10 WrestleMania Matches That Never Happened (wwe.com)

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    10 WrestleMania Matches That Never Happened (wwe.com)

    Post by WWF Attitude on Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:30 pm


    Zack Linder wrote:Hogan-Andre, Austin-Rock, Michaels-Undertaker. Some matches are simply destined to occur at The Showcase of the Immortals. But with so many moving parts in WWE paired with the complexities of organizing entertainment’s greatest spectacle, many bouts planned for WrestleMania have been nixed, cut, scrapped or changed for reasons unexplained — until now.

    From dream matches to the culminations of longstanding rivalries, these are the contests that became lost pieces in WrestleMania’s constantly evolving puzzle. To learn their untold stories, WWE.com spoke with WWE Hall of Famers, a few degenerates and even a certain COO who were involved in these potential encounters. Read on to discover the truth behind 10 WrestleMania moments that almost were.

    short version:
    10. Mr. McMahon vs. Mick Foley (WrestleMania X-Seven)
    09. I.R.S., The Headshrinkers, Rick Martel and Jeff Jarrett vs. Tatanka, The Smoking Gunns, Bob “Spark Plug” Holly and The 1-2-3 Kid (WrestleMania X)
    08. Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan — WWE Championship Match (WrestleMania VIII)
    07. Mike Tyson vs. Triple H — Boxing Match (WrestleMania X-Seven)
    06. Razor Ramon vs. Goldust — Miami Street Fight (WrestleMania XII)
    05. Big Show vs. Shaq (WrestleMania XXVIII)
    04. John Cena vs. Jay Z & Fabolous — Battle Rap (WrestleMania XIX)
    03. Kane vs. X-Pac (WrestleMania 2000)
    02. Mankind vs. Vader (WrestleMania 13)
    01. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Hollywood Hogan (WrestleMania X8)


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    Re: 10 WrestleMania Matches That Never Happened (wwe.com)

    Post by CapitalTTruth on Mon Mar 31, 2014 5:13 pm

    I found the write up for the last one pretty interesting. It is basically Austin saying, "All do respect to Hogan, he couldn't keep up with me and I didn't want to be part of the shit he would inevitably produce.

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    Re: 10 WrestleMania Matches That Never Happened (wwe.com)

    Post by dragondragon on Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:28 pm

    Jay Z and Cena? That needs to happen. Just so jay could drop some racial slurs and talk about how much he hates Cena for stealing his gimmick or something

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    Re: 10 WrestleMania Matches That Never Happened (wwe.com)

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