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    Post by 2kNikk on Sun May 04, 2014 10:50 pm

    Monday - MWF, GFW
    Tuesday - BWF
    Wednesday - PWE
    Thursday - BCW
    Friday - THAW
    Saturday - EPW
    Sunday - WRE

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    Post by Swarles on Sun May 04, 2014 11:03 pm


    S1: Pyro, bally hoo etc. We are welcomed to the 1st ever BWF show by our announcers, Joey Styles and Steve Corino – 3 minutes
    S2: In ring promo featuring Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Kazuchika Okada w/ Layla and Mick Foley (if this isn't possible let me know) – 10 minutes
    S3: Announce team goes over king of flight tournament and bracket – 3 minutes
    S4: King of Flight round 1 match: Sami Zayn over Rich Swann clean – 12 minutes
    S5: Renee Young interviews The Japanese Embassy (Marufuji, KENTA, Rave w/ Nana) – if not possible leave out rave – 3 minutes
    S6: Japanese Embassy(Marufuji and KENTA) w/ Nana and Rave over Goto and Shibata via Nana interference – 12 minutes
    S7: Hype video for Shinsuke Nakamura – 3 mins
    S8: KES(Hoyt and Smith) squash Planet Fitness(Marcos and Cheech) – 5 mins
    S9: Renee interviews Matt Sydal – 3 mins
    S10: King of Flight Round 1 match: BxB Hulk over Sydal via flash pin. Sydal beats Hulk down after match. - 15 mins
    S11: Renee interviews Del Rio and Ricardo – 3 mins
    S12: MAIN EVENT: Hiroshi Tanahashi over Alberto Del Rio clean – 19 minutes


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    Post by Grant on Mon May 05, 2014 12:22 pm

    MFW Meltdown: Week 1

    Segment 1: Intro, Pyro and a swooping view of our capacity d. (3 min)

    Segment 2: MFW General Manager Shawn Michaels comes out to a huge pop (10 min)
    --HBK welcomes us all to MFW Meltdown, gives us a few fun jokes and officially announces the Killers & Kings Tournament.
    --Michaels tells us that even though it's a serious matter, MFW is still one giant party. This brings out Adam Rose and The Party!
    --Rose, Roddy Strong, Aksana, Naomi & Cameron all remain after all the random part goers leave. Rose tells us that it's party time all the time and HBK completely agrees. HBK & Rose trade some fun little good time vibes that the crowd loves until "Break It Down Again" by Tears for Fears hits, bringing out a very unamused Mike Quackenbush & Goldberg.
    --Quack points out that this isn't Chikara, the time for fun is over. And there's no place for partying where championships are to be won. He explains that Goldberg and he found common ground in their hatred for such ridiculous nonsense as The Party and the childish shenanigans of Shawn Michaels. THIS IS WRESTLING, DAMMIT!
    --HBK mocks the stern, super serious demeanor of Quack and Goldberg before he and The Party break into laughter. Quack rolls his eyes and tells HBK to shut up and asks him if he thinks this is all one big joke, because he and Goldberg don't think it's funny.
    --Rose asks Quack to lighten up, life's too short to be so grumpy! Turn that frown upside down, guys! Rose asks Goldberg to say something but Quack shakes his head and tells the fun folks in the ring that Goldberg is going to say one word until HBK can guarantee that the first check won't bounce.
    --Shawn points out that since Quack and Goldberg have such a problem with fun, they can address it next week when they face Adam Rose and Roderick Strong!
    --Quack nods and goes to say something but is cut off by Rose's music hitting and the random partiers coming out past them to continue the fun times. Quack looks quite furious as we go backstage!

    Segment 3: Rosa Mendes is backstage with Chris Jericho (2 min)
    --Rosa asks Jericho how it feels to be in MFW and Jericho tells her that he's the personification of metal, so Metal Fusion Wrestling wouldn't succeed without him.
    --He tells us that tonight he's going to put the Deadman back in the ground before he can even get to the Killers & Kings Tournament.

    Segment 4: Tag Match
    The Jollyville Fuck-Its vs. The Forgotten (8 min)

    --Russ Meyers and T-Money put up a damn good fight, even getting a near fall.
    --But the experience of Jacobs and Whitmer soon becomes overwhelming and T-Money gets murdered with an Exploder into the turnbuckle by Whitmer.
    --This leaves poor Russ to eat a front dropkick to the back by Jacobs, a lariat from Whitmer and finally the All Seeing Eye to put him away.
    Winners: The Forgotten

    Segment 5: We go to the announce table where Hulk Hogan and DDP tell us about the Killers & Kings Tournament in greater detail. (3 min)
    --24 competitors, 3 brackets of 8
    --At the Killers & Kings PPV, a 6 man elimination final will determine the MFW Undisputed Champion
    --The brackets have been announced and matches have been made!

    Bracket A
    Chris Jericho vs. ACH
    Adrian Neville vs. Josh Alexander
    Goldberg vs. Roderick Strong
    The Undertaker vs. Tommy Mercer

    Bracket B
    Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa
    Mike Quackenbush vs. Adam Rose
    Brodie Lee vs. CIMA
    BJ Whitmer vs. Ethan Page

    Bracket C
    Adam Cole vs. Krimson
    Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sami Callihan
    Masada vs. Terry Funk
    Sheamus vs. Biff Busick

    Segment 6: Singles Match (15 min)
    Adrian Neville vs. CIMA

    --Quick exchanges, these two have studied one another quite a bit and proves so with reversals galore.
    --Adrian hits a Falcon Arrow early on, but CIMA is by the ropes and mages to escape the ring only to fall victim to a springboard corkscrew plancha!
    --Neville gets CIMA back in the ring and goes for a suplex but CIMA gets behind him an drills him with a high angle german suplex for a two count.
    --CIMA calls for the Iconoclasm and sets it up properly with the palm strike but Neville manages to kick CIMA away and hit a leaping tornado DDT! But he holds on pulls CIMA up, and plants him with a brutal brainbuster!
    --Neville heads up top for the Red Arrow but CIMA rolls out of the way and swiftly hits the Schwein! One.. two... three!
    Winner: CIMA

    Segment 7: A vignette of Krimson runs, he debuts next week. Krimson... like the mask. (1 min)

    Segment 8: Singles Match (4 min)
    Masada vs. Kobald

    --Kobald goes nuts early with knees and chops, but a swift Yakuza Kick and Backdrop Driver takes him out of his flurry.
    --Masada hits two continuous powerbombs and transitions it into a vicious DVD to seal the deal.
    Winner: Masada

    Segment 9: Hogan and DDP thank Machine Head for their song and namesake of our first PPV Killers & Kings (1 min)

    Segment 10: Killers & Kings Teaser Six Man Tag (22 min)
    Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole & ACH vs. Brodie Lee, Akira Tozawa & Sami Callihan

    --The bells rings and Callihan wasted no time and quickly hits Gargano with a lariat for a near fall.
    --Great exchanges all match long, beautiful technical wrestling and absolutely brutal strikes would make this a mut see match.
    --At one point Cole locked in a guillotine choke but Brodie managed to stand up out of hit and launch Cole into the air, catching him in a powerslam and then turning him inside out with a spinning lariat that bloodied Cole's nose.
    --Tozawa goes nuts and hits Saito Suplexes on ACH, Cole and Gargano before getting a near fall on Gargano after a knee strike.
    --And we've got dives! Gargano and Cole hit suicide dives on opposite sides of the ring onto Tozawa and Callihan leaving ACH in the ring. ACH targets Brodie and goes for a flipping tope but the big man catches him and hits a running Liger Bomb on the floor!
    --Brodie pulls ACH up and presses him back to the ring before heading up top. But it'd be short lived as Cole comes out of nowhere, steps up the turnbuckle and kicks Brodie right in the face! The big man falls from the second rop to the floor crashing into Tozawa, wiping them both out.
    --Callihan is the unfortunate soul that eats a trio of super kicks, a Corona Kick from Cole, the Kamehameha Wave by ACH and right into the Hurts Donut by Gargano for the one, two, three!
    Winners: Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole & ACH

    Segment 11: We see Sheamus and Terry Funk talking in the back. (2 min)
    --Sheamus tells Terry how much he respects him and suddenly we hear the disgruntled voice of Ethan Page as he and Seleziya come into frame.
    --Page ponders if this is what MFW is going to be about. Some pale douche and a 90 year old crypt keeper. Terry chuckles and calls him a disrespectful egg suckin' dog.
    --Ethan begins to ramble about how it's his time when Terry pops him in the chops and knocks him on his ass, sending him scrambling away. Sheamus and Funk share a laugh as we head back to the ring.

    Segment 12: Main Event
    Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker (13 min)

    --Jericho plays chicken-shit for a bit, making Taker come to the floor and chase him, only to blindside the Deadman and send him into the stairs.
    --Back in the ring, Jericho is now cock as could be, kicking Taker while he's down. But soon Taker comes back with a flurry of punches, the snake eyes and a vicious big boot.
    --They go back and forth for a bit, gaining near falls.
    --Jericho goes for a Codebreaker but before he could he even get there, Taker nails another big boot and sets up for the Chokeslam. He gets Jericho by the throat but Jericho arm drags out of it and catches Taker with a stiff enziguri as he gets up. With Taker down, Jericho nails the lionsault! One... Two... NO! Taker kicks out!
    --Stunned by the kick out, Jericho goes for another Code Breaker but gets caught in a Chokeslam out of nowhere! One... Two... NO! Jericho kicks out!
    --Taker calls for the Tombstone, gets Jericho up but he manages to escape the clutches to hit the Codebreaker! Jericho goes for the Walls only to get pulled into Hell's Gate! Jericho struggles but manages to get his foot on the ropes to break the hold.
    --They have an exchange of shots but Taker comes out on top and calls for the Tombstone when Tommy Mercer comes out wearing a Killers & Kings shirt. He gets on the apron and tells Taker that it's his time to shine and that he's going down next week. Mercer takes a swipe at the Deadman but Taker blocks it and punches Mercer in the jaw, sending him to the floor, but the distraction proves successful as Jericho rolls Taker up with a handful of tights and gets the sudden victory!
    Winner: Chris Jericho

    --We go off the air with Jericho celebrating and Taker giving Mercer a death stare.

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    Post by Xero on Mon May 05, 2014 6:45 pm

    S1:  Pyro explosion.  Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out to the ring.  Scott Steiner w/ Sasha Banks comes out and calls the crowd a bunch of jews.  Steiner and Jarrett argue about who should be champion, then  Jarrett announces a battle royal main event tonight for the GFW World Heavyweight Title.  He also announces a tournament for the Television title -- winner to be crowned at GFW Slammiversary I. 10 Minutes

    S2: Television Title Tournament Match 1:  Teddy Hart vs Tyson Kidd:  Tyson Kidd wins with his move.
    10 Minutes

    S3:  Backstage Promo X-Pac makes fun of Fandango to promote tonight's match.
    3 Minutes

    S4:  6 Diva Tag:  Lacy Von Erich, Brie Bella, & Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox, Eva Marie, and Sasha Banks: Lacy wins with the claw on Alicia Fox
    5 Minutes.  

    S5:  Interview with Bobby Lashley:  Mike Knox is a bastard, and he wants to make sure everyone knows it tonight.  Big E stops by to wish Lashley good luck.
    2 Minutes

    S6:  Bobby Lashley vs Mike Knox:  Lashley wins with his move 
    12 minutes.

    *commercial break*

    S7:  Lacey Von Erich is walking in the parking lot backstage when she is abducted by a large masked assailant, thrown into a black SUV and driven off.
    5 Minutes

    S8:  Television Title Tournament Match 2:  X-Pac vs Fandango:  X-Pac hits the X-Factor then rolls up Fandango with his feet on the ropes for the win.
    8 minutes

    S9:  Miz In-Ring promo.  Miz comes out complaining about not being included in tonight's battle royal.  He is interrupted by Eric Young.  Scheduling a match for next week.
    10 Minutes

    S11:  Hawkins & Ryder vs The Usos
    Jay Uso wins with his move
    11 Minutes

    S12:  Battle Royal:  AJ Styles vs Scott Steiner vs Big E vs Ken Anderson vs Jeff Hardy vs Carlito vs Bobby Roode
    AJ Styles wins, pryo and confetti

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    Post by TeeBeeKay on Wed May 07, 2014 2:10 am

    Week 1
    Dark Match 1: Kenny Omega v Ultramatis Black
    -UMB wins at 6:00
    Dark Match 2: reDRagon v Greent Ant and Dragon Kid
    -reDRagon wins at 8:00

    1. Punk Promo - 6:00
    -Punk comes out to start the show, welcomes the fans to the best wrestling show on the planet, talks about how much he loves wrestling and he wouldn't be anywhere but the place that was the best, and he looks around and sees the talent and he wants to prove that he is the best, that he is ELITE

    2. Prince Devitt w/Giant Bernard, Karl Anderson, Gallows, Tonga, Bad Luck Fale(as many as you can have in order from most important to least) v Low Ki
    -Devitt comes to the ring on Bernard's shoulders
    -All out match where the BC doesn't get involved
    - Devitt wins at 16:00 clean with Bloody Sunday (18:00 with intros)

    3. Bullet Club Promo(Anderson, Gallows, Devitt, Bernard, Tonga, Fale) - 3:00
    -Anderson and Gallows do the mic work putting over Devitt's win, saying the BC is taking over, they want someone, anyone for Bernard to fight, Gallows goes to the back and drags out Amazing Red

    4. Giant Bernard v Amazing Red
    -Total Squash
    - Bernard wins with the Bernard Bomb at 3:00(5:00)

    5. Briscoes v Super Smash Brothers
    -Somewhat competitive, probably 65/35 Briscoes
    - Briscoes win at 7:00 with the Springboard Doomsday (9:00)

    6. Joe Hype Video- 3:00
    -Samoa Joe is coming

    7. Daniels v Zack Sabre Jr w/Tiffany
    -Daniels wins at 7:00 with the BME (9:00)

    8. MVP Promo- 4:00
    -Basic promo saying he's gonna win the belt

    9. Alex Shelley v Paul London
    -Shelley wins at 10:00 with the Border City Stretch(12:00)

    10. Dean Ambrose v Brian Kendrick - Winner gets entered in the Title Tourney
    -Hard fought back and forth match up
    - Ambrose wins at 13:00 with the Midnight Special(15:00)

    11. Nigel intros Angle(Ambrose) - 6:00
    -As Ambrose celebrates in the ring Nigel McGuinness makes his way to the ring, and informs Ambrose that he won a hell of a match, however Nigel has some unfortunate news, Nigel was in negotiations all day long to bring in a superstar and those negotiations concluded just prior to Dean's match. As a stipulation of the contract the newly signed wrestler will be entered into the tournament, but Dean has proven his value and he will be given an opportunity to earn a future title match, but the eighth entrant in the PWE title tournament will be…Kurt Angle…

    Angle comes out and apologizes to Dean, says it's nothing personal but he only competes at the top level and needs to be in this tournament to prove himself.

    Nigel raises Kurt's hand as Dean sits in the corner staring dumbfounded off into space.

    Post Show Dark
    Segment: Punk Promo demands a match tonight -3:00
    Dark Match 1: CM Punk v Gregory Helms
    -Punk wins at 9:00

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    Post by Stroke on Thu May 08, 2014 1:26 am

    BCW TV
    Announcers: Jim Cornette and Matt Striker

    S1: Intro video. Hypes everybody, exciting stuff I'd assume (2 minutes)
    S2: Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger. Ziggler wins clean (16 minutes)
    S3: Ric Flair in-ring. Announces BCW will have four titles with one champion crowned in each of the next fourth months. BCW World Title is first and it will be in a eight-man, one-night tourney at first BCW PPV "Dawning". Announces first four participants: Bully Ray, Kevin Steen, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. Announces Ray/Steen vs American Wolves for the main event tonight (10 minutes)  
    S4: Sleazy Money (Joey Ryan and Ethan Carter III) vs Prime Time Players. Sleazy Money gets the win clean. (8 minutes)
    S5: Kevin Steen/Bully Ray backstage promo. Not happy to team with each other. (2 minutes)
    S6: Ric Flair talking backstage with Jeremy Borash when Paige approaches. Wants to know when women will get their chance. Flair assures her they will and she will tonight when she goes 1-on-1 with Sarah Stock. Paige approves and leaves. (2 minutes)
    S7: Colt Cabana vs Matt Taven. Cabana wins clean (7 minutes)
    S8: Dolph Ziggler promo. Says tonight was just the start. He expects to be in the BCW Title tourney and to take his rightful place as champion. Show. Off. (2 minutes)
    S9: "Two Good Minutes" Hype Video for James Storm. Storm talks about himself and career and what he wants to do in BCW (2 minutes)
    S10: Paige vs Sarah Stock. Paige wins clean (7 minutes)
    S11: American Wolves promo. They're united until PPV, then it's every man for themself. (2 minutes)
    S12: Tommaso Champa vs Masato Tanaka. Tanaka wins clean (7 minutes)
    S12: Hype Video for The Young Bucks. Hide yo kids, hide yo wives. E'ry body getting Superkicked. (2 minutes)
    S13: American Wolves vs Bully Ray and Kevin Steen. Wolves win after Steen walks out on Ray. Bully not happy. Wolves celebrate as show goes off air. (20 minutes)  

    Announced Matches for BCW 'Dawning'

    Eight-Man Tournament to Crown First BCW Champion
    - Announced in tournament: Bully Ray, Kevin Steen, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards

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    Post by GolfClubNinja on Fri May 09, 2014 4:56 pm

    Dark Match: Ted Diabiase and CHEESEBURGER V.S. Sandman and Sabu
    • The start of the match has Diabiase and Sandman trading blows.
    • After a wicked clothesline by Diabiase, he tags in CHEESBURGER, who after a bit sandman starts bullying.
    • After sandman and sabu start beating CHEESBURGER to a Ketchup, Diabiasse dropkicks sandman out of the ring and trades blows with sabu, but Sandman grabs a chair and hits diabiasse, causing a DQ win and disbelief to sandman, thinking this is under ECW rules.

    Main Show
    Show Starting Angle:
    • As window panes break, T.H.A.W. Destruction starts off with stone cold greeting the crowd and saying how wonderful it is to start his own promotion with the help of former WWE guys
    • As stone cold continues, Paul Heyman interrupts and says how the talent Austin got “sucks like your old ringmaster gimmick..” and how this is not what Heyman wanted going into this, which stone cold replies to with a stunner and a swift chug of beer.
    8 mins

    Air Raiderz Tag Team Action: The Ant Colony (Fire and Worker ant, with soldier at ringside) V.S. Mystico and Rey Mysterio
    • The match starts with Fire ant and Mysterio in up-beat actions, but in a quick tag to worker ant, the ant colony turns the match in their favor with a double rana.
    • As mysterio gets a tag to mystico out of nowhere, the match evens out, and after mystico works worker ant for a bit, mystico ranas worker on the ropes and hits fire ant off the apron on to soldier ant, as mysterio 619’s worker and mystico turns back and gets the pin!
    15 mins, mysterio and mystico win.


    Stone Cold Interview in-ring with Taz:
    • After talking a bit about the names in T.H.A.W., Taz asks Austin how T.H.A.W. will decide its champion, in which austin unveils the 4-4-4 Tournament, 4 Fatal-4 ways into a 4 man tournament ending at T.H.A.W.’s first PPV, Construction Zone. And also announces that the first match is NOW!

    4-4-4 Fatal Four Way #1 seed match: Batista V.S. Rhino V.S. R.V.D. V.S. Abyss

    • The match starts with R.V.D. being thrown out of the ring quickly, as Batista and Rhino work to get abyss out contention quickly.
    • After abyss gets knocked into the corner batista starts beating rhino up, and after a wicked clothesline rhino gets knocked down pretty well, but Van Dam comes into the ring and rana’s abyss into the post and goes for the five-star splash on batista… BUT MISSES after batista rolls out of the way, and then picks him up for the batista bomb, but rhino charges from nowhere AND RUNS INTO A 2ND BATISTA BOMB, and with abyss out cold, batista gets the 3-count.
    15 mins, Batista moves on to the bracket.

    Short main event angle: 3-way steel cage with The Big Show V.S. The Great Khali V.S. Raven for the T.H.A.W. hardcore title:
    • A short promo announcing the main event of the night.


    4-4-4 Fatal Four Way #2 seed match: Mark Henry V.S. Diesel V.S. Donshoku Dino V.S. Blue Meanie
    • The Match starts with henry and diesil turnind blue meanie to a blue pulp, and dino just looking at what happened and slowy gets out of the ring.
    • After back and forths between Henry and Diesel, Henry get a nasty suplex on Diesel, but out of nowhere blue meanie comes punching… as Henry reverses by putting his hand on his head stopping him cartoon-style, then promptly slamming him with the worlds largest slam, getting the 3-count
    15-mins, Mark Henry moves to the brackets.

    4-4-4 announcement: The next Fatal-Four way will be: Ryback V.S. Sin Cara V.S. Rikishi V.S. Tony Dreamer:
    • Announcement on the next 4-4-4 match.

    Rikishi Drives in for match with ryback:
    • While driving in, Rikishi runs over 3 guys, and does not really care, he’s worrying about his ryback match tonight.

    4-4-4 preview match: Ryback V.S. Rikishi
    • And at the start it’s a heavily contested match, even with 1 or 2 big grapples.
    • As the match continues rikishi is tiring/being fat, and ryback takes advantage of this, and after a bit ryback drops a shellshock and gets a 3-count. The question is though; can he do that while facing two others?
    13-mins, ryback wins


    Steel cage lowers on ring
    • Self-explanatory.

    T.H.A.W. Hardcore championship steel cage match: The Big Show V.S. The Great Khali V.S. Raven
    • As the match starts, raven lays off, waiting for The Show and Khali to tire, as they both go at it.
    • After a devastating Body slam on the show, The Great Khali looks over to see raven come in with a dropkick, and for a bit they trade blows.
    • After khali once again drops a big body slam he goes for the pin, 1…2… AND BIG SHOW BREAKS IT UP, and as khali gets up A WMD is unleashed, and going for the pin, 1…2…RAVEN BREAKS IT… NO IT ACTUALLY WAS A 3-COUNT! And as the show celebrates raven complains with the ref.

    Show ends, no post-show.

    *autistic screeching*

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    Post by Vipes on Fri May 09, 2014 11:43 pm

    WRE TV
    Week 1

    1. AR Fox Vs. Facade

    -Good competitive, flippy opener to get the crowd fired up.
    -Fox wins with Krunch. Both men shake hands afterwards. (11 mins)

    2. Announcement time!

    Spokesperson for the WRE GM, Stacy Keibler, comes to the ring. She welcomes everyone to WRE and announces there will be a tournament over the next four weeks to crown the first ever WRE Tag Team Champions, starting right here tonight. She also announced another new title coming to WRE, the Lucky 7 Championship. Before she can explain what the title is, she is interrupted by Chuck Taylor, who assumes he is going to be awarded the title tonight simply by virtue of being Chuck Taylor. This annoys Eddie Kingston, who comes to the ring to let Chuck know. Taylor bails before any physicality can ensue, while Kingston hurls assorted insults at him.  (8 mins)

    3. The Ascension Vs. The Submission Squad

    -This is NOT a tournament match, as I’d never give the Submission Squad a chance at winning anything.
    -Even if they were in the tourney, it wouldn’t matter, as Konor and Viktor absolutely annihilate Gelistico and Abernathy. Gary Jay tries to get involved, and he’s thrown over the ropes to the floor for his troubles.
    -Squash city, Ascension win via absolute murder of jobbers. (4 mins)

    4. AERO annoys Super Dragon

    -Super Dragon is in the back, when he’s approached by AERO. Though neither of the masked men can speak, AERO seems to be challenging Super Dragon to a match through the art of pantomime. A match involving weapons. Super Dragon responds by kicking AERO in the face and throwing him into the front of the production truck. AERO goes nap nap now. (2 mins)

    5. Corey Graves W/Charlotte Vs. Justin Gabriel
    -Very competitive match, filled with cheap shots and dirty tricks from Graves.
    -Despite all the cheap shots, Gabriel is set for the 450 Splash, until Charlotte shoves him off the top rope.
    -Graves locks in Lucky 13 and Gabriel is forced to tap. (14 mins)

    6. Promo time with Cesaro and Hero

    Cesaro: That’s right, at long last, the Kings of Wrestling are back together again!

    Hero: That’s right my friend. And for those of you who don’t know what that means, allow me to simplify it for you. What it means is that the WRE locker room is on notice. Any title we want, will be ours. And we’ll begin our dominance by winning the WRE Championship.

    Cesaro: 4 spots available in the final, I can guarantee you one of us is going to win it. And tonight I’ll earn my spot by defeating you, Michael Elgin. Now, you’re a tough man, there’s no doubt about it. One of the best in the business today. But you’ll be facing the best pound for pound athlete in wrestling, and that doesn’t bode well for you. I wish you luck Michael, cause you’ll be needing it.

    Hero: This is just the start, WRE. Kings Reign Supreme...again. (3 mins)

    7. WRE Tag Team Championship Tournament
    Round 1: The Irish Airborne Vs. F.I.S.T.

    -Good match. F.I.S.T. are unable to slow down the pace of the Airborne’s offense for very long.
    -Airborne win with the Irish Air Raid to advance (10 mins)

    8. JBL and Brock Lesnar promo

    JBL: Ladies and gentlemen, and I use that term very loosely, allow me to introduce to you your next WRE Champion, “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar! Now, my client will not be appearing on this debut episode tonight for one very important reason: money. Brock Lesnar is the greatest attraction in wrestling today. People will sell family heirlooms just to get a chance to see what this man can do inside a wrestling ring. And what he will be doing, is dominating. Wherever he’s gone, whatever he’s set out to do, Brock Lesnar has excelled. And in WRE, Brock Lesnar will dominate anyone and everyone who is stupid enough to stand in his way. So when the money is right, Brock Lesnar will grace you all with his presence. And when that day comes, the carefree lives of everyone on the WRE roster will come to a violent and abrupt end. Count on it. (4 mins)

    9. Promo for Blackman’s Bounties
    -It’s a promo for Blackman’s fucking Bounties! Kicking in doors, kicking people in the face, yelling at that one fat black woman to open her door for an hour. The ratings will be huge! Don West is loosing his shit for Blackman’s Bounties. (3 mins)

    10. Bo Dallas W/ The Bravado Brothers Vs. Yoshi Tatsu
    -The BrOvados come out to Bo’s ridiculously awesome entrance.
    -Yoshi tries to put on a much better showing than you’d expect from someone who has spent years jobbing in developmental.
    -In the end, Yoshi does the job to a guy from developmental. Post match Bo grabs the mic and declares that he’s going to win the Lucky 7 Title for all of his Bo-lievers. (7 mins)

    11. Hype video for Takeshi Morishima. SHIMA SMASH! (3 mins)

    12. Main Event
    Winner advances to WRE Championship Fatal 4 Way match
    Cesaro Vs. Michael Elgin

    -Very competitive match. Both men pulling out all the stops to earn a spot in the title match.
    -Near falls aplenty.
    -Elgin kicks out of the Ricola Bomb! Elgin looks for a powerbomb of his own, but Cesaro escapes and hits the Neutralizer for the win (17 mins)

    Post match, Elgin and Cesaro shake hands before Elgin leaves the ring. In the aisle he’s suddenly hit with a Bull Hammer by Bad News Barrett. Cesaro and the fans are puzzled by Barrett’s actions as WRE TV goes off the air (3 mins)

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    Post by Grant on Mon May 12, 2014 3:00 pm

    Post Results Here Thread WeekBreaker_2_zpsf4543c37

    Post Results Here Thread Tumblr_oprod6jUnN1ucav7no1_500

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    Post by Grant on Mon May 12, 2014 3:30 pm

    Dark Match 1:Singles Match (6 min)
    Ethan Page d. Nathan Cruz

    Dark Match 2: Triple Threat (10 min)
    Josh Alexander d. Kobald and Biff Busick

    Post Results Here Thread MeltdownLogo_zps344834e4

    Segment 1: Intro video! Music! Pyro! Bang-Bang! 'SPLOSIONS! And straight to the announce table! (3 min)
    --As the opening of the show winds down, DDP and Hogan hype Gargano vs. Tozawa in tonight's main event.

    Segment 2: The music of Chris Jericho hits and it looks like we'll be kicking off our show with Y2J! (10 min)
    --Jericho insults the fans, tells them off about beating The Undertaker last week. Then mentions that there's no competition in the Killers and Kings tournament.
    --This brings out ACH, they talk smack, get into a scuffle that results in Jericho getting one upped before fleeing the ring.

    Segment 3: Our new backstage correspondent Greg Burridge is with Johnny Gargano! (3 min)
    --Greg asks Johnny what's going through his mind tonight. Johnny talks about Tozawa, and the Killers and Kings Tournament. Talks about how Gabe Sapolsky always gave the underdog a shot to shine. He dedicates the match to Gabe.

    Segment 4: Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket C
    Jimmy Jacobs w/BJ Whitmer, Tommy Mercer & LuFisto vs. Sami Callihan (9 min)

    --Great match between the two, with shenanigans from The Forgotten in an attempte to wreck Sami's day.
    --Shenigans end when The Undertake appears to chase off his opponent later on, Tommy Mercer.
    --Callihan takes out Whitmer and LuFisto and drills Jacobs with the Headlock Driver for the win.
    Winner: Sami Callihan

    Segment 5: We go to the announce booth with Hulk Hogan and DDP! (2 min)
    --DDP and Hogan hype the show, talk about matches and air their support for Adam Rose and The Party.

    Segment 6: Tag Team Match
    The Spectral Envoy vs. Mad Blankey (12 min)

    --Absolutely crazy action chalk full of nasty kicks, beautiful chain moves and insane dives. Both teams come within moments of victory repeatedly but can't quite put anyone away.
    --Hallowicked and Frightmare go for a high risk double team move that leaves Frightmare with a banged up knee.
    --Wisely, YAMATO zones in on the weakened and smaller Frightmare's hurt knee by locking in the CBV as Doi cuts Hallowicked off, leaving Frightmare to tap out.
    Winners: Mad Blankey

    Segment 7: Once again we go backstage with Greg Burridge who is with Akira Tozawa! (1 min)
    --Burridge, though aware of the language barrier, asks Tozawa about tonights match against Gargano.
    --In broken, but understandable English, Tozawa says: "Tonight, Gargano is crushed for Gabe's honor. Killers Kings, my time. NOW!"

    Segment 8: Singles Match
    Aaron Epic vs. Krimson (2 min)

    --Aaron really tried his hardest in this one, but the aggressive, hyper violent nature of Krimson overwhelmed him early on.
    --Epic mounted a momentary comeback and went for a springboard back elbow, but Krimson clips him in mid-air and drops the poor bastard right on his head.
    --After some savage elbows and an Implant DDT, Krimson nails the Witches Wheel for the absolute victory.
    Winner: Krimson

    Segment 9: We see Masada outside the venue, signing autographs for fans. (2 min)
    --Depite being a ruthless madman in the ring, he's actually quite the nice guy otherwise.
    --His signing is interupted by Danny Havoc who decides it's a good time to talk shit on Masada. He calls him a sellout and a coward.
    --Havoc then proceeds to drive a pen into Masada's forehead and then slam him into a concrete wall before kicking him low and slapping him in the face before leaving the scene.

    Segment 10: Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket A
    The Undertaker vs. Tommy Mercer w/Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer & LuFisto (7 min)

    --More Forgotten shenanigans, but Taker easily takes care of them, hits his signature moves.
    --Soon a big Chokelam comes for Mercer and he is toast.
    Winner: The Undertaker

    Segment 11: Greg Burridge interviews Sheamus! (3 min)
    --Sheamus and Greg exchange pleasantries, talk about football a bit and generally get sidetracked.
    --At least until Sheamus makes refernce to kicking his way to the MFW Championship.
    --He gives credit to Biff Busick being tough as nails, but promises everyone that Biff is going to have to kill him to advance.
    --Sheamus panders to the crowd a bit and cracks a few jokes as we head back to the ring.

    Segment 12: Tag Team Match
    The Party vs. #QuackenBerg (7 min)

    --Rose has some fun at the expense of Quack, dancing, joking, making a fool of Quack and the fans love it.
    --Soon it turns into a beatdown on Rose. He can't seem to get the tag, and QuackenBerg keep cutting him off when he comes close.
    --He finally gets the tag and... Strong turns on Rose with a Sick Kick! Goldberg nails the Jackhammer and Quack pins Rose arrogantly.
    Winners: #QuackenBerg

    --After the bell rings, Strong and Goldberg put Rose through a table.

    Segment 13: We go to the announce table where they discuss what just happened and hype the main event one more time. (2 min)
    --Hogan and DDP call Quack and company cowards for the needless assault on Rose.
    --But they soon move on and hype the main event between Johnny Gargano and Akira Tozawa one last time.
    --Hogan and DDP are selling the match big time and certainly adding a shine to the stars of Gargano and Tozawa.

    Segment 14: Quackenbush, Goldberg and Strong are walking through the backstage when none other than Shawn Michaels steps in front of them. (2 min)
    --HBK tells them that surely they'll appreciate some clever changes and deception since they're so fond of what they just did to Adam Rose.
    --So next week, there's going to be a little bracket shuffling and a creative twist in the Killers & Kings Tournament. As in, we're going to roll three first round matches in one! We're going to have a six man tag with you guys facing your respective first round opponents. Mike Quackenbush, Roderick Strong & Biff Busick vs. Adam Rose, if he's physically capable, Goldberg & Sheamus. If Rose is not capable of competing, brackets will be shuffled and a replacement will be named for that six man tag.
    --QuackenBerg and Strong look angry and conflicted at HBK's decision for next week as we cut to the announce table once again.

    Segment 15: Hogan and DDP take note that Adam Cole has come out and taken a seat at ringside. (2 min)
    --Hogan gets up and grabs a mic to catch a potential interview with Cole.
    --Cole says that he intends to be the best in MFW, and in order to do that he needs to see just how determined everyone else is.

    Segment 16: Main Event - Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket B
    Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa  (23 min)

    --A beautiful mix of every wrestling style under the sun, the crowd is buzzing the entire match for these guys.
    --So many exchanges, all laced with mutual respect.
    --A few crazy dives and spots lead to some near falls and finisher reversals.
    --Finally, Gargano gets Tozawa to tap to the Gargano Escape.
    Winner: Johnny Gargano

    --We go off the air with a happy crowd and an exhausted, but triumphant Gargano with his hand raised in victory.

    ::::Post Show::::
    Dark Match Main Event:
    Adam Cole, Adrian Neville & Sheamus d. Chris Jericho, Mike Quackenbush & Goldberg (13 min)

    --Fun match that ends after the Red Arrow by Neville on Quack
    --Faces celebrate by throwing t-shirts and other merch to the fans as the heels exit in a huff.

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    Post by Swarles on Mon May 12, 2014 3:59 pm

    Post Results Here Thread Bwf_strongstyle_zpsd018e9ad


    Segment 1: Cena and Magnus in ring promo
    -Cena comes to the ring, says he was real impressed with Tanahashi's win last week. He says he wants to be in action tonight. MAGNUS comes out. Says he was a better champion than Cena ever was, says he will beat cena tonight and prove TNA was where the true champions were at. Cena laughs at him and accepts the challenge. - 8 mins

    Segment 2: King of Flight Tournament – TJP vs. La Sombra
    -La Sombra wins clean with the split-legged corkscrew senton – 10 mins

    Segment 3: Daniel Bryan in Foley's office
    -Daniel goes to foley's office to see who he is wrestling next week. Foley says Daniel can pick his opponent. Daniel picks his old nemesis Homicide. -3 mins

    Segment 4: Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy Yang
    -Lethal over with the lethal injection – 8 mins

    Segment 5: Layla and Okada promo
    -Layla demands that Okada also be in action next week when bryan has his match, it would be unfair for Okada to have his match on the go home show. Foley walks up and says thats fine, and books Okada vs. Jay lethal next week. -3mins

    Segment 6: King of Flight Tournament Match: Ricochet vs. Volador Jr.
    -Ricochet wins with the 630 splash. -12 mins

    Segment 7: ADR in ring promo
    -ADR says he was robbed last week. He still thinks he should be in the tournament. He makes an open challenge right here, right now. It is answered by SHINSUKE NAKAMURA – 5 mins

    Segment 8: Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
    -Nakamura wins by count out when Del Rio decides to bail and just leave – 13 mins

    Segment 9: Renee interviews Sami Zayn
    -Zayn faces BxB hulk next week in the semi finals of the king of flight. He puts BxB over and buries Matt Sydal – 3 mins

    Segment 10: Dem Rhodes Boys w/ Dusty vs. Marty Scurll and Mark Haskins
    -Dem rhodes boys win clean when Cody hits the crossrhodes on Haskins – 7 mins

    Segment 11: Video package recapping Tanahashi's win last week – 2 min

    Segment 12: Homicide jumps Daniel Bryan backstage to get some heat for their match next week – 3 mins

    Segment 13: John Cena vs. Magnus
    -Cena wins clean with the STFU – 13 mins


    Tanahashi comes out. He stares Cena down, but the two shake hands in a sign of respect. Magnus then ruins the moment by attacking them from behind. RACIST MATT SYDAL~! Then runs out to help magnus and we have a dark main event. - 4 mins

    Dark Main Event – Tanahashi and Cena over Sydal and Magnus when Tanahashi pins Magnus – 7 minutes


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    Post by Xero on Mon May 12, 2014 7:17 pm

    GFW Week 2:
    1) Who Raped Lacey Von Erich
    --GFW cameras roll outside Lacey Von Erich lockerroom as she is seen with police officials pouring over artist sketches of her alleged rapist.  The camera cuts to serious-faced indignant Mike Tenay who explains that last week, live on air, Lacey Von Erich was abducted from the arena then taken to a nearby forest and subsequently raped.  He explains that GFW officials are doing everything in their power to cooperate with authorities and to bring the prepetrator to justice live in 3 weeks at GFW Wrestleversary which you can purhase for $49.99 on or directly from Justin.TV
    Time: 5 Minutes

    2) AJ Styles In-Ring Promo
    --AJ Styles' music hits the arena as he saunters down to the ring wearing flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt.  AJ Styles starts off by hyping up the GFW Title talking about what an honor it is to be labeled the very first Global Force Wrestling Champion, then he just throws the belt down in disgust and begins shooting on Jeff Jarrett and how he has been held back for his entire career in TNA.  Indignant Mike Tenay angrily reveals that AJ Styles is not following the script.
    --Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring to argue with AJ Styles.  He says that Styles should be grateful for this opportunity as without him, Styles would still be working in third-world island nations in front of an audience of hentai-loving Asians.
    --AJ Styles calls Jeff Jarrett a homo and goes on a tyrade about he's tired of all the fags that have taken over the world of professional wrestling and blames the gays for the death of the Ultimate Warrior.  Styles calls out Jarrett and they agree to a match at Wrestleversary for the GFW World title, but   says why wait for the pay-per-view.  Tonight, live on Global Force Wrestling Nitro, we will have a preview of the Wrestleversary main event when AJ Styles goes one on one with Jeff Jarrett for the GFW World Heavyweight title in a strap match.
    Time: 10 Minutes

    3) GFW Divas Action:  Brie Bella vs Alicia Foxx
    Winner:  Brie Bella
    Time: 8 Minutes

    4) Brie Bella In-Ring Promo
    --Brie Bella hypes up the Divas division here in GFW and pleads Karen Jarrett for a GFW Women's title.  Sasha Banks takes exception to Brie's plea and interrupts her promo calling her an arogant bitch, saying she deserves the title more than a primadona whore.  Brie and Sasha have a catfight in the middle of the ring.  Sasha rips Brie's top off, but Ken Anderson and GFW security run from the back to break up the fight.  Ken Anderson offers his shirt to Brie.
    Time: 5 Minutes

    5) Scott Steiner Backstage Promo
    --Steiner is ranting about Ken Anderson's involvement in the catfight, calling him an fat albino Jew.   Anderson says his girl Sasha Banks is 47.1.123th times the woman in bed than Brie Bella and he should know as he's had them both.  GFW Backstage Interviewer Alex Riley asks Steiner about his involvement in tonight's TerrorDome match for the GFW Television Title.  Scott Steiner reminds the GFW fans that Global Force Wrestling and the Television title don't impose weight limits as they're all about no limits, and tonight, Scott Steiner will climb the top of that cage thus becoming the world's first GFW Television Champion.
    Time: 3 Minutes

    Post Results Here Thread Devineasylum

    6) GFW Television Title: 6-Man ThunderDome Match
    Scott Steiner vs Tyson Kidd vs Ken Anderson vs Fandango vs X-Pac vs Shingo Takagi
    --Winner:  Scott Steiner
    Time: 10 Minutes

    7) Backstage Interview with Eric Young /w Dixie Carter
    --Eric Young is backstage hyping up his days with TNA, saying that he brought Dixie along with him to back him up tonight.  Dixie goes over what a great Champion EY was during the dieing days of TNA and that under her leadership,  Team Dixie and Eric Young will run wild over GFW.
    Time: 3

    Cool Eric Young vs the Miz
    --Winner:  The Miz (due to interference from Dixie Carter)
    Time: 12 Minutes

    --After the Match, Dixie Carter attacks Eric Young then makes out mid-ring with The Miz before celebrating his victory.

    9)Buff Bagwell Sighting
    --Buff Bagwell is seen standing on the side of the road looking onwards
    Time: 30 Seconds

    10) Bobby Lashley vs Rockstar Spudd
    --Winner:  Bobby Lashley
    Time: 5 Minutes

    11)  After the match, a mysterious distorted voice claims that he has evidence that it was Bobby Lashley who raped Lacey Von Erich last week.  The mysterious voice plays video footage of the black hummer driving to the arena.  The masked assailant gets out of the hummer and does a Bobby Lashley pose before walking into the arena.
    --Bobby Lashley is pissed and runs backstage
    Time: 2 Minutes

    12)  The Fandango DanceOff Invitational
    --Backstage Promo where Fandango hypes a dancing contest to take place next week.
    Time:  10 seconds

    13) Backstage Assault
    --Ken Anderson is backstage beating the hell out of Scott Steiner with a flaming block of wood.  Steiner fights back and nails Anderson with a lead filled foam finger.  Anderson and Steiner brawl until the fight is broken up by GFW Security.

    14) GFW World Title: Leather Strap Match
    AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett
    Winner:  AJ Styles after pinning Jeff Jarrett via Styles Clash.
    Time: 20 Minutes


    Matches Announced or Strongly Insinuated for Wrestleversary:

    GFW World Title
    AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett

    GFW Television Title
    Ken Anderson vs Scott Steiner

    GFW Divas Title
    Brie Bella vs Sasha Banks

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    Post by TeeBeeKay on Wed May 14, 2014 1:56 am

    PWE Week 2

    Dark Preshow
    Match 1: Zack Sabre Jr w/Tiffany v Prince Devitt
    -Devitt wins at 6:00
    Match 2: Anthony Nese and Caleb Konley w/Teddy Long v Super Smash Brothers
    -SSB win at 8:00

    Regular Show
    1. Nigel/Dean angle- 10:00 (Dean attacks Nigel)
    -Nigel starts the show in the ring in a suit
    -He informs the crowd that Kurt Angle has been injured and he will be out of action for upwards of three months
    -He addresses the controversy and asks Dean Ambrose to come to the ring

    -Ambrose comes to the ring with a sly smile, and says he's willing to let bygones be bygones and he will accept Nigel's apology and take his rightful place in the title tournament

    -Nigel stops him, says he's not apologizing and not putting him in the title tournament, the final participant will be Brian Kendrick(because fuck TEW) and Kendrick will take Angle's place in the 8 man tag as well

    -Ambrose looks stunned and asks how in the hell Nigel came to that decision

    -Nigel reveals they were looking into Kurt's injury and they found some security footage from the arena as the wrestlers were leaving last week
    -Footage airs on the screen of Angle taking his bag to the car and as he slams the trunk a hooded figure runs behind him and takes a crowbar to his knee. The hooded person hits the knee several more times with the crowbar before turning away from Kurt and as he does the hood falls from his head revealing Dean Ambrose

    -Ambrose stares at the screen in disbelief before turning to Nigel to try and explain how the footage was doctored

    -Nigel cuts him off and is about to reveal Dean's punishment before Dean jumps him and starts laying in the fists to Nigel. Dean rolls outside and grabs a chair. He levels Nigel in the back with it before setting it up in a sitting position and Dean picks up Nigel and uses the Headlock Driver to drive Nigel face first into the chair. Nigel's body goes limp and Dean stands over him for a moment before picking him up and driving him face first again into the already dented chair. Finally security is there to pull him off.

    2: Elite Eight Match: Doug Williams v Jack Evans
    - Doug wins via Chaos Theory at 9:00(11:00)

    3. Samoa Joe Hype Video 3:00

    4. Karl Anderson/Doc Gallows v Dragon Kid/Green Ant
    -BC win at 7:00(9:00)

    5. Bullet Club Promo- 3:00
    -Similar to last week Devitt, Anderson and Gallows gloat and challenge anyone for Bernard

    6. Giant Bernard v Kenny Omega
    Giant Bernard squashes Kenny Omega in 2:00(4:00)

    7. Nigel/Dean Recap 2:00
    -Trish and Josh Matthews update us on Nigel and Dean, Nigel has been taken to a medical facility, and Dean has been escorted from the building.

    8. Elite Eight Match: Kota Ibushi v Samuray Del Sol
    -Ibushi wins in 13:00 via pinfall after Golden Star Press (15:00)

    9.Punk Promo- 6:00
    -Punk talks about how there are 7 other guys in the tournament gunning for the PWE World Title, and as we have seen earlier there are more than 7 other guys looking to get a shot as well. Punk says he welcomes all the competition and is looking forward to proving to everyone that he is ELITE and he is the Best in the World.

    10. 8 Man Tag
    CM Punk/Hernandez/Morrison/Liger v Daniels/Kendrick/Kazarian/MVP
    -Punk pins Kazarian in 23:00(27:00)

    Dark After Show
    Angle: Daniels and Kazarian promo on Punk…. Joe's music hits for the save 4:00

    Match: CM Punk and Samoa Joe v Daniels and Kazarian
    -Joe wins via pinfall on Kazarian in 9:00

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    Post by Stroke on Fri May 16, 2014 11:51 pm

    I accidently posted my show in the wrong spot. Sorry.

    BCW TV

    DARK Match: Masato Tanaka defeats Tommaso Ciampa (5:00)
    S1: In Ring Segment: Ric Flair announces the final four competitiors for the one night BCW World Title tournament at Dawning: Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, James Storm and Colt Cabana. Announces tonight in the main event, we’ll see Dolph Ziggler and James Storm take on Jack Swagger and Colt Cabana. He also announces that next week the bracket for the tournament will be unveiled. (12 minutes)
    S2: Segment: Bully Ray arrives to the building, looking for Kevin Steen. Jeremy Borash catches up with him and he says that he’ll find him tonight one way or the other. (2 minute)
    S3: Match: Young Bucks vs Primetime Players. Young Bucks win by pinfall clean. (8 minutes)
    S4: Backstage Interview: Jeremy Borash with Dolph Ziggler and James Storm. They talk about not being anything alike, except for their goal to be champion. They have no problem with each other and will get along fine tonight, but if they meet at Dawning they won’t be afraid to do what it takes to win. (2 minutes)
    S5: Match: Billy Gunn w/Road Dogg vs Joey Ryan w/ECIII. Ryan wins after interference from ECIII. Teams fight after match (8 minutes)
    S6: In Ring Segment: Bully Ray makes his way to the ring, calling out Kevin Steen. Mount Rushmore of Wrestling makes their way onto the stage. Bully says he wants Steen tonight. Steen says he already has a match so that’s not happening. They trade barbs before Steen warns Bully to be careful who he tries to pick fights with because he might start something he can’t finish. (10 minutes)
    S7: Backstage Interview: Jeremy Borash with The Beautiful People. TBP talk about how they’re here to beautify BCW and the women’s division and that starts tonight with Madison Rayne and Emma. (2 minutes)
    S8: Match: The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne and Emma. Back and forth. TBP win after Love pins Rayne. They go to bag her postmatch but Emma runs them off. (7 minutes)
    S9: 2 Good Minutes Video Package: Davey Richards. Davey talks about his career and why he’s in BCW. (2 minutes)
    S10: Match: Kevin Steen vs Go Shiozaki. Squash with Steen getting the win via Package Piledriver (6 minutes)
    S11: Backstage Interview: Jeremy Borash with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Jack and Zeb talk about how Jack is the perfect choice to represent an American company like BCW as its champion. JB asks about teaming with Colt Cabana tonight and losing to Dolph Ziggler last week, Jack refuses to acknowledge Ziggler beat him and Zeb says that Cabana would be best served to stay out of Swagger’s way. (2 minutes)
    S12: Match: Matt Taven vs Shark Boy. Taven wins clean (5 minutes)
    S13: 2 Good Minutes Video Package: Eddie Edwards. Hype video for Eddie as he talks about his career and his goals for BCW. (2 minutes)
    S14: Tag Team Main Event: James Storm and Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter and Colt Cabana. Back and forth. Swagger and Cabana win after Swagger sneaks a low blow on Storm followed by a gutwrench powerbomb. (20 minutes)
    DARK MATCH: American Wolves vs All Night Express. Wolves win clean.  (8 minutes)

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    Post by 2kNikk on Sat May 17, 2014 1:45 pm

    Had a crazy few days, will catch up very soon.

    Post Results Here Thread Th?id=OIP.M502b2f3b3701db97795cfc81e96d12e1o0&pid=15

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    Post by Vipes on Sat May 17, 2014 6:54 pm

    WRE TV
    Week 2

    Dark Match: Bravado Brothers d. 3.0 (7 mins)

    S1. Ross and West intro. Rundown of what’s to come tonight (2 mins)
    S2. Bad News Barrett promo. He mocks Michael Elgin and says he should have had his spot in the main event last week. (5 mins)
    S3. WRE Tag Team Tourney: Osirian Portal d. Masters and Axel via Osirian Sacrament (8 mins)
    S4. Chuck Taylor promo. Says he will win tonight and win the Lucky 7 Title at Ascendancy. Takes a moment to insult Eddie Kingston. (3 mins)
    S5. Uhaa Nation d. Shiima Xion via Uhaa Combination (10 mins)
    S6. JBL and Lesnar promo. Via satelite from Brock’s palatial Minnesota compound. Lesnar is in the background beating the fuck out of MMA guys while JBL talks about how dangerous Lesnar is. (4 mins)
    S7. Alexander Rusev W/ Lana d. AERO via total squash of jobber (4 mins)
    Post match, Super Dragon has a stare down with Rusev, throws AERO into a guard rail, and then continues his stare down with Rusev. Lana calls Rusev off and they leave.
    S8. Eddie Kingston promo. Talks about his history with Hero. Knows he deserves to be in the WRE Championship match, despite what Chuck Taylor says. (3 mins)
    S9. Winner is entered into Lucky 7 Title match at Ascendancy: Chuck Taylor d. AR Fox, Justin Gabriel and Corey Graves via low blow on Fox followed by an Awful Waffle. (15 mins)
    S10. Steve Blackman tries to train the Submission Squad to prepare them for their careers as professional bounty hunters. It does not go well. (5 mins)
    S11. Facade d. Willie Mack via springboard moonsault (10 mins)
    S12. William Regal and Takeshi Morishima promo. Regal talks up Morishima’s credentials, and announces that Morishima will make his WRE debut next week when he faces Bad News Barrett in a WRE Championship Match qualifier. (3 mins)
    S13. WRE Championship Match Qualifier: Chris Hero d. Eddie Kingston via discus elbow smash after interference from Chuck Taylor (17 mins)

    Post Show Dark Match: Chris Hero and Cesaro d. Submission Squad (Abernathy and Jay) (5 mins)

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    Post by Grant on Mon May 19, 2014 12:37 pm

    Post Results Here Thread WeekBreaker_3_zps0c290f43

    Post Results Here Thread Tumblr_oprod6jUnN1ucav7no1_500

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    Post by Grant on Mon May 19, 2014 3:12 pm

    Dark Match #1: Jimmy Jacobs & LuFisto d. Zander Jones & Rosa Mendes (5 min)
    Dark Match #2: Danny Havoc d. Aaron Epic (3 min)
    Dark Match #3: Mia Yim & Mad Blanky d. Aksana & The Jollyville Fuck-Its (8 min)

    Post Results Here Thread NewMeltdownLogo_zps504d67c8
    WEEK 3!

    Segment 1: Opening pyro, video, etc/DDP and Hogan hyping the main event, ACH/Jericho, Killers & Kings Tourney and we'll hear from The Undertaker! (2 min)

    Segment 2: Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket C
    Adam Cole vs. Krimson (7 min)

    --Some good back and forth action, Krimson seemingly zombie-like as putting him down is difficult.
    --Cole goes for a suicide dive but Krimson spews mist in his face and drills him with a Uranage on the floor! But Cole manages to fight back and hits a brainbuster in the ring.
    --The sick, sadistic Krimson is tough as nails though and shakes off the brainbuster. Cole soon realizes some overkill is necessary to put the madman down. Cole nails three nasty superkicks that drop Krimson to the mat. Adam waits for a moment then hits the ropes with a fury, taking Krimson's head off with a shining wizard then deadlifting him into a German suplex pin to pick up the win and the advance.
    Winner: Adam Cole

    Segment 3: Greg Burridge interviews Sheamus about tonight's main event. (2 min)
    --Sheamus makes it abundantly clear that he'll be advancing come hell or high water. Fella.

    Segment 4: Tag Team Match
    The Batiri vs. Pieces of Hate (11 min)

    --Quick, fun, crazy action with these two teams.
    --Lots of lucha inspired shenanigans and whatnot.
    --With the Batiri on the floor, Jigsaw goes to the dive department and wipes Kodama out, but Obariyon escapes. As the referee checks on them, Kobald comes from under the ring and cuts Shard in two with the Spear! He rolls out quickly as Obariyon heads up top and murders Shard with the Diving DDT! The ref slides back in and makes the count, allowing the Batiri to pick up the W.
    Winners: The Batiri

    Segment 5: Shawn Michaels is in his office, Masada and Terry Funk demand that tonight's multi-bracket tag match be hardcore. (3 min)
    --Masada wants to send a message to Danny Havoc and Terry is just goddamn crazy.
    --HBK agrees to their demand and tells them not to kill anyone.
    --As they leave, Josh Alexander enters the office. He says he doesn't want a bye in the Killers & Kings Tournament.
    --He asks that HBK draw up an open contract and whoever signs it, he'll face next week on Meltdown. The winner advances.
    --HBK makes sure that's what Alexander wants and assures him that he'll have it drawn up immediately.

    Segment 6: Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket B
    CIMA vs. Brodie Lee (12 min)

    --These two beat the living hell out of each other all match.
    --Brodie lines CIMA up for the big boot and gets a full head up steam but CIMA ducks it, rebounds off the rope with a dropkick that sends Lee staggering into the ropes and back towards CIMA, CIMA kips up and manages to get Brodie into the Schwein this time and drills him but cannot follow up for the pin.
    --Both men climb back to their feet and exchange some punches but the quicker CIMA blocks a Brodie right and hits a jawbreaker to stagger him to the ropes only for him to rebound this time with a lariat! CIMA stumbles back to his feet and eats a discus lariat this time for the one - two - three!
    Winner: Brodie Lee

    Segment 7: Greg Burridge interviews Chris Jericho. (3 min)
    --Jericho trashes ACH, says he's over his head this time.
    --He puts everyone on notice that he'll soon be running through the rest of the competition.
    --He's the Best in the World at what he does and after he wins the Undisputed Championship, MFW will never EEEEEEEEEVER be the same again!

    Segment 8: Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Multi-Bracket *Hardcore Match*
    BJ Whitmer & Masada vs. Ethan Page & Terry Funk (8 min)

    --Masada, Whitmer and Funk seem right at home in the hardcore environment, but Page doesn't seem too happy about it.
    --Despite not liking the match, Page starts to adapt and almost puts Whitmer away with the Headshot Cutter on the steel stairs. After that, Whitmer bails out of the match and leaves Masada to deal with both Funk and Page.
    --Page and Funk double suplex Masada through a table for a near fall before Page blasts Funk with a chair and tells him that he's got this under control.
    --Masada blocks the Uranage by Page and decimates him with a release Regal Plex into the corner. Whitmer still has no more interest in participating anymore and watches on as Funk and Masada trade a few wild chair shots. Terry clocks Masada in the chops after a chair jab and calls for a DDT on an open chair but Masada heaves Funk up and drills him with the Masadamizer onto the chair and pins Funk to win the match.
    Winners: BJ Whitmer & Masada

    Segment 9: We run a sitdown interview from earlier, with Hulk Hogan talking to Killers and Kings competitors. (2 min)
    --Johnny Gargano, Chris Jericho, Sami Callihan, Adam Cole, Mike Quackenbush and Sheamus are all asked the same questions.
    --Obviously everyone is determined to win and claim the Undisputed Championship as their prize.

    Segment 10: Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Bracket A
    Chris Jericho vs. ACH (23 min)

    --Right at the bell, ACH hits a flash pin and damn near eliminates Jericho from the entire tournament.
    --Needless to say, this match is absolutely phenomenal.
    --Great back and forth action, a lot of near falls and technical wrestling mixed with aerial attacks from ACH and submission work from Jericho.
    --ACH ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard crossbody for a near fall. He catches Jericho in a small package and gets another near fall. They stagger to their feet and Jericho nails the Codebreaker! He hooks the leg and gets the one, two, and the- NO! ACH kicks out!
    --Jericho loses his shit and attempts to lock in the Walls but ACH kips up and hits a rana, hits the ropes and nails a crazy leaping DDT.
    --ACH heads up top for the Dragon-Fly Frog Splash and nails it perfectly! But Jericho manages to kick out at the last second.
    --With Y2J still down, ACH goes for the 2nd rope 450 Splash but Jericho rolls out of the way. However, ACH lands on his feet and rolls with momentum. He rushes Jericho but gets catapulted face first into the top of the ring post! Jericho pulls ACH off the buckle and rolls him up with a handful of tights for the cheap victory!
    Winner: Chris Jericho

    Segment 11: Undertaker is in a dark, unoccupied part of the arena. (4 min)
    --Undertaker talks of disposing of The Forgotten permanently if they interject themselves into any more of his business.
    --Taker assures us that Chris Jericho WILL come face to face with the reaper again soon, and nobody will be able to save him.

    Segment 12: Main Event - Killers & Kings Tournament Round 1 - Multi-Bracket
    Mike Quackenbush, Roderick Strong & Biff Busick vs. Adrian Neville, Goldberg & Sheamus (12 min)

    --Good back and forth action, Quack and Strong had some great exchanges with Neville and Sheamus, while Biff had some stiff battles with Sheamus and Goldberg.
    --Quack, Strong and Goldberg made it a point to avoid being in the ring with each other.
    --We have a series of near falls and hot tags to Strong and Sheamus, but everyone ends up in the ring anyway and it's chaos!
    --Biff Busick rushes Goldberg on the outside with a diving knee off the apron and both men crash into the guard rail. Quack hits a palm strike on Sheamus but suffers immediately after at the hands of Neville's Dragon Suplex. Neville staggers to his feet and Strong destroys him with The End of Heartache! Roddy pops back to his feet and gets annihilated by the Brogue Kick! Sheamus hooks the leg and gets the one, two, three!
    Winners: Adrian Neville, Goldberg & Sheamus


    Dark Match Main Event:
    Sheamus & The Undertaker d. Chris Jericho, Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer (10 min)
    --Fun match, faces win after Taker Chokeslams Jacobs.

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    Post by Swarles on Mon May 19, 2014 3:57 pm

    Post Results Here Thread Bwf_strongstyle_zpsd018e9ad

    Dark Match: Mike Bennett w/ Maria over Adam Pearce – 5 minutes

    Dark Match: Jimmy Rave w/ Nana over Marty Scurll – 6 minutes

    Segment 1: Kazuchika Okada w/ Layla vs. Jay Lethal
    -Okada wins clean with the RAINMAKER - 8 minutes

    Segment 2: Backstage promo with Daniel Bryan
    -Renee asks Bryan his thoughts on the match he just saw with Okada/Lethal. Says Okada was impressive, but he can't worry about him tonight, tonight he is focused on Homicide. - 2 mins

    Segment 3: King of Flight Semifinal: La Sombra vs. Ricochet
    -La Sombra wins clean with the corkscrew senton – 12 mins

    Segment 4: Japanese Embassy in ring promo
    -Nana is in the ring with KENTA and Marufuji. He wants them to be awarded the BWF tag team titles. Dem Rhodes boys come out, they say they deserve to be champs. KES then comes out, and you'll never guess, but they also want to be champs. Mick Foley then enters and books a elimination triangle tag for the belts at BWF Coronation. - 8 minutes

    Segment 5: King of Flight Semifinal: Sami Zayn vs. BxB Hulk
    -During a ref bump, Matt Sydal runs out and lays both guys out with a chair. Zayn lands on BxB after he is hit and when the ref wakes up, he counts 3. Zayn is the winner. - 12 mins

    Segment 6: Sydal promo
    -Sydal is leaving the arena but is chased down by Renee before he leaves. She asks why he just did that. Sydal says BxB Hulk got lucky 2 weeks ago and doesn't deserve to make the finals, so he took him out. And Sami Zayn called him a racist. HOW DARE HE CALL MATT SYDAL A RACIST? Matt then proclaims he is not a racist, but a truthist and leaves the arena. - 3 minutes

    Segment 7: Magnus in ring
    -Magnus says John Cena cheated last week. Says if it was a Dixieland match he would have won for sure. He says he is the best champion in the past decade and challenges any former champion to come out and wrestle him so he can prove last week was a fluke. - 4 mins

    Segment 8: Magnus vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    -Tanahashi wins with the slingblade. - 8 minutes.

    Segment 9: Cena after the match
    -Cena comes out, laughs at a dead Magnus, then shakes hands with Tanahashi, showing him a sign of respect going into their match at Coronation. - 4 minutes

    Segment 10: Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Jimmy Yang
    -ADR wins with the armbar – 6 minutes

    Segment 10: ADR post match promo
    -ADR claims Nakamura was not supposed to be in the building last week, so he wasn't ready for him. He says he WILL be ready for Coronation, and makes a challenge to Nakamura for a rematch. - 3 mins

    Segment 11: Renee interviews Sami Zayn
    -Sami can't believe Sydal ruined his match. He challenges sydal to a match next week, Zayn and BxB Hulk vs. Sydal and any partner he can find – 3 minutes

    Segment 12: Video package on the history of Bryan/Homicide – 3 mins

    Segment 13: Daniel Bryan vs. Homicide
    -Bryan wins with the yes lock – 15 minutes

    Dark Main Event: John Cena over Naomichi Marufuji w/ Nana – 10 minutes



    Winner of Cena/Tanahashi vs. Winner of Bryan/Okada

    Sami Zayn vs. La Sombra

    Japanese Embassy(KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji) vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. KES(Lance Archer and Harry Smith)

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

    John Cena vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    Daniel Bryan vs. Kazuchika Okada


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    Post by Xero on Mon May 19, 2014 7:52 pm

    GFW Monday Nitro Week 3

    1) AJ Styles in-ring promo
    --AJ Styles comes to the ring dressed in street clothes with the GFW title draped around his waste.  He gloats about pinning that faggot Jeff Jarrett in the middle of the ring during their leather strap match last week.  He promises the same thing is going to happen in two weeks at Wrestleversary then AJ styles is going to systematically eliminate every homosexual that is employed by Global Force Wrestling.
    --AJ Styles is interrupted by Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre who takes offense to Style's insulting remarks against homosexual people.  Heath Slater claims that when he and Drew McIntyre announced their unbridled passion and love for one another via last week, the Jarrett family was immensely supportive.
    --AJ Styles says that he'll make an example out of Heath Slater as the first of many victims as he attempts to rid Global Force Wrestling of its homosexual disease.  AJ announces that because he has absolutely no fear of loosing his title, that he is going to put it on the line in a match tonight against Slater.
    10 Minutes

    2) GFW World Heavyweight Title:  AJ Styles vs Heath Slater w/Drew McIntyre
    --Winner AND NEW GFW CHAMPION:  Heath Slater via interference from Jeff Jarrett
    Time: 10 Minutes

    --After the match, Slater and McIntyre kiss one another in celebration.  AJ is throwing a fit outside the ring.

    3) Willow Backstage segment
    --Willow is backstage holding a cute white kitten that cannot be more than a month old.  Willow tells a story about how he has always loved cats ever since he was a little boy and how one day 20 years ago, Willow's cat was run over by a car and when Willow saw the cat's blood splattered on the side of the road, he collected what he could and kept it in a vial.  He claims that cat blood sustains him enough to not require sustenance and that tonight after his match, he will sacrifice this cat live on air and drink its blood.
    Time: 3 Minutes

    4) Bobby Lashley arrives in the building.  Little children are in the lobby area.  Lashley walks over to greet the children but they run away.  Parents tell their children to stay away from the rapist.  
    Time: 2 Minutes

    5) Bobby Lashley In-Ring Promo
    --Indignant Mike Tenay is standing in the center of the ring.  He announces that in just three weeks at Wrestleversary live from Justin.TV, you can see the resolution to this storyline for just $49.99.  He calls Rapist Bobbly Lashley to the ring and asks him what he has to say for himself.  
    --Lashley maintains that he did not rape Lacey Von Erich and that he was set up.
    --Idignant Mike Tenay calls Bobby Lashley a liar and replays the footage from last week.
    --Lashley says that he wasn't even in the building when Lacey was abducted.
    --A shadowy figure appears on the  32-inch Samsung plasma TV above the entrance stage.  The shadowy figure admits that Bobby Lashley did not rape Lacey Von Erich -- that HE raped Lacey Von Erich and that next week, he would make his identity known to the world.
    Time: 5 Minutes

    6) Sasha Banks vs Nikki Bella
    Winner:  Sasha Banks 
    Time: 2 Minutes

    --After the match, Sasha Banks attacks Nikki Bella.  Banks is driven off by Brie Bella

    7) Buff Bagwell Video Package
    --Buff Bagwell is seen on the side of the road, trying to flag down cars.
    Time: 1 Minute

    Cool AJ Styles Backstage Promo
    --AJ Styles is irate calling his loss a fluke setup and brags that Heath Slater could never beat him twice.  Slater gets involved as does Jarrett.  Heath Slater proclaims that he is a fighting champion and challenges both men to a Hell in a Cell match tonight for the GFW title.
    Time:  5 Minutes

    9) Fandango Dance-Off
    --Fandango dances to the ring and announces tonight's list of participants.  X-Pac, Rockstar Spudd, and Hardcore Holly.
    --The four-men dance their asses off.  Fandango announces himself the winner which pisses of X-Pac and Hardcore Holly who assault Fandango, leaving him laying in the ring.
    Time: 8 Minutes

    10) Scott Steiner Backstage Segment
    --  Brie Bella is walking backstage when she is confronted by Scott Steiner who threatens to beat the hell out of her with a lead pipe for assaulting Sasha Banks.  Brie Bella is saved by Ken Anderson who comes out of nowhere and assaults Steiner.
    -- Ken Anderson huts a visibly shaken Brie Bella.
    Time: 5 Minutes

    11) Willow vs Tyson Kidd vs Sanada vs Rockstar Spudd
    Winner:  Willow
    --After the match, Willow picks up the white kitten that he had wrapped in a rope at ringside.  He begins to take a knife to the cat when Teddy Hart comes out of nowhere and assaults Willow.  
    Time: 15 Minutes

    12) Backstage Promo with Dixie Carter & Miz
    --Dixie Carter talks about what a disappointment Eric Young was and how he was the champion that finally put the company out of business.  Dixie says that while she is aware that Eric Young is at home licking his wounds tonight that her man issues a challenge at Wrestleversary.  It'll be the Miz and 3 mystery partners versus Eric Young and partners of his own choosing in a 4 vs 4 elimination match.
    4 Minutes

    13)  Hell in a Cell: GFW World Title: Heath Slather vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett
    --Slater is about to pin AJ Styles when he just says fuck it and walks out of the ring.  Indignant Mike Tenay screams that Slater is not following the script and that he has ruined the finish.
    Winner and NEW GFW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: AJ Styles via Styles Clash on Jeff Jarrett
    --Time: 20 Minutes


    Matches Announced or Strongly Implied for Wrestleversary:

    GFW World Heavyweight Title
    Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles

    X-Pac & Hardcore Holly vs Fandango & ???

    Kittens on a Pole Match
    Willow vs Teddy Hart

    If ??? wins, Lacey Von Erich can't press rape charges
    Bobby Lashley vs ???

    GFW Women's Title
    Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella

    GFW Television Title
    Scott Steiner vs Ken Anderson

    8-Man Tag Elimination Match
    The Miz, ???, ???, ??? vs Eric Young ???, ???, ???

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    Post by TeeBeeKay on Wed May 21, 2014 11:45 pm

    PWE Week 3

    Pre Show
    1. Low Ki v Zack Sabre Jr- Low Ki wins at 8:00

    2 Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga v SSB- Bullet Club wins in 6:00

    Main Show
    1. Paul London(0pts) v Jack Evans(0pts) - Elite Eight Match
    - London wins at 7:00(9:00)

    2. Josh and Trish Update us on Nigel and Ambrose -2:00
    Josh and Trish inform us that Nigel has suffered a serious concussion and won't be able to fulfill his duties as matchmaker, and we expect an announcement about the new matchmaker to be made next week. Dean Ambrose has been suspended and will not be here tonight

    3. Kendrick Promo 3:00
    -Kendrick says he knows people doubt him, and think he doesn't deserve to be in this tournament, and if he's being honest he agrees. He lost to Ambrose, but he has been given a second chance and he's not going to let it go to waste, he's going to prove he does deserve this chance.

    4. Briscoes v Forever Hooliganz
    - Briscoes win at 8:00(10:00)

    5. Bullet Club attack Briscoes- 4:00
    -Anderson, Gallows, Bernard, Devitt rush the ring and beat down the Briscoes

    6. Bullet Club Promo- 3:00
    -Anderson, Gallows and Devitt talk about how dominant the BC is and how nobody can stop them, now get another loser out here for Bernard to kill

    7. Bernard Squashes Dragon Kid- 2:00(4:00)

    8. Joe Promo Vid- 2:00
    -Joe is still coming!!!!!

    9. Morrison warming up- attacked by Ambrose- 3:00
    -John Morrison is doing some parkour backstage to get ready for his match when a hooded assailant jumps him and takes out his knee from behind, he keeps beating on him until security escort him from the building

    10. Alex Shelley(3pts) v Doug Williams(3pts) - Elite Eight Match
    - Williams wins at 13:00(15:00)

    11. Punk Promo - 4:00
    -Punk talks about respecting the history and tradition of the business. Next week he's wrestling Jushin Liger in the PWE Title Tournament, and it will be an honor. Liger paved the way for guys like Punk, but as much as Punk respects Liger, nothing will stop him from winning the PWE World Title

    12. PWE World Title Tournament Round 1: Brian Kendrick v Kazarian
    -Kendrick wins in 10:00(12:00)

    13. Daniels Promo - 3:00
    -Daniels saw what happened to Morrison, but things happen and if he has to accept a win by forfeit, it's still a win, and he still advances in the tournament

    14. PWE World Title Tournament Round 1: Christopher Daniels v John Morrison
    - Morrison limps out and tries his best but falls short
    - Daniels wins in 14:00(16:00)

    Post Show
    Angle: MVP Promo 3:00
    -MVP wants some competition...enter Joe

    Match: Samoa Joe v MVP
    - Joe wins via DQ at 9:00(11:00)

    Angle: Joe attacks MVP leaving him laying with the Muscle Buster

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    Post by Stroke on Thu May 22, 2014 12:35 pm

    Bellinger Championship Wrestling
    Announcers: Jim Cornette and Matt Striker
    S1: In Ring: Ric Flair: Ric Flair is out to announce the 4 first round matches for the BCW World Title tournament at Dawning. Puts over what it takes to be a champion and says that whoever wins the truly be a World Champion the company can be proud of. The tournament matches are announced one by one with a snazzy graphic and they are: Colt Cabana vs Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler vs Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards vs Bully Ray, Kevin Steen vs James Storm. He also announces Kevin Steen vs Eddie Edwards tonight 1-on-1 in the main event. He also announces that next week there will be an 8-man tag team match featuring all 8 participants. Woo!    (12:00)
    S2: Backstage: Bully Ray and Ric Flair: Bully meets up as Flair is walking backstage. He says he wanted to face Kevin Steen and if going through Davey Richards is what it takes to get him, he’ll do it. Flair says not to take Richards lightly, but he can see Bully is looking for a fight. He’s in for one next week in the 8-man tag match and at Dawning, but for tonight he can give him one too. He books Bully Ray one-on-one with James Storm. (3:00)
    S3: Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Tommaso Ciampa. Back and forth. Ziggler wins via Zigzag. (8:00)
    S4: Video: Two Good Minutes with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Swagger and Colter talk about Swagger’s athletic and hype him as being the athlete of the 21st century. Swagger is here to represent BCW and America they deserve. (2:00)
    S5: Interview: ECIII and Joey Ryan with Jeremy Borash: JB asks ECIII and Ryan about their partnership and ECIII cuts him off, saying they don’t need to explain themselves. Their partnership is one that is mutually beneficial and that’s all they need to know. (2:00)
    S6: Match: James Storm vs Bully Ray. Hard hitting back and forth contest. Bully Ray wins via Bully Bomb. (14:00)
    S7: Interview: Road Dogg with Jeremy Borash: Borash asks Road Dogg about the news that Billy Gunn retired and how that effects tonight’s signed tag team match. Road Dogg said he was told by Flair he has a partner so he’s going to go out and make the best of it. (2:00)
    S8: Match: Sleazy Money (ECIII and Joey Ryan) vs Road Dogg and Shark Boy: Back and forth, ECIII gets the win over Sharky with the 1%er. (7:00)
    S9: Video: Two Good Minutes with Colt Cabana: Video highlighting Cabana’s career around the world and talks about what he wants to do in BCW. (2:00)    
    S10: Match: Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs Darren Young w/Titus O’Neil. Swagger wins via Ankle Lock (6:00)
    S11: Interview: Mount Rushmore of Wrestling: Kevin Steen and the Young Bucks talk about how they will take over BCW and it starts with Steen winning the BCW World Title. Tonight, Eddie Edwards is the first example of what the MROW will do. (2:00)
    S12: Match: Gail Kim vs Natalya. Kim wins with the Eat Defeat (8:00)
    S13: Backstage Segment: Gail Kim and AJ Lee. Kim is backstage when she’s approached by AJ Lee. AJ says Kim had a good effort tonight, but it won’t matter once the BCW Women’s Title crowing time comes around, because the only woman worthy of holding that gold is AJ. Two share some angry glances before AJ walks away. (2:00)
    S14: Match: Eddie Edwards w/Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen w/The Young Bucks. Back and forth contest. Edwards wins by DQ after YB interfere. Steen/YB beat down the Wolves before Bully Ray comes in to make the save to end the show. (20:00)  

    Confirmed Matches for BCW 'Dawning'
    BCW World Title Tournament
    Colt Cabana vs Jack Swagger
    Dolph Ziggler vs Eddie Edwards
    Davey Richards vs Bully Ray
    Kevin Steen vs James Storm

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    Post by GolfClubNinja on Fri May 23, 2014 6:29 pm

    Dasher Hatfeild v.s. Sugar Dunkington
    Dasher wins. 10 mins
    Angle: New tag champs talk, get attacked
    • Talk about how they won last night title, and how no-one can get in the way of their goals, but then rikishi and vader come out and beat them up. Rikishi grabs a mic and says “see you in 2 weeks.”
    3 mins
    First PPV announcement: In Your Apartment: Construction Zone.
    • Matches include the T.H.A.W. Champion match and a 10-man scaffold royale to face the T.H.A.W. champion at the next PPV, as well as the Cash Money Power construction zone match were wrestlers use all sorts of construction vehicles and tools to get the briefcase held by a crane, which allows to create or join any championship match.
    5 mins
    Donshoku Dino VS. Soldier ant w/ Ant Colony
    • The match starts with traded blows, but the soldier ant gains the edge, and after beating dino up more, goes to the top rope. As he jumps for a splash… DINO GETS UP AND HITS A DRIVER!!! 1…2…3!!! DINO WINS
    Dino wins by pinfall, 8 mins.
    Angle: Stone cold comes out to announce that the first match for the texas title will begin.
    • He explains that two #1 contender matches will decide the two opponents for the title, and at Construction zone the winners will face off in a texas-10 count match.
    2 mins
    Texas title #1 contender match #1: Sabu v.s. Sin Cara
    • The match starts with a surprise rana countered into a power bomb, as sabu gets the edge, and promptly begins destroying sin cara, and after only 6 minutes sabu beated sin cara so bad he had no need for a finisher
    Sabu wins by pinfall, 6 mins
    Angle: Orton comes out with Heyman
    • And says that he will have paul heyman as his manager (hence, Heyman) and be the first and only Hey-Pex Predator*.
    2 mins
    *purposely cheesy!
    4-4-4 Tourney match #1: Mark Henry v.s. Randy Orton w/ Paul Heyman
    • Starting with counters and small blows, both men have a history with eachother in the now collapsed WWE, and will bring it to T.H.A.W. After a Crossbody/Randy Orton Suplex, orton takes control, showing why he thinks he should be the T.H.A.W. champion.
    • After throwing henry out, and with heymans guidance, getting him and henry out on a 9-count, he does A TOP ROPE DDT!!! This is surley over for henry. As henry gets up, he calls for an RKO, BUT henry grabs him and hit a W.S.T.!
    • As he goes to the ropes to catch his breath, Heyman slams his neck onn the rope, that cheating bastard… BUT WAIT the ref saw something for the first time! He calls for the bell!
    Henry wins by DQ from heyman, 10 mins.
    Main Event announcement: 10-man battle royale for T.V. King title(consider scaffold royale preview match).
    • The announcers explain that the T.V. King Title will be decided this night, and is defended on each T.V. Showing, but not PPV’s, allowing them to hold a belt as well, it is considered that your are REALLY good if you can defend it for a long time.
    2 mins
    4-4-4 Tourney match #2: Batista v.s. Tony Dreamer
    • The ECW veteran and The Animal trade blows for a couple minutes getting bigger each time, but then batista takes control after a spinebuster.
    • After tony gets a small comeback going, batista shuts it down and throws him out of the ring, and sends him into the steel steps.
    • The now exhausted dreamer tries to escape to the ring, but batista is waiting inside WITH A BATISTA-BOMB!!! 1…2…3!!! It’s Official, Batista v.s. Mark Henry!
    Batista wins by pinfall, 12 mins.
    Angle: Handshake, Batista?
    • Henry comes out after the match, still looking a bit weathered, and tries to shake hands with batista, but batista just say’s “I don’t respect opponents, no matter how great.”
    2 mins
    Angle: Orton and Heyman talk.
    • After heyman tries to explain,, orton says “I signed with you only for the money.” And walks away. Heyman just watches him leave shocked.
    MAIN EVENT!!!: 10-Man Battle Royale for T.V. King Title!
    • **NOTE**For simplicity sakes, I’m first listing the participants, then who gets eliminated at what time, but the in depth match report WILL happen for the 10-man Scaffold Royale. Hey, I’m not WWE!
    • Participant’s: Knux, Fire Ant, Raven, Rikishi, Blue Meanie, R.V.D, Ted Diabiase Jr., Worker Ant, Khali, Vader and Rey Mysterio.
    • Eliminations:
    Blue Meanie @ 2 mins by Knux
    Khali @ 4 mins by Rikishi, Vader and Raven
    Vader @ 5 mins by Knux
    Rikishi @ 5 mins by Fire ant, Worker ant And Mysterio
    Worker ant @ 6 mins by Knux
    Knux @ 10 mins by Fire ant, R.V.D. and Mysterio
    Fire Ant @ 13 mins by Raven
    Ted Diabase Jr. @ 15 mins by Rey Mysterio
    Rey Mysterio @ 17 mins by Raven
    Raven @ 21 mins by R.V.D.
    Though The MVP is Knux with 3 eliminations
    R.V.D. wins by being R.V.D., 21 mins
    Angle: Knux Attacks R.V.D.
    • Angry that he lost, he beats up R.V.D., LET THE FEUD BEGIN!
    Confirmed Construction Zone matches:
    T.H.A.W. Championship Match:
    Batista v.s. Henry
    10-Man Scaffold Royale
    Participants: TBD
    Cash Money Powa Construction Zone Match:
    Participants: TBD
    T.H.A.W. Tag Titles:
    New Kliq (Diesiel and Rhino) v.s. Rikishi and Vader

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    WRE TV
    Week 3

    Dark Match: Steve Blackman & Erick Rowan d. Curtis Axel and Chris Masters (8 mins)

    S1. Big Impressive opening segment. JR and West run down what is to come on the show. (2 mins)
    S2. Chuck Taylor in ring promo. Gloats about how smart he is, and how stupid Eddie Kingston is. Stacy Keibler comes out, announces that Kingston now gets a spot in the Lucky 7 qualifying match tonight. Taylor is not amused. (4 mins)
    S3. WRE Tag Title Tourney Preview Match: Dave Crist d.Ophidian via Air Raid Crash (8 mins)
    S4. Michael Elgin attacks Bad News Barrett backstage. Elgin is escorted from the building by security. (3 mins)
    S5. Super Dragon d. Gary Jay via Super Dragon murder party.
    Post match Alexander Rusev comes down to the ring, and resumes their staredown from last week. AERO runs out and attempts to join the staredown. Rusev and Dragon kill AERO before Lana once again calls off Rusev and they leave. (5 mins)
    S6. Cesaro Promo. Congratulates Hero for his win last week. Issues an open challenge to anyone on the roster to face him tonight so he can stay sharp for Ascendancy. (3 mins)
    S7. Cesaro d. AR Fox via Neutralizer. (13 mins)
    S8. BrOvado promo. Bo says he’s going to win tonight for all his Boleivers, and the Bravados will capture the WRE Tag Team Championships for their Grandma. (3 mins)
    S9. WRE Tag Team Tourney: The Ascension d. 3.0 via Fall of Man (7 mins)
    S10. Eddie Kingston promo: King is pissed. Tells Chucky T he’d better pray Kingston doesn’t win, or he’ll fucking murder Chuck at Ascendancy.(4 mins)
    S11. Lana & Rusev promo. Lana tells Super Dragon that Rusev has grown tired of him, and wishes to destroy him next week in the ring. (2 mins)
    S12. Winner is entered into Lucky 7 Title match at Ascendancy: Eddie Kingston d. Bo Dallas, Uhaa Nation and Shiima Xion via Sliding D to Xion. (14 mins)
    S13. JBL and Lesnar promo. This week, Lesnar is beating up random indy guys at some show. JBL gives Iron Sheik an ultimatum: Give Brock what he wants, or he starts shopping his client elsewhere. (5 mins)
    S14. WRE Championship Match qualifier: Takeshi Morishima d. Bad News Barrett via back drop driver. Post match Michael Elgin comes through the crowd and brawls with Barrett, chasing him to the back. (16 mins)

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