF Tag Titles: Cody Rhodes and Goldust w/ Dusty vs. KES(Smith and Archer) vs. The Japanese Embassy(KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji) w/ Nana and Rave
    -KES is eliminated when Cody hits Archer with the disaster kick – 10 mins
    -Nana and Rave attack Dusty on the floor, distracting the Rhodes Boys. This gives KENTA an opening to hit the GTS on cody and steal the victory. The Embassy win the titles – 18 mins

    Segment 6: Video Package for Zayn/Sombra – 3 mins

    Match 6: King of Flight Title: Sami Zayn vs. La Sombra
    -Sami wins clean with the BRAIN BUSTAHHHHH – 20 mins

    Segment 7: Video Package for ADR/Nakamura – 2 mins

    Match 7: Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
    -Nakamura wins clean with the Boma Ye – 19 mins

    Segment 8: Renee interviews Cena
    -Cena is unhappy with how his 1st match ended, but there was nothing he could do. Even though the 1st victory was tainted, beating Tanahashi and Bryan in 1 night will prove he deserves to be the best in the world. He says he needs to win this match not just to prove to the people he's really the best, but to prove it to himself – 3 mins

    Match 8: BWF Title: Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena
    -Bryan wins clean with the Busaiku Knee – 30 mins

    Segment 9: Post Match
    -Bryan celebrates his victory, then offers his hand to Cena as a sign of respect. Cena declines the hand shake and walks off – 3 mins.


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by GolfClubNinja on Sat May 31, 2014 8:19 pm

    CENA HEEL TURN  affraid 

    *autistic screeching*

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Grant on Sat May 31, 2014 9:48 pm

    We get a panel of experts to discuss the Killers and Kings PPV. Our Experts are Hulk Hogan, Terry Funk, Mike Quackenbush and Cheerleader Melissa. (7 min)
    --They discuss their favorites for the tournament
    ---Hogan is on the Gargano and Cole train, but knows how unstoppable The Undertaker is and counts on him to take the gold.
    ---Funk is supporting Brodie Lee and Masada, though he's not counting Sami Callihan out after last week's showing.
    ---Quack has all his faith in Goldberg, he has no doubt that his partner will destroy all that stand in his path.
    ---Melissa firmly believes Jericho and Undertaker will be ther last men standing tonight.

    Match 1: Josh Alexander vs. The UnStable (5 min)
    --Alexander's fury is unleashed on Gerard and Stigma. Poor bastards stand no chance as Alexander decimates them both quickly. After a TKO on Stigma, Gerard eats a rolling elbow and a spinning Tombstone. And that's a wrap as Josh pins them both at the same time, certainly earning that "Walking Weapon" nickname.
    Winner: Josh Alexander

    Backstage with Rosa Mendes! She's with Adam Cole who is taking a break in his warm-up routine. (1 min)
    --Before he can say even one word, Seleziya Sparx approaches him and swiftly slips him a piece of paper. She quickly tells him to text her and scurries off, worry setting into her expression. Looking confused, Cole looks at the piece of paper and walks away, leaving Rosa without an interview.

    Match 2: Ethan Page w/Seleziya Sparx vs. Hallowicked w/Frightmare (9 min)
    --Good back and forth match between the two, with some fun comedy spots.
    --Shit gets serious and Wicked hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow and goes for the Graveyard Smash but Page manages to slide over the ropes to the apron and hits the Headshot Cutter for a nearfall. Wicked comes back with the Yakuza Kick and Seleziya gets involved, causing enough distraction for Page to hit the Spinning Dwayne and get the victory.
    Winner: Ethan Page

    Aftermath: Frightmare checks on Wicked as Page exits the ring... only to hop back in and hit a Spinning Dwayne on Frightmare as well. He then celebrates by hopping around the ring a generally being obnoxious. What a prick. (2 min)

    Segment 1:
    Killers & Kings Semi-Final
    Johnny Gargano vs. Adrian Neville (17 min)

    --We kick off our PPV with an incredible match filled with absolutely amazing exchanges.
    --Johnny whips Neville to the ropes but he hits a rebound handspring backflip into a tornado DDT for the closest nearfall of all time. He pulls Gargano away from the ropes and heads up top for a Phoenix Splash but Gargano moves. However, Adrian lands on his feet, rolls with momentum and tries to catch lightning in a bottle with the crazy DDT he just hit but this time Gargano catches him and lawn darts him into the turnbuckle!
    --Johnny quickly hits the Hurts Donut and hooks both legs for a deep pin... one - two - th-NO! Neville gets a shoulder up and Johnny immediately locks in the GargaNo Escape! Neville damn near taps but powers his way to his feet only for Johnny to force him back to the mat and crank back leaving Neville no choice but to tapout.
    Winner: Johnny Gargano

    Segment 2:
    Aftermath: Gargano helps Neville to his feet and we see a great display of sportsmanship. The two shake hands and share a hug before Neville exits, leaving Gargano to celebrate his advancement to the finals. (1 min)

    Segment 3:
    Greg Burridge interviews Chris Jericho. (5 min)

    --Jericho says he's got this on lock. Runs down everyone on the roster and says he was the first round pick for a reason.

    Segment 4:
    Killers & Kings Semi-Final
    Brodie Lee vs. BJ Whitmer (8 min)

    --Major heavy hitting here, both men are tough as nails and determined to advance.
    --We see some stiff exchanges and brawling before Whitmer nails Brodie with an Exploder on the floor!
    --They're back in the ring, and Whitmer has gained a few near falls on Brodie, especially after a running knee to the head. Brodie goes for the Big Boot but Whitmer side steps it and hits a Saito suplex. He uses the opportunity to go for the lariat but Brodie catches him with a spinning lariat! He hooks the leg and somehow only gets a two count. Lee is pretty pissed off and can't believe it.
    --After the frustration passes, Brodie lines Whitmer up for the Big Boot when Tommy Mercer hits the ring and attacks Brodie, saving his stable mate but at the same time, causing a disqualification. The referee awards the match to Brodie Lee, allowing him to advance to the finals.
    Winner: Brodie Lee

    Segment 5:
    Aftermath: Brodie bails, pleased that he's going to the finals tonight. But the current story is in ring where Whitmer is berating Mercer. (10 min)

    --They get into a shoving match and things get heated, bringing out Jacobs, LuFisto and Havoc. They get between the two and Jacobs gets cooler heads to prevail... until they all jump Mercer and beat the holy hell out of him. They go to the outside where LuFisto and Havoc pull the mats back on the floor as Whitmer positions Mercer and Jacobs comes off the apron hitting a spike piledriver on the exposed concrete! Medics quickly come down to attend to Mercer as The Forgotten exits to the back.

    Segment 6:
    Akira Tozawa is in the locker room when Milano Collection AT, Yuji Nagata, Yamato & Naruki Doi approach him. (2 min)

    --Milano asks how Tozawa is doing. Offers him a jacket that says Collection Agency on it.
    --He promises Tozawa the world under his guidance. Tells him that he could be the number one star after he wins the Undisputed Championship for the Collection Agency. Tozawa ponders the offer for a moment and stands up to give Milano a loud, clear "No."
    --Tozawa exits the locker room as the Milano looks VERY agitated at his response.

    Segment 7:
    Killers & Kings Semi-Final
    Goldberg vs. The Undertaker (9 min)

    --There's something to be said about the aura surrounding this match, and the visual alone sparks the nostalgic dream match thought in many 90's fans' minds.
    --The two are nearly evenly matched, though Goldberg has a slight power advantage. He nearly puts Taker away with a powerslam, but Taker kicks out.
    --The two share an exchange of no selling before Taker catches Goldberg going for the spear with a big boot, nails a Chokeslam and calls for the end. He picks Goldberg up and drills him with the Tombstone for the 1-2-3!
    Winner: The Undertaker

    Segment 8:
    We go to the announce booth with DDP and Hulk Hogan, who are just all hyped up about tonight. (4 min)

    --They talk about the MFW Undisputed Title, and hype the next match between Tozawa and Jericho, Hogan puts Tozawa over.

    Segment 9:
    Killers & Kings Semi-Final
    Chris Jericho vs. Akira Tozawa (14 min)

    --Awesome match, with Tozawa really stepping his game up to compete with the living legend, Chris Jericho.
    --Jericho's experience plays a huge factor, though Tozawa never says die and keeps rebounding from punishment.
    --Jericho hits the Double Arm Backbreaker but Tozawa kicks out, Y2J is none too pleased and goes for an Enziguri but Tozawa ducks it and hits a Deadlift German Suplex for a nearfall!
    --Tozawa hits a second deadlift German but this time Jericho is in the ropes. Tozawa gets frustrated and allows his anger to get the best of him. He pulls Jericho to the center of the ring and goes up top. He waits patiently for Jericho to rise and makes and huge leap only to get caught in the Code Breaker! Jericho hooks the leg and gets the victory to advance to the finals!
    Winner: Chris Jericho

    Segment 10:
    Aftermath: Jericho celebrates and cuts a promo about how great he is. Nagata and Milano Collection AT come out, Milano has Nagata put the boots to Tozawa. (4 min)

    --Jericho says he's one step away from becoming an Undisputed Champion yet again, and all the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, troglodyte idiots in attendance will have to deal with it.
    --As Nagata kicks the beaten Tozawa, Milano explains that you don't say no to the Collection Agency without there being a negative reaction.

    Segment 11:
    We go to Rosa Mendes with Shawn Michaels. (3 min)

    --HBK doesn't want any bullshit finishes in tonight's main event, so it will now be NO DQ. There MUST be a winner. Huzzah!

    Segment 12:
    Killers & Kings Semi-Final
    Masada vs. Sheamus (10 min)

    --These two just beat the hell out of each other and brawl all over creation.
    --They trade some signature moves and near falls, and Sheamus even hits the Brogue Kick, but Masada is a tough bastard and kicks out.
    --Sheamus goes for White Noise but Masada blocks it and nails a Regal Plex for a two count.
    --Suddenly the Forgotten come out and make their presence known. They almost get to the ring when Crazy Mary Dobson pulls LuFisto back and seemingly convinces her to come with her. This doesn't stop Jacobs, Whitmer and Havoc though.
    --They get in the ring... and Sheamus helps Masada clear Whitmer and Jacobs out! But as the referee tries to get Whitmer and Jacobs out of there, Havoc blasts Masada with brass knucks and scurries out of the ring. With everyone cleared out, Sheamus turns around and blats Masada with the Brogue Kick to advance to the finals!
    Winner: Sheamus

    Segment 13:
    We see a hype video that puts emphasis on a Women's Championship! The video features Cheerleader Melissa, LuFisto, Crazy Mary Dobson, Mia Yim and Daffney! Huzzah! (2 min)

    Segment 14:
    Killers & Kings Semi-Final
    Adam Cole vs. Sami Callihan (13 min)

    --This one runs off pure adrenaline the whole time.
    --Very fast paced, very stiff, major nearfall frenzy.
    --Callihan hits the Headlock Driver and... Cole kicks out! Sami can't believe it and hits the ropes for a lariat, Cole ducks it, Superkick! Another Superkick! Brainbuster! He pulls Callihan back up and goes for the Panama Sunrise but Sami backdrops him and rebounds with a lariat!
    --Both men are down, beaten and exhausted. They both get up around the 8 count, Sami lands a haymaker and goes for a suplex however Cole breaks free and reverses it into a small package for the 1-2-3! Adam Cole has advanced to the finals!
    Winner: Adam Cole

    Segment 15:
    More announce table time, Hogan and DDP are fucking stoked for all the things. (3 min)

    --They talk about the main event, all the various happenings and attacks.
    --Then they talk about how the next match came to be. They talk about the sudden rise of the Collection Agency and that CIMA and ACH are their first challengers.

    Segment 16:
    Tag Team Match
    ACH & CIMA vs. Yamato & Naruki Doi w/Milano Collection AT (12 min)

    --Crazy, flippy, hyper competitive match. ACH and CIMA pull off some phenomenal double team moves to the surprise of the Collection Agency.
    --Yamato and Doi isolate ACH and beat him down until he manages to break from the attack and gets the hot tag. CIMA decimates Yamato and Doi until Yuji Nagata comes out to the ring and kicks him right in the gut. The referee calls for the bell and awards the bout to ACH & CIMA.
    Winners: ACH & CIMA via DQ

    Segment 17:
    Aftermath: The Collection Agency beats ACH & CIMA down until Akira Tozawa hits the ring and cleans house, sending them running off as the crowd chants Tozawa's name, much his surprise. He checks on ACH & CIMA and the three stand tall in the ring. (2 min)

    Segment 18:
    Main Event Hype Video Package: Luckily our Production Team is pretty good, so we get a sweet video package. (3 min)

    --Obviously the video features Jericho, Taker, Sheamus, Gargano, Cole and Brodie set to Machine Head's "Killers and Kings".

    Segment 19:
    MFW Undisputed Championship
    Killers & Kings Final - 6 Way Elimination - No Disqualification
    Johnny Gargano vs. Brodie Lee vs. Undertaker vs. Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole (37 min)

    --The tension is through the roof as all six men stare each other down during the introductions.
    --Right from the get go, The Undertaker becomes the target. Everyone in the match knows in order to stand a chance, they have to eliminate the Deadman. He does a damn good job at fighting them off for a bit, but eventually it becomes overwhelming. It breaks down and Taker manages to get his hands on Jericho and Chokeslams him through the announce table!
    --He gets back to the ring and goes after damn near everyone, he goes to Chokeslam Cole, but Gargano hits a Superkick, then Cole hits a Superkick, Brodie blasts Taker with the Big Boot, and Sheamus drops him with the Brogue Kick! Annnnd Taker sits up only for Cole to knee him right in the fucking head. He hooks the leg... and Adam Cole has eliminated the Undertaker! Holy Shit! Undertaker is eliminated!
    --And shortly thereafter, Brodie Lee falls victim to similar treatment as the Undertaker but dodges the Brogue Kick, causing Sheamus to jam his leg against the turnbuckle. Brodie wastes no time and blasts Sheamus with a vicious spinning lariat! Sheamus manages to kick out but hobbles right into Gargano's Slingshot DDT! Cole applies a Trailer Hitch to Sheamus and the big man screams in pain but will not top. However Gargano seizes the opportunity and hooks in the GargaNo Escape to Sheamus as well! With two relentless submissions applied, Sheamus actually taps out to the inhuman duo of holds. Sheamus is eliminated!
    --Brodie hits a Liger Bomb on Gargano, but Johnny kicks out. He lines Johnny up for the Big Boot, Johnny ducks it and Cole comes off the top with a crossbody on Brodie. Double Superkick, Cole German Suplexes Brodie, Lee shows fighting spirit and gets to his feet to kill Cole with the Big Boot and catches Gargano in the Truck Stop! One-two-th-NO! Johnny kicks out again and rolls to the apron. Brodie hits the ropes and aims to send Johnny into the 5th row but Johnny hits the Slingshot Spear! One-two-three! Brodie Lee is eliminated!
    --We see a shot of Jericho on the floor, recovered from the table spot and watching devilishly, waiting for an opportunity.
    --As Gargano gets his bearings, Cole rushes to him and hits the Panama Sunrise! Gargano is fucking toast and Cole hops to his feet with excitement and turns around to eat a Headshot Cutter by... Ethan Page?! All Ego tells the referee to fuck off and pulls the exhausted Cole to his feet and plants him with the Spinning Dwanye before leaving the ring to a chorus of boos. Jericho quickly slides in and hooks the legs of Cole, 1-2-3! Adam Cole is eliminated!
    --And Chris Jericho is an ass bag.
    --We're down to our final two competitors. Either Johnny Gargano or Chris Jericho will be walking away with the gold tonight.
    --Gargano, however, is dead in the water after the Flipping Piledriver and Jericho pulls him to the center of the ring and lazily pins him... one... two... thre-NO! Johnny barely gets a shoulder up and Jericho cannot believe it.
    --What occurs next is an absolutely crazy yet beautiful exchange in near falls, technical wrestling and signature moves. Jericho hits the Codebreaker, Gargano kicks out. Gargano hits the Hurts Donut, Jericho kicks out.
    --Jericho gets desperate and goes for the Lionsault but Gargano dropkicks him in the face on the flip and applies the GargaNo Escape! Jericho, by the grace of god, gets to the ropes. He then hits a low blow out of nowhere and rolls Gargano up for the vict-NO! Gargano kicks out again! Jericho is losing his fucking mind and goes for the Walls of Jericho but Gargano catches him in a pin for a insanely close near fall.
    --Jericho rushes Johnny and gets kicked in the head! Superkick to the back of the head! Gargano lawn darts Jericho into the turnbuckle and goes crazy as the crowd is fully behind him. He calls for the Hurts Donut and waits for Jericho to rise... and from the crowd a man in full black clothing with a mask hits the ring and clocks Gargano in the back of the head with a riot baton! The masked man bails as Jericho hits Gargano with the Codebreaker for the one... two... three!
    Winner and the FIRST Undisputed Champion: Chris Jericho!

    Segment 20:
    Aftermath: Chris Jericho celebrates his title victory, confetti and balloons everywhere. (7 min)

    --Hogan and DDP can't believe Gargano got screwed over, but mention that Jericho did exactly what he said he would. Even if it was by hook or by crook.
    --Good night folks! See you on Meltdown!


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by SBR on Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:32 pm

    I'm going real barebones with this just because I'm trying to get everything together before I start doing things the way I want. Also I wished to see my TV scores before writing this but WHATEVER NIKK.

    EPPV 1

    Preshow: Christian def Colin Delaney (10 min)

    Segment 1: EPW Tag Team Titles: WGTT def. Los Matadores (20 min)

    Segment 2: Interview with WGTT putting over their win and the titles (3 min)

    Segment 3: Interview with Triple H (5 min)

    Segment 4: El Torito def Damien Sandow (9 min)

    Segment 5: Damien Sandow freaks out (2 min)

    Segment 6: Interview with The Rock (5 min)

    Segment 7: Kane def. Shockwave the Robot (7 min)

    Segment 8: Interview with Chris Sabin (4 min)
    -He's gonna shock the world tonight

    Segment 9: Chris Sabin def. Rampage Jackson & Tito Ortiz (15 min)
    -Surprise roll up finish

    Segment 10: Colin Cassady def. Mascara Dorada (10 min)

    Segment 11: Interview with the Shield (5 min)

    Segment 12: The Shield def Cryme Tyme & Elijah Burke (25 min)

    Segment 13: Kane, Tito Ortiz & Rampage Jackson attack The Shield after the match (5 min)
    -Leaves em LAYIN'

    Segment 14: EPW Title: The Rock def Triple H (30 min)
    -Rock new champ

    Segment 15: The Authority attacks The Rock (10 min)
    -Kane, Ortiz, Rampage and Steph all get their shots in on the Rock.

    If the show is short on time just add some ballyhoo or something.


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by TeeBeeKay on Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:56 pm

    Pre Show: reDRagon v Super Smash Brothers
    -reDRagon wins in 7:00(9:00)

    PWE Golden Opportunity
    - Intro Video -2:00

    A Video featuring Punk, MVP, Daniels, and Kendrick is shown

    -Dean arrives flanked by security- 2:00
    Dean Ambrose is showed arriving backstage flanked by 6 security guards as they escort him to his locker room

    Match 1: Semi-Final in the PWE World Title Tournament CM Punk v Christopher Daniels
    -Back and forth match that sees CM Punk hit the GTS to pick up the win and advance in the tournament
    CM Punk wins in 12:00(14:00)

    -Angle Promo- 5:00
    Christy asks Kurt why Dean has security, Angle explains he plans to keep a close eye on Dean to make sure he doesn't jump anymore guys before matches, especially with the importance of tonight

    Match 2: Semi-Final in the PWE World Title Tournament MVP v Brian Kendrick
    MVP puts on an impressive performance and picks up the win with his finisher
    MVP wins in 9:00(11:00)

    Match 3: Special Bonus Match Kazarian v Jushin Liger
    Liger picks up the win after a Liger Bomb
    Liger wins in 9:00(11:00)

    Match 4: Grudge Match Dean Ambrose v John Morrison
    -Hard fought back and forth battle
    -More of a fight than a wrestling match
    -Both guys hit big moves, but Ambrose hits him with a Low Blow and finishes him off with the Midnight Special to get the win
    Dean Ambrose wins in 14:00(16:00)

    Match 5: Elite Eight Match Prince Devitt(6pts) v Doug Williams(6 pts)
    -The two points leaders square off and have a long hard fought wrestling match
    -Devitt picks up the win with the Bloody Sunday
    Prince Devitt(9 pts) wins in 15:00(17:00)

    -Punk/Ambrose- 4:00
    CM Punk is warming up when a shadowy figure creeps up behind him, the figure is right behind him about to strike but instead he just spins Punk around and they stare each other down as the figure reveals himself as Dean Ambrose

    Punk- "What do you want? Aren't you supposed to be grounded or did your daddy let you come out to play?"

    Dean- "You should know a handful of rental cops can't stop men like us Punk. I know deep down you're just as evil as I am, so I just wanted to show up and wish you luck tonight…and also show you how close you came to ending up in the hospital just like Nigel and Kurt did, but I'm gonna spare you Punk because I know what scoundrels like us have to do to get title matches, and I wouldn't want to take that away from you, especially since if you when I know you'd give a rogue like me a shot, right?"

    Punk- "Dean, I don't have time for this, I have a world title match to get ready for, but you wouldn't know what that's like, would you?"

    Match 6:Elite Eight Match Kota Ibushi(3pts) v Alex Shelley(3pts)
    -Long match that started with a lot of mat work
    -The pace picked and Ibushi really shined with his ariel work
    -Both guys hit some big stuff getting near falls
    -Shelley locked in the Border City Stretch but the bell rang before Ibushi tapped out and they have gone the distance 20 minute draw
    - Shelley(4pts) and Ibushi(4pts) go to a 20:00 Draw (22:00)

    -MVP Promo- 5:00
    MVP talks about being the biggest star in this company and it's finally time for him to shine, said he's not going to let Punk beat him to tonight because he is the Most Valuable Wrestler and after the match you'll have to call him the Most Valuable Champion

    Match 7: Samoa Joe v Giant Bernard(w/Devitt, Anderson, Gallows, Tonga and Fale)
    -These two big men laid into each other with heavy offense early and Joe looked like a man on a mission
    -The BC got involved early and Joe took them out with tope leaving it one on one
    -Joe was in control and dominating the match when Anderson got back to his feet and distracted the ref
    -Devitt came around the other side and through powder in Joe's face, Gallows hit him with a big Lariat
    -This allowed Bernard to hit the Gomennasai for the win
    Giant Bernard wins in 10:00(12:00)

    -A Furious Joe gets up and murders Tonga and Fale and chases Devitt and Bernard to the back, the Briscoes make their entrance

    Match 8: PWE World Tag Team Championship The Briscoes v The Bullet Club
    -The Briscoes are a house of fire early on and we start hot with all four men going at it, but the Briscoes clear the ring
    -The Briscoes work over Anderson for a while before he makes the tag
    -Gallows and Anderson isolate Jay, but he makes the hot tag and it's all Briscoes at this point
    -Eventually Mark goes for a dive outside but Gallows catches him and runs him back first into the post
    -This allows Anderson and Gallows to double team Jay and they hit the Magic Killer on him for the win
    The Bullet Club win the PWE World Tag Team Championships in13:00(15:00)

    -BC Promo - 3:00
    -Devitt returns to celebrate with them in the ring

    Devitt- "Do you believe now? Did you see what we accomplished tonight? The Bullet Club is here, The Bullet Club is too sweet, The Bullet Club is 4 life, and the Bullet Club is REAL!"

    -Punk/MVP Hype Video- 3:00
    A video airs hyping the main event

    Match 9: PWE World Title Tournament Final: CM Punk v MVP
    -A feeling out process early
    -Punk controls the early pace
    -MVP cuts him off and works over Punk's neck
    -Punk makes a comeback, they exchange near falls
    -Punk hits the GTS to pick up the win and the title
    CM Punk wins the PWE World Title in19:00(21:00)

    -Punk Celebrates - 3:00
    Confetti falls from the ceiling as CM Punk reigns supreme over PWE


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Stroke on Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:41 pm

    Bellinger Championship Wrestling presents 'Dawning'
    Announcers: Jim Cornette and Matt Striker

    Kickoff Show
    S1: Match: Tommaso Ciampa vs Matt Taven. Even match. Taven wins clean. (10:00)

    S2: Interview: Jeremy Borash with James Storm. Storm talks about his tournament match with Kevin Steen. He says it won't be pretty and look like many bar fights he's been in, but he's going to go win the tournament and become the BCW World Champion (2:00)

    S3: Match: Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky vs Katelyn. Love wins via Velvet interference (6:00)

    S4: Interview: Jeremy Borash with Bully Ray. Bully talks about how he got into the wrestling business for nights like tonight. Tonight the runaway Bully Ray locomotive runs through everyone else on the track. It doesn't matter who. It starts with Davey Richards and part of him hopes in the semifinal round it is Kevin Steen. (2:00)

    Pay Per View
    S1: Introduction Video hyping the BCW World Title tournament and the competitors. Followed by Jim Cornette and Matt Striker hyping the night. (3:00)

    S2: BCW Title Tournament Match: Eddie Edwards vs Dolph Ziggler. Fast paced and action packed. Ziggler wins clean with a Zig Zag. (20:00, 15:00)

    S3: BCW Title Tournament Match: Colt Cabana vs Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter. Swagger works on Cabana's leg. Cabana is able to rally, but in the end Swagger gets the win via tapout to the Patriot Lock. Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger is one of your two semifinal matches. (15:00, 11:00)

    S4: Interview: Jeremy Borash with Kevin Steen: Kevin Steen says the Mount Rushmore takeover of BCW starts tonight when Steen wins the World Title and when the Young Bucks win the tag tournament preview matchup. It doesn't matter who Steen faces, tonight Pro Wrestling's Worst Nightmare becomes BCW's worst nightmare as its BCW World Champion. (2:00)

    S5: BCW World Title Tournament Match: Kevin Steen vs James Storm. A straight up brawl. Spend plenty of time outside the ring, getting a few near countouts. In the end, Steen gets the win with the F-Cinq. Steen advances. (15:00, 11:00)

    S6: BCW World Title Tournament Match: Davey Richards vs Bully Ray. Styles clash of a match. Young Bucks run in after a referee bump. They level Davey, then Ray with Superkicks ahoy. Ref comes to and is about to count both down when Richards stirs enough to drape the arm over Ray to get the pinfall. Richards advances. Davey/Steen is your second semifinal. (15:00, 10:00)

    S7: Interview: Jeremy Borash with The Young Bucks. Borash asks the Young Bucks about interfering in the last match. They say they just wanted to give a preview of fans can expect later on. As they talk, Bully Ray enters the screen and brawls with the YB's before they are separated by security. (3:00)

    S8: BCW World Title Tournament Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter. Ziggler gets the win after reversing the Patriot Lock into a roll-up. Postmatch Swagger snaps and beats down Ziggler, continuing to focus on his leg, leaving him in rough shape for the main event, which he advances to. (25:00, 19:00)

    S9: BCW World Title Tournament Match: Kevin Steen vs Davey Richards. Similar to some of their ROH matchups, good stuff. Steen goes over clean with a Package Piledriver. It'll be Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Steen for the BCW World Championship. (20:00, 15:00)

    S10: Interview: Jeremy Borash with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is being attended to by trainers as JB asks about his condition. Ziggler says he's fine and he's come too far and has too much on the line to not go out there and battle for the world title. (2:00)

    S11: 4-Corners One Fall Tag Team Match: The All Night Express vs The Young Bucks vs The Primetime Players vs Sleazy Money. Fast action with all four teams getting their stuff in. Titus O'Neil scores the win for the PTP with the Clash of the Titus on Joey Ryan. (20:00, 13:00)

    S12: BCW World Title Tournament Finals: Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Steen. Ric Flair comes out to get a close view of the main event with the BCW World Championship belt in hand. Steen tries to keep Ziggler grounded, working on the ankle that Swagger softened up in the last match. Ziggler keeps battling back. Ziggler and Steen each get nearfalls after hitting Zig Zag and F-Cinq, respectively, followed with delayed pin attempts. End comes when Steen holds ropes on Zig Zag attempt, followed by a vicious clothesline and a Package Piledriver and a three count to crown Kevin Steen as the first-ever Bellinger Championship Wrestling World Champion. Flair presents Steen with the gold and celebrates as a disappointed Ziggler looks on. Show ends with Steen celebrating, his newly won gold shining as the show ends. (40:00, 25:00)


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by GolfClubNinja on Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:01 pm

    THAW Construction Zone

    Opening! Pryo, 'Splosions, A GIANT WRECKING BALL ABOVE THE RING!

    Angle: Stone Cold Welcomes Audience to the first THAW PPV, In Your Apartment: Construction Zone!

    • Say's he can't wait for the great memories and exaggerated fishing stories to come for the show!

    5 mins

    THAW Tag Team Championship: The New Kliq(c) v.s. Rikishi and Vader

    • You can feel the intensity in the air as the match starts with all 4 men in the ring
    • as the match gains stability, it's rhino v.s. rikishi to start out. Both men go at each other, trying to gain an upper-hand.
    • Eventually rikishi and vader take control, tagging in and out, before rhino escapes and nash starts beating the crap out of vader!
    • After a bit, diesel/nash tags rhino in, irish whips him into the ropes into GORE! GORE! HE SPEARED HIM!
    • But as rhino goes for the pin, the blue meanie and abyss break the pin, and start beating up rhino and nash anlong with vader and rikishi.

    The New Kliq retains the belt by DQ, 10 mins.

    Angle:The Kliq is getting beat up, but then rescue arrives...

    • In the form of Stone Cold driving a bulldozer with Tomy Dreamer hitching a ride.
    • Both men get off and fend off the attackers from the new kliq. the scene ends with a stare-down.

    5 mins

    Angle: Backstage, Raven and Randy Orton run into eachother

    • As they bump into eachother, Raven just stares. Orton simply says "Stay away from the match."

    2 mins

    Air Raiderz Championship Match: Fire Ant(c) w/ Soldier Ant and Worker Ant v.s. Sin Cara

    • As the match starts, Soldier and Worker point and shout at sin cara, saying "Atacó la hormiga del trabajador", they seem very unhappy at Sin Cara!
    • The match continues for a bit,until sin cara does a hangman leg-drop. as he goes to the turnbuckle, the colony yells at sin cara a bit more, then fire ant goes up and GETS AN AIR RAID SIREN OFF FOR THE WIN!

    Fire Ant Retains Title by pinfall, 6 mins.

    Angle: Stone Cold and Tony Dreamer Talk backstage

    • They talk a bit. Dreamer say's that he is joining the new kliq, but about then khali walks by give a sneer to dreamer, and walks away.

    3 mins

    THAW Texas Championship Texas Ten Count Match: Sabu v.s. Ted Diabiase Jr.

    • The match starts with Diabiase grabbing a mic and saying "We all know sabu is not a full american, so i should obviously win i..."
    • Sabu gets a wicked clothesline off and beats the crap out of him for 5 mins, much to the crowds delight.
    • But then ted comes out of nowhere with a drop kick! Both are slow to get up, but diabiase lands the first punch, but then sabu lands a wicked DDT and gets the full ten count!

    Sabu is the new Texas Champion! 7 mins

    Shift to outside to overlook the arena of the cash money power match

    • The breifcase is set above, the backhoes are running, and the contestants are ready!

    THAW Cash,Money,Power Construction Zone match: CHEESEBURGER v.s Dasher Hatfeild v.s The Great Khali v.s. Tony Dreamer

    • Ass the match starts the focus is getting khali down and out, taking repeated slams into a backhoe to take him out for a bit.
    • Trying to take advantage, CHEESEBURGER gets on a backhoe and moves to the breif case ever so slightly, but then dasher gets a reversed rana which sends both men off the backhoe
    • seeing the opportunity, Dreamer moves to get up the backhoe, but then KHALI GRABS HIS LEG and pulls him down! both men get up slowly as dreamer lands a punch, and KHALI SENDS HIM INTO THE BACKHOE!
    • Khali then moves to get up the backhoe, and gets to the edge...  BUT DREAMER HITS HIM OFF WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER AND GETS THE BREIFCASE!

    Dreamer wins the breifcase, 15 mins.

    Angle: Randy satarts Hardcore title match by...

    • Attcking The Big Show as he gets on the ramp!

    THAW Hardcore Title Scaffold Match: The Big Show(c) v.s. Randy Orton

    • As both men fight down the ramp, the camera swerves to see the scaffolding with barrels, tool benches and hammers all over it.
    • and back to the action, randy sends the show into one of the supports,and throws him in the ring, with heyman nearby as always.
    • In the ring randy starts to take the big show down in a sinister, methodical pace
    • At one point randy brings the show up to the turnbuckle,ONLY FOR THE SHOW TO COUNTER AND GET A SUPERPLEX!
    • As the show see's an opportunity, he call for the W.M.D., ONLY FOR RAVEN TO HIT HIM WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER! THE SHOWS KEEPS HIS TITLE BY INTERFERENCE

    The Show retains the title by way of interference by raven, 10 mins

    Angle: In the locker room...

    • Stone cold comes in and says "TIME TO START BUILDING! The Scaffold Royale ETA 5 MINUTES!

    Soldier Ant
    Donshoku Dino
    Blue Meanie
    Sugar Dunkington

    • The Match starts with all the men taking places in the ring and the scaffolding!
    • As the bell rings,the people on the scaffold go directly to take down knux, as that he has proven he is to be reckoned with.
    • the first people to get to knux are the blue meanie and abyss, who seem to have something going on with rikishi and vader. They try to get a double leg sweep off after some punches but instead meanie gets his face elbowed off the scaffolding and abyss gets thrown into a barrel.Blue Meanie eliminated @ 1 min by knux
    • As the events at the top happen, in the ring, dino,sugar,sandman and soldier ant go at it. sugar seems to have taken a beating already, as sandman riles up soldier ant by yelling at him, dino is in the corner scratching his balls. Sandman and soldier ant go at it for a bit but then soldier whiplashes sandman and lets him fly over the ropesSandman eliminated @ 1 and 1/2 minutes by soldier ant
    • back up top, raven and ryback come into the frey against knux,as abyss is still getting up from the hit he took into the barrel. knux barley fends off both. knux takes a breather but then abyss tries to beat him to the edge, but knux just throws him off the scaffoldingAbyss is eliminated @ 3 mins by knux
    • Back in the ring, dino and soldier quickly rwmove sugar dunkington Sugar Dunkington eliminated @ 4 mins by dino and soldier ant
    • after removing sugar, both men fight for a bit more
    • Up top, ryback has a sledgehammer trying to take out knux, as RVD runs up behind knux, knux gets out of the way and RVD hits a crossbody on Ryback, WHICH SENDS BOTH INTO THE RING! Thankfully they didn't get out
    • In the ring, dino and soldier are amazed at what just happened, so both try to capitalize on the situation by getting ryback out, but when they have him going out on the top rope, ryback fights back and send both out of the ring Donshoku Dino and Soldier Ant eliminated @ 6 mins by ryback
    • Up top, knux is trying to finish of raven, as both go back and forth, until knux tries for a chokeslam AND RAVEN SOMEHOW COUNTERS WITH A RANA! KNUX IS OUT!!! The crowd chants "Thank you raven!"Knux is eliminated @ 8 mins by raven
    • in the ring, ryback and RVD are going at it, until raven throws barrels from the scaffolding,which makes ryback pissed as he goes up top, ignoring RVD, to take out the garbage.
    • when ryback gets up to raven, raven slowly back off until RVD hits him with a sledgehammer.. Both men promptly remove raven Raven is eliminated @ 10 mins by RVD and Ryback
    • both men, not knowing knux is out search around until ryback relizes this, and hits RVD with a barrel to win it!RVD is eliminated @ 13 mins by ryback

    Ryback wins @ 13 mins

    Angle: Ryback celebrates

    • But as ryback celebrates, Batista comes out saying he can't wait to beat him at the next PPV, Explaining that Henry is no match for him. But just as he says that, henry comes out and lands the first blow of the match

    THAW Championship Match: Batista v.s. Mark Henry

    • The match starts with henry in control, but then power shifts throughout.
    • Later in the match, henry call for W.S.T., but Batista reverses and gets off a batista bomb TO WIN DA TITLE!

    Batista is the new THAW Champion! 15 mins

    Angle: The Board comes out to give Batista the title

    • Mr. McMahon, Booker T., and a slightly annoyed Stone Cold come out and give batista the title. as the screen fades out, a text appears "see you in 1 month, at SHOWDOWN!"

    *autistic screeching*

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Xero on Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:06 pm


    S11)GFW World Heavyweight Title
    3 Stages of Hell (Hardcore, Steel Cage, Ladder Match)
    1) AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett
    Winner: Styles wins Hardcore, Jarrett wins Steel Cage, Styles wins Ladder
    Time: 30M

    S10)  Jeff Jarrett Interview
    GFW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett announces backstage that tonight's world title match will be a three stages of hell match.
    Time: 5

    S9)GFW Women's Title
    2) Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella
    Time: 5M

    S8)Buff Bagwell Run In
    --After the match, Buff Bagwell comes down to the ring and gives Ken Anderson a Canadian Destroyer.
    Time: 5M

    S7)GFW Television Title
    3) Scott Steiner vs Ken Anderson
    Winner: Ken Anderson
    Time: 45

    S6)GFW Tag Team Titles
    4) X-Pac & Hardcore Holly vs Fandango & Disco Inferno
    Winners: X-Pac & Hardcore Holly
    Time: 8M

    S5)Kittens on a Pole Match
    5) Teddy Hart vs Willow
    Winner:  Teddy Hart
    Time: 12M

    S4)6-Man Tag
    6)Team TNA (The Miz, The BroMans) vs Team EY (The Usos, and Bobby Roode)
    --The announcer mentions that as a result of the attack on Eric Young, Team EY will only consist of the Usos and Bobby Roode.  Team TNA comes out a man short as well.
    --The match breaks down and out comes Eric Young.  EY drops a leg on Bobby Roode, allowing The Miz to pick up the pinfall
    --After the match, Indignant Mike Tenay heads to the ring attempting to get answers from EY.  
    --EY cuts the following promo:

    Time: 18M

    S3: Eric Young layed out Backstage
    Backstage EY is layed out near the locker room
    Time: 1M

    If Big E wins, Lacey Von Erich can't press charges
    S2:  7)Bobby Lashley vs Big E
    Winner:  Big E via Interference from Lacy Von Erich.  After the match, Lacy gets on the mic and announces that she liked the big black ****.
    Time: 10M

    S1:  Random FLPZ Opener
    Cool Tyson Kidd vs Shingo Takagi vs Sanada vs Zack Ryder
    Winner: Tyson Kidd
    Time: 12M

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Vipes on Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:39 pm

    Pre-Show Match: Willie Mack d. Yoshi Tatsu via Chocolate Thunder Bomb (9 mins)

    Live From the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, NY!

    1. Big Impressive PPV open (5 mins)
    -A video plays showing the big events of the past month, particularly those leading into the WRE Championship match.
    -Just when you thought we were done with the pyro, HOLY FUCK, LOOK AT ALL THIS PYRO!
    -And it’s a rare treat, as The Iron Sheik himself makes an appearance to welcome the fans to WRE’s first ever pay per view extravaganza!
    -Good ‘Ol JR and DW give us a run down of the card, which will include a special triple threat match just added by the Iron Sheik, where the winner will receive the first shot at the new Lucky 7 Champion.

    2. WRE Tag Team Championship Tournament: Semi Finals
    The Ascension Vs. The Osirian Portal (10 mins)

    -The Portal try with everything they have to give The Ascension a proper fight.
    -But the vicious behemoths are too much for them. Amasis is pinned after the Fall of Man, and The Ascension move on to the final.

    3. WRE Tag Team Championship Tournament: Semi Finals (14 mins)
    The Irish Airborne Vs. The Bravado Brothers

    -The Bravado’s come out with plenty of...well, bravado. But it’s quickly stuffed by the pace of the Airborne’s offense.
    -Back and fourth match, eventually won by the Airborne after an Irish Air Raid on Lancelot. The Crists now get to rest up before trying to stop The Ascension.

    4. JBL and Lesnar promo (3 mins)
    -JBL and Brock are in the arena for a change! JBL says things couldn’t have worked any better for Brock. While everyone else killed themselves trying to prove they belonged in the title match, Brock gets to go in fresh and rested.
    -Brock Lesnar is the biggest attraction in this industry. He doesn’t need to “qualify” for anything. While the only thing Cesaro, Hero and Morishima have qualified for tonight is an absolute mauling at the hands of the Beast Incarnate.

    5. Winner is #1 Contender for Lucky 7 Championship
    AR Fox Vs. Justin Gabriel Vs. Facade (12 mins)

    -You didn’t think I’d leave AR Fox off a pay per view, did you?
    -FL PIZ!
    -Plenty of unnecessary high spots and flips, because people paid money for this show, dammit!
    -AR Fox eventually capitalizes on a Facade crash and burn and hits Lo Mein Pain to pick up the win.

    6. No Holds Barred
    Super Dragon Vs. Alexander Rusev W/ Lana Vs. AERO (13 mins)

    -Evidently AERO was confused as to the rules, as he is carrying a lifesize cardboard cutout of Tommy “Zeus” Lister to the ring with him.
    -The match is essentially Rusev and Dragon brawling and beating one another stupid with weapons, while AERO occasionally interjects himself until someone kills him.
    -Rusev has Dragon down, and is about to lock in The Accolade, when AERO springs to life and KICKS RUSEV RIGHT IN THE DICK!
    -For his trouble, Super Dragon murders AERO with a Barry White Driver. Dragon then takes the incapacitated Rusev into the corner, hefts him up onto the top rope, and plants him with a Psycho Driver to pick up the win.
    -Lana is irate and starts to stomp on the lifeless AERO with her heels, while Super Dragon leaves the ring, content with the damage he has caused.

    7. Kings of Wrestling promo (3 mins)
    -Cesaro and Hero know that tonight it’s every man for themselves, but as long as one of them leaves with the title tonight, then all is right with the world. Kings will reign supreme tonight, and one of them will wear the ultimate crown by the end of the night.

    8. Curtis Axel Open Challenge (10 mins)
    -Curtis Axel is upset that he was not booked tonight, so he is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back to see what true perfection is.
    -After a few moments, this video hits the screen...

    -Rose is accompanied to the ring by Cameron, Naomi, Bayley, and his usual entourage of freaks and misfits. Axel is not amused by any of this, to which Rose simply tells him to not be a lemon.
    -Axel sneak attacks Rose, which is a mistake, as this just pisses him off. Once Rose is back on the attack, Axel has little response, and Rose picks up the win in short order.
    -Now back to the fucking party! Don’t be a lemon! BE A ROSEBUD!

    9. Bo Dallas Vs. Uhaa Nation (13 mins)
    -Bo has little answer for Uhaa’s freakish power early on, so he resorts to large amounts of cheating.
    -Once he stops cheating, Bo acquits himself rather well, until Uhaa starts to maul him again, so its right back to the cheating.
    -The power of the Bolievers is not enough to stop the power of Uhaa Nation, who catches Bo with the Uhaa Combination to pick up the win and get his revenge.

    10. Grudge Match
    Michael Elgin Vs. Bad News Barrett W/Summer Rae (18 mins)

    -There is no feeling out process to this one, as Elgin charges right in and starts trading punches with Barrett
    -There is little finesse to this match, and lots of stiff blows and brawling. The times Barrett does put Elgin in a submission hold, he spends further insulting Elgin.
    -Near falls start popping up left and right, as Elgin kicks out of Wasteland, while Barrett gets a shoulder up after a big Sittout Powerbomb
    -Barrett clocks Elgin with the Bull Hammer, but Elgin gets a foot on the ropes and stays alive.
    -Elgin gathers all his strength and manages to Buckle Bomb Barrett. Elgin is about to go for the spinning powerbomb, when Summer Rae gets up on the apron to distract him. The distraction is enough, as Barrett nails another Bull Hammer and steals the win.

    11. Morishima and Regal promo (3 mins)
    -Regal says the WRE fans have only seen a small portion of what Morishima is capable of in the past two weeks. But they’ll see a whole lot more tonight.
    -Regal respects the brutality of Lesnar, and the cunning of JBL, but reminds them that very same combination exists with Shima and himself.
    -Regal then turns to the Kings of Wrestling, and wonders just how long the two can remain friends when so much is on the line. There will come a point when one is going to have the opportunity to take advantage of the other, and the WRE Championship itself could come down to who takes that opportunity.

    12. WRE Tag Team Championship Tournament: Final
    The Ascension Vs. The Irish Airborne (16 mins)

    -The Crists go right on the attack, trying to keep Konnor and Viktor from getting into a rhythm.
    -The plan works for a while, and the Airborne are by far the toughest challenge the Ascension have had yet.
    -The Ascension regain control and start to maul Jake in their half of the ring, getting several near falls.
    -Hot tag! Dave is cleaning house! Stereo superkicks to Viktor get a 2.9!
    -Just as momentum starts to turn, JBL walks out and starts yelling at the Crists. The distraction allows Konnor and Viktor to hit Fall of Man on Dave and pick up the win. The Ascension are the first ever WRE Tag Team Champions!
    -As they leave the ring, they are greeted by JBL, who raises their arms in the air with a big smile on his face. It would seem JBL is expanding his portfolio in WRE.

    13. WRE Lucky 7 Championship (20 mins)
    Chuck Taylor Vs. Eddie Kingston

    -Kingston runs to the ring to get at Taylor, who runs like a girl as you might imagine.
    -Chuck uses treachery and deceit to get the upper hand in the early going, cutting off Kingston whenever he tries to get something going on offense.
    -The fans rally behind The War King, and Kingston starts to lay into Chucky T. Kingston tries to grab a chair, but is admonished by Earl Hebner and thinks better of it.
    -The last five minutes are back and fourth, with Chuck hitting several big moves, but unable to keep Kingston down. After the last nearfall, Chuck throws a tantrum and also tries to grab a chair.
    -Hebner grabs the chair and starts to struggle with Chuck. Kingston winds up for a Backfist to the Future, but Hebner pulls the chair free, and right into the path of Kingston’s fist.
    Eddie is in tremendous pain, but Chuck takes advantage and nails him with the Awful Waffle to pick up the win. Chuck Taylor is your new Lucky 7 Champion!
    -Once Kingston comes to, he is irate with Hebner and looks like he’s going to knock him out with his good hand until WRE security hit the ring and take Kingston to the back.

    14. WRE Championship Elimination Match (32 mins)
    Cesaro Vs. Chris Hero Vs. Takeshi Morishima W/ William Regal Vs. Brock Lesnar W/JBL

    -All 4 men have a stand off in the opening moments, until Cesaro decides to be the first one to square off with Lesnar, leaving Hero and Morishima to renew their hostilities from the last episode of WRE TV.
    - The 4 men trade dance partners throughout the first half of the match, including Hero and Cesaro squaring off with some impressive counters and chain wrestling.
    -One thing is evident: Lesnar is by far the most brutal competitor in the ring, and his rest coming into this match is starting to become a difference maker.
    -Morishima and Lesnar start trading sick punches, rocking one another with each blow. Shima starts to get the better of Brock, and drops him with a big lariat for a two count.
    -Brock battles back and eliminates Morishima with an F5 at the 19 minute mark.
    -The Kings realize the situation, and start to double team the Beast, getting Brock down for a few more near falls.
    -This seems to only anger Lesnar though, as he storms back and starts throwing Hero and Cesaro around the ring.
    -Brock heaves Cesaro across the ring with a huge overhead belly to belly suplex, before catching Hero coming in to deliver an elbow smash. Brock hits another F5 and eliminates Hero at the 25 minute mark.
    -Brock takes a moment to rest while Cesaro gets his bearings, and starts to assault the Swiss Superman. Brock hits another F5 and goes for the pin, but Cesaro kicks out! Lesnar is stunned, while JBL screams at him to keep on the attack.
    -Cesaro escapes another F5 attempt, and starts to put on a power display of his own, hitting an Alpamare Waterslide before getting Brock into the Big Swing!
    -Brock is dazed, and  walks right into a neutralizer! 1...2...NO! Brock kicks out, and Cesaro is in disbelief.
    -As Hebner checks on Lesnar, Hero returns to the ring, and nails Cesaro with a Hero’s Welcome! JR is livid, DW can’t believe what he’s just seen, and JBL is imploring Lesnar to get up!
    -Both men are back to their feet after beating Hebner’s 10 count, but Cesaro is out on his feet, and stumbles right into another F5! 1...2...3! Brock Lesnar is the 1st ever WRE Champion! Dammit all! Dammit all to hell!

    Hero stands outside the ring, scowling at his protege, while Brock and JBL head up the ramp, where they are met by The Ascension. All four men raise their arms in the air, holding all the gold high, as Ascendancy goes off the air.

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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Swarles on Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:17 pm

    BWF WEEK 5!

    Dark Match: Jay Lethal over Marty Scurll – 8 mins

    Segment 1: Bryan and Cena in ring
    -Bryan comes out with the belt. He thanks the fans for believing him, and proclaims this proves without a shadow of a doubt he is the best in the world.
    -Cena’s music hits and he comes out. Cena says he regrets not shaking Bryan’s hand last night. He says he was caught up in the heat of the moment, and he wasn’t thinking straight. He thanks Daniel for the great match, and says he would now like to shake Bryan’s hand. Cena extends his hand…and Bryan accepts. BUT SWERVE!!! Cena pulls him into an AA! John Cena has turned his back on the fans!
    -John then grabs the mic, he says he is the best in the world, he doesn’t care what all you fat ass neck bearded fans think. He says everyone in BWF management should be bending over backwards to his demands because he brings in all the ratings and money. Lastly, John tells the fans that they can stick it, brother. – 10 mins

    Segment 2: KES(Smith and Archer) vs. Hirooki Goto and Katsuyori Shibata
    -KES is still upset about losing at the PPV and not becoming champions.
    -Perhaps they are a little too distracted, as Shibata catches Smith with a penalty kick for the 3 count – 10 mins

    Segment 3: Embassy in ring promo
    -The Embassy comes out to gloat about their title win at Coronation. They then say it’s too bad Tanahashi did not accept their offer, since they would have loved to have the world title as well. But it’s only a matter of time until the embassy finds the right man to hold the world title.
    -Tanahashi runs out and jumps into the ring and just starts attacking people. Everyone bails, but KENTA and Marufuji throw Rave back in the ring, it looks like we have a match here – 4 mins

    Segment 4: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jimmy RAVE
    -Jimmy gets killed. Tanahashi wins with the High Fly Flow – 5 mins

    Segment 5: Post Match
    The Embassy jumps in the ring as soon as the bell is struck and attacks Tanahashi. It’s a 3 on 1 beat down with Nana directing traffic. But Shinsuke Nakamura runs out with a chair! Nakamura chases off the Embassy! He then shakes hands with Tanahashi(I think I initially set Nakamura as a heel, so please make this a face turn if that was the case.) – 5 mins

    Segment 6: Kazuchika Okada vs. TJP
    -Okada picks up a dominant victory with the rain maker – 8 mins

    Segment 7: Daniel Bryan in Foley’s office
    -Bryan demands a match with Cena after being attacked earlier. Foley tells him to calm down. He says if there is a rematch it will only be for the title, so John has to be #1 contender. Daniel then demands he be put in a #1 contender’s match TONIGHT. Foley says fine, and makes a main event of John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – 3 mins

    Segment 8: Magnett(Magnus and Bennett) w/ Maria vs. ICMG(Ricochet and Swann)
    -This is a PPV rematch
    -Magnett once again pull out a win, but this time clean when Bennett piledrives Swann – 10 mins

    Segment 9: Rhodes Boys and Dusty promo
    -Dem boys cut an angry promo on the embassy for attacking dusty. They say they will get revenge on the embassy and then win the gold. Dusty then says his boys will beat up anybody who messes with him – 2 mins

    Segment 10: Matt Sydal vs. Volador Jr.
    -Matt wins with the SSP – 11 mins

    Segment 11: Post match promo
    -Matt grabs a mic, but before he can even say anything, Sami Zayn’s music hits. He runs to the ring, and tackles Sydal. The men exchange punches on the ground, then a group of officials break them up. – 4 mins

    Segment 12: #1 Contender’s Match: John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
    -The embassy gets revenge from earlier and costs Nakamura the match. John gets another shady victory. – 15 mins

    Segment 13: Post match
    -Mick Foley comes out and is pissed the embassy ruined this big main event. So he books an even bigger main event for next week: Cena, KENTA and Marufuji vs. Bryan, Tanahashi and Nakamura! – 3 mins

    Dark Main Event: Sami Zayn over Alberto Del Rio via botched interference from Matt Sydal – 12 mins


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    Re: Post Results Here Thread

    Post by Grant on Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:26 pm

    WEEK 5

    Dark Match #1: The UnStable d. Aaron Epic & Zander Jones (5 min)
    --Gerard forces Epic to tap out to the STF.

    Dark Match #2: LuFisto, Crazy Mary Dobson & Seleziya Sparx d. Cheerleader Melissa, Mia Yim & Charlotte (7 min)
    --Really fun match ends after LuFi puts Charlotte away with the Mangalizer.

    Dark Match #3: Brodie Lee d. Josh Alexander (9 min)
    --Competitive, hard-hitting bout ends with the Big Boot and a spinning lariat.

    Segment 1:

    --Our first Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho comes out carrying the big gold belt that he won last night at Killers and Kings.
    --He explains that he did everything he said he would and that there's officially no one that can beat him.
    --This brings HBK out who congratulates Jericho on his win, although how he won was a little sketchy. Jericho points out that he won within the NO-DQ rules.
    --Shawn acknowledges Jericho's point and says that he believes there are at least two men here tonight that could beat Jericho.
    --And since Jericho believes he won't have any problems against anyone, we're going to have a #1 contenders match tonight with Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano. Jericho will meet the winner of that match at the next PPV, Aesthetics of Hate for his newly won title.
    --Jericho looks concerned for a moment but relaxes himseld and tells HBK that he's taking the night off because he can.

    Segment 2:
    We go to the announce table with Hulk Hogan and Jerry Lawler! (2 min)

    --They talk about Killers and Kings last night, put over the six men in the main event last night.
    --They also talk about our new location in New York! Huzzah!
    --We will see two tag title qualifiers tonight, with the winners of each match facing each other at the next PPV for the titles. And beginning next week, the three point tag system will be put into full effect!

    Segment 3:
    Singles Match
    Adrian Neville vs. Mike Quackenbush (12 min)

    --Really great, technical sound, exciting bout.
    --Both men get a number of nearfalls and Quack has had enough but Neville catches him with a reverse rana for another nearfall!
    --Neville hits a Dragon Suplex, Quack kicks out, ducks a Neville spinkick and ties him up in a really wacky pin to gain the victory out of nowhere.
    Winner: Mike Quackenbush

    Segment 4:
    Aftermath: Quack smugly rolls out of the ring as Shawn Michaels comes out on the stage. (2 min)

    --He says that they just had an incredible match and that's EXACTLY what he's looking for. It makes for exciting TV. And that's exactly why either of them would be a fantastic representative as the TV Champion. And so, both men will be entered in a Fatal 4 Way at Aesthetics of Hate for the TV Title, which is being created as we speak. The other two competitors will be named in coming weeks.

    Segment 5:
    We see a quick Brodie Lee video with him promising to run through everyone until he's given a challenge. (1 min)

    Segment 6:
    Tag Team Title Qualifier
    The Forgotten (Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer) vs. #MOTIVATION (ACH & CIMA) (10 min)

    --Damn good match, with The Forgotten's aggression being a key factor to them dominating the majority of the match.
    --Shit gets a little hectic and we're all over the place, the referee is trying to get CIMA and Whitmer apart on the floor as Jacobs hits ACH with a spear in the ring. Suddenly Masada comes from the crowd, slides in the ring and drills Jacobs with a Backdrop Driver! He bails as ACH hits the second rope 450 splash and CIMA takes Whitmer out on the floor! The referee gets back in and makes the count, ACH and CIMA are getting a tag title shot!
    Winners: ACH & CIMA

    Segment 7:
    Greg Burridge is in the locker room with Adam Cole. (2 min)

    --Burridge asks Cole where his head is at after last night. Cole says he's a little pissed off. He was having a damn good night, he advanced to the finals, pinned the Undertaker and eliminated him. He was seconds away from eliminating Johnny Gargano when Ethan Page attacked him and Jericho snuck to get rid of him after the damage was done. So yeah, a little pissed.
    --Burridge asks what he thinks of Ethan Page, Cole comments that Page must be insecure and really nervous about what Seleziya thinks of him.
    --Cole then switches gears and says he's got a chance to erase all that happened last night. He knows Johnny is an inhuman competitor and that it'll be no easy task. He's ready for anything though and wishes Gargano good luck.

    Segment 8:
    Handi-cap Match
    Brodie Lee vs. Jollyville Fuck-Its (6 min)

    --Squash City, USA - Population: 2
    --Brodie just mauls both of them. Russ Meyers suffers the Truck Stop and T-Money suffers the wrath of the spinning lariat as Brodie puts them both away with ease.
    Winner: Brodie Lee

    Segment 9:
    We go backstage where DDP is with Johnny Gargano. (2 min)

    --DDP asks Johnny about last night, Johnny said he fell short and Jericho had an ace up his sleeve in case he met trouble.
    --But Johnny isn't going to dwell on the past, tonight is a new night and he has to focus on Adam Cole.
    --Johnny says that tonight is going to be one of the hardest battles of his career, but he's going to give Cole everything he's got and Cole better do the same.

    Segment 10:
    Tag Team Title Qualifier
    The Spectral Envoy vs. Mad Blanky w/Milano Collection AT (10 min)

    --Great match with fast paced action, certainly some crazy American-Lucha from the Envoy to combat the rapid-fire strong style of Yamato & Doi.
    --We see a finisher fest towards the end that is capped off by a Saito Suplex by Yamato and the Muscular Bomb on Frightmare by Doi to pick up the victory.
    Winners: Mad Blanky

    Segment 11:
    We're in Shawn Michaels office and he's all smiles as he looks at the camera. He tells us he has a huge announcement. (2 min)

    --He's been close attention week to week to the requests and pleads from the roster and fans. Last night at Killers and Kings, a video played featuring the women of MFW. That was a prelude to tonight's announcement.
    --HBK announces that next week, the first ever MFW Women's Champion will be crowned in the exact way that the Undisputed title was decided last night. In a 6 Way Elimination match!
    --Next week, LuFisto, Crazy Mary Dobson, Seleziya Sparx, Cheerleader Melissa, Mia Yim & Charlotte will compete and the winner will walk away with the title.

    Segment 12:
    Singles Match
    Sheamus vs. Danny Havoc (6 min)

    --Hard hitting contest, Havoc throws caution to the win to combat Sheamus' power and size.
    --He goes for the Iowa State Cyclone but Sheamus moves and kicks his face off with the Brogue Kick to pick up the victory.
    Winner: Sheamus

    Segment 13:
    Aftermath: Whitmer and Jacobs come out and Sheamus knows he's in for a 3 on 1 fight.(3 min)

    -Quickly, Masada returns for the second time tonight and stands tall with Sheamus, both men begging The Forgotten to get in the ring. However The Forgotten thinks better of it and backs off. Sheamus and Masada stare them down.

    Segment 14:
    We see a video package of last night's main event. (2 min)

    --There was a focus on Jericho, Cole & Gargano, along with Ethan Page's interference and the masked man that struck Gargano with a riot baton that lead to Jericho's victory.

    Segment 15:
    Undisputed Title #1 Contender
    Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano (19 min)

    --Absolutely, undeniably amazing match between these two world class athletes.
    --Some of the most stunning technical work and hardest hitting you're going to see anywhere.
    --They exchange superkicks and dives galore but still only nearfalls occur.
    --Cole hits the Florida Key but Gargano kicks out and Adam can't believe it. He lifts Johnny up and nails a trifecta of suplexes before heaving Gargano up one last time and hits the Over the Knee Brainbuster! He hooks the legs and gets the one - two - no! Gargano kicks out again!
    --Cole puts Johnny up top and attempts a superplex but Gargano blocks it and nails a twisting top rope suplex of his own! Both men are dead in the water and the crowd is going nuts. They both barely get up by a nine count and battle it out with stiff forearm shots before Gargano hits an Enziguri and quickly plants Cole with the Hurts Donut! One! Two! Thr-NO! Cole kicks out.
    --Johnny goes for another Hurts Donut but Cole blocks it and hits the Corona Crash and takes the opportunity to collect himself. Johnny slowly begins to stand and Cole decides it's time to repeat last night by hitting the Panama Sunrise. He rushes to Gargano and gets the elevation for the flip but Johnny manages to backdrop him instead then wrap him up in a La Magistral Cradle for the sudden victory!
    Winner: Johnny Gargano

    Segment 16:
    Aftermath: Though disappointed, Cole shakes Gargano's hand and they hug only to be broken up by Ethan Page and Chris Jericho attacking them. (4 min)

    --But Cole and Gargano manage to fight them off and send them both stumbling out of the ring.
    --Shawn Michaels comes back out yet again and informs Page and Jericho that since they're so interested in fighting Cole and Gargano, they can face them next week in a tag match!
    --Page and Jericho look none too pleased but Cole and Gargano seem pretty damn happy as we go off the air.

    Dark Match Main Event:
    Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole & Adrian Neville d. Chris Jericho, Ethan Page & Mike Quackenbush (13 min)
    --Neville puts Page away with the Red Arrow. Faces celebrate.


    Announced for Aesthetics of Hate:

    MFW Undisputed Championship
    Chris Jericho (c) vs. Johnny Gargano

    Crowning of the Tag Team Championships
    The Collection Agency (Yamato & Naruki Doi) vs. #MOTIVATION (ACH & CIMA)

    Crowning of the Television Championship
    Adrian Neville vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. ??? vs. ???


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