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    Diary of a Madman

    Post by Grant on Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:54 pm

    Not really a diary at all. But I've been doing DDP Yoga for a month now and kind of feel like updating my friends (online or otherwise) of my progress.

    Let me give you a rewind to when I was 19. I used to be really into weight lifting. Wasn't quite one of those over-inflated meat heads wearing zubaz. But I certainly filled a great deal of my free time with lifting. long story short, I hurt my back really badly and have dealt with the pain ever since. On top of that, I've always struggled with my weight. Diets and exercise plans never really worked too well, even when I stuck to them perfectly.

    Another long story short, I've been interested in DDP Yoga since he first came out with it. Never took the leap at it though for one reason or another. But after a month of it? I'm feeling great! I've lost five pounds (without changing my diet AT ALL) and I wake up without the miserable back pain I had grown so used to.

    I'm slowly transitioning what I consume, but MAN is the food topic the hardest part for me. However, I know I'll get there soon enough. Other than that, confidence, mood, energy and general motivation has gone through the roof. I truly recommend DDP Yoga for anyone looking to get in shape without having to mess with the gym nonsense.

    I'll update the thread as I progress in my journey of self-betterment. Smile


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