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    Kingdom Hearts

    Post by Xero on Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:45 pm

    A friend of mine convinced me to pick up the HD version of this game last week, and I've been playing it a good bit.  According to the guides I'm reading, I'm about 40ish percent through the game.  While I feel like having played this game increases my gamer cred, I can't help but feel Kingdom Hearts-Mania is one of those "you just had to have been there" things because in 2014, I feel like this game is abysmal.

    First of all, the game looks great in HD and the animations are fun to watch.  The problem is quite literally everything else.  

    At the beginning of the game, there's like an hour long tutorial section.  You start the game off making a bunch of decisions that you may or may not know have a serious effect on your progress throughout the game.  I picked up on the sword/shield/staff choice, but there's even a questionnaire in which your answers dictate how fast you level.  Either way, your first hour of the game consists of you running around this island-like prison place talking to enough random children before you figure out you have to collect a list of items.  You do this twice and the real game starts.  I can't help but feel this directionless nonsense was some kind of allegory for the game in general because that's all it is.

    In nearly every area you watch a cutscene and then are dumped out in the world on your own without the slightest clue of how to progress through the story.  Exploration does you no good because you often have to do x before you can do y.  Each level (yes this game basically has levels; it is not an RPG) basically consists of you roaming around tiny rooms that feel like movie sets until you stumble upon a cutscene, then you meander some more before stumbling on a cutscene and a boss fight.  

    In between traveling to each level is a terrible overhead shooter minigame that exists like, for 
    some reason?

    The actual fight mechanics are fun.  I played Crisis Core, so I've played KH style combat and knew what I was getting into.  Mechanically, everything else is a mess.  Most of the areas in the game are incredibly tiny little "rooms" that have so much crap packed into them they're almost maze-like and the camera shits a brick literally every time you're trying to do virtually anything.  The game also treats itself as a platformer and likes to force you into jumping from point to point to reach some hidden door or area.  The problem with this is that the controls are sluggish and until you get used to the poor controls, you're going to be falling off cliffs over and over again.  

    I want to like this game as it does have a lot of charm, but I just can't get past the gameplay.  I couldn't dream of playing this game without following a guide as 90% of the game's length has to come from having no clue what you're doing as the actual areas themselves are quite short.  Having said that, I don't enjoy constantly looking back and forth between a text document on my PC and my television when playing a game, so this one just isn't doing it for me.

    I feel like I should at least finish it, and maybe I will, since I'm told Kingdom Hearts II fixes a lot of the issues I have with the original.

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    Re: Kingdom Hearts

    Post by Swarles on Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:02 am

    Kingdom Hearts is a super overrated game, and I think people go crazy for it because it's a disney game that isn't aimed directly at children, so you don't feel like a weirdo for playing it.


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    Re: Kingdom Hearts

    Post by BornToFail on Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:54 am

    I've only played KH2 and yes, I know it's flawed. It has an even longer tutorial than the first game, gameplay gets boring and the story starts going reaaally weird (and only gets worse in the sequels).

    But I love it. For some reason this damn game is still in my fave five. I know I have played games with better stories and better gameplay. But still...

    Maybe it's just the Disney elements after all.

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    Re: Kingdom Hearts

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