TNA Impact 1.23.14 Live (on tape delay) Thoughts Thread


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    TNA Impact 1.23.14 Live (on tape delay) Thoughts Thread Empty TNA Impact 1.23.14 Live (on tape delay) Thoughts Thread

    Post by WhoBetta on Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:46 pm

    Two weeks in a row?  I know, right.

    Thoughts to be posted and updated here as the show progresses. Please add your own along the way.



    -Opening video. A+.
    -This lawyer is trying his best James Spader impression and failing MISERABLY.
    -Segment going too long. Dixie talking too much. TNA wall... Approaching...
    -All of this... Just to set up someone in Sting's corner, and a match stipulation? I like that we're getting a reason and a why, but DAMN its taking forever... GET ON WITH IT!!!
    -And now Magnus and Sting are in the ring re-iterating what we've already established?!  Couldnt they have meshed both of these segments into one?
    -Sting can still really work the mic. He is doing a really good job of trying to sell this story.
    -I still LOVE Spud. Bowtie + Those pants + That Hair = Awesome.
    -Paper Champion? Really?
    -Yay Joe!
    -And he gets to do what?  He's gonna stand in a corner?!  RATINGS!!!!
    -Later tonight... Kurt Angle misses a moonsault off a cage... STAY TUNED!
    -Great recap on Gunner/Storm feud.
    -Briefcase on a pole match?  Why does it HAVE to be "on a pole". I always get pink room flashbacks when I hear that phrase.
    -A Real New Era?  Seriously, what the fuck?
    -Wasnt a match about to happen... Why are Dixie and Spud in a backstage segment?  That said... Spud was awesome in this segment!  Just Awesome!
    -I swear Christy just called Storm the "CowDoy".
    -Nice Fallaway Slam out of the corner by Gunner!
    -Wow. Ugliest top rope head scissors EVER.
    -So Storm just came down with the case. He won right? No?!  Didnt have full posession?!  What the fuck? Wait... Now Gunner wins?  What?  WHAT?!  To quote Zandig, "ARE THEY BLIND?!?!?!  JEEEEZUS!"
    -Honestly a pretty decent match marred by an awful overbooked ending. Why can't anyone just win or lose like normal anymore?
    -Angle promo. Short and sweet.
    -Last week replay... Necessary... But couldnt we of edited this a bit, cut it down or something...
    -Another recap... Of a youtube video. The whole thing. At least it'll explain some of the impending buffoonery.  X-Title/Chick in a cage match is on!
    -Lol. So sorry we spent all this time on recaps, we know you want to see this match thats about to start... We'll be back after this commercial.  AURGH!!!!!
    -Great match so far. SUPER back rake by Sabin. HOLY SHIT!
    -Very good match. Velvet barely came into play. Match was exactly what I thought it would be down to the teddy bear only being in the bag. They did what they had to do. Too bad a CHAMPIONSHIP BELT was completely secondary here.
    -Great promo from the Wolves. Even a great explanation for last weeks nonsense. Then the whole thing about the investor being revealed yadda yadda. Still. Edwards & Richards were great!
    -And another great recap promo for the Roode/Angle feud. This should be good.
    -.... And commercial. AURGH!!!
    -What a match so far...
    -Someone tell Bobby that kicking Kurt with his injured leg is only going to make it hurt more.
    -KURT MISSES A MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!!  Never saw that coming.
    -Its been a short year.... But MATCH OF THE YEAR!
    -Great great stuff from Angle and Roode. Despite Roode forgetting which leg to sell and switching back and forth.
    -EC3 and Spud segment was great... Both guys are really great in their roles!
    -Yes BroMans!  #SoBadItsGood
    -Theyre so over the top its great...
    -Ooooooo oooooo... Aaaaaabyss!
    -That was fun... Looking forward to BroMans eeking out a victory and retianing their titles over Abyss and Young.
    -Sweet promo from Joe. Spud is gonna die.
    -This backstage thing with Angle... AWFUL... This is bad... Really really bad. Like really bad.
    -Oh Angle... You love Sting so much... Man up and marry him for christs sake. GET ON WITH IT!
    -Yes... Rockstar Spud!
    -Yes... Joe!
    -Next week on Impact... The Life and Death of Rockstar Spud.
    -Typical old school Joe squash. Promo afterwards was fine as well.
    -Okay... Pseudo-realistically... Magnus shouldve killed Sting by now.
    -Love Joe backing up EC3. Its a small thing, but a huge thing that EC3 never flinched when Joe was egging him. They're really doing something right with EC3.
    -Robocop could possibly be the only remake despite Judge Dredd to be WAAAAAY better than the original.
    -Sting, getting the John Cena treatment.
    -There have been more DOUBLE clotheslines in this one on one singles match than Ive ever seen.
    -Sting fears Alopecia. <-Needs to be a sign in the crowd.
    -If it was going to take THIS much to beat Sting, why didnt Magnus just shoot him with a cannon or something?
    -I was just thinking, wheres Dixie?  Lo and behold. I feel like Ray in Ghostbusters. I chose the form of the destructor.
    -So if Sting is on his way out like everyone seems to think he is, why make him look like a god among men. They did the same thing as AJ Styles. And both times have served a great disservice to Magnus and dropping two can't miss opportunities to really get Magnus over bigtime. Heh TNA.

    Overall thoughts: The show had its moments, some fantastic, but some that were bad and those moments were unfortunately really really bad. This show felt MUCH more like a special event than last week's show and I enjoyed this week a lot more. If I weren't so committed to watching the whole show to fulfill my personal commitment to completing this review, I would have easily missed the main event to flip over the the Cincinnati/Central Florida basketball game Ive been eyeing on and off all through Impact. I would absolutely make sure you get a chance to watch the cage match, and if you have a moment the Wolves promo... After that, nothing else worth tracking down.  Absolutely a step up from last weeks show in most regards.

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    Post by Joe5150 on Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:54 pm

    I'll be posting/watching.

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    Post by SBR on Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:04 pm

    Dat moonsault doe. Also the Sting/Magnus match was really bad.

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