TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread


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    TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread

    Post by WhoBetta on Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:11 pm

    Cause I know how much ya'll value my opinion, Im watching the entire episode tonight (if I make it)... Ill be updating this post all episode.

    -Spud is awesome! When I heard he had the role he did, I just couldnt picture it. Now that Ive seen it. Perfect!
    -Magnus is WAAAAAY better than the last time I saw him. Pretty decent promo as well.
    -Dixie the character, I can dig. Knowing however who the REAL LIFE Dixie is... Holy nepotism batman!
    -Im not sure if TNA intended it. But I really feel like Im watching a dinner theater version of the Authority storyline.
    -This crowd is the only reason this segment is watchable. I hope they stay this hot all night.
    -Holy HGH Ethan!
    -lol Stings music is almost exactly the same as it was in WCW. Seriously?
    -I have to admit. This brawl is kinda cool. War Games anyone?
    -HOWEVER!  So Dixie represents the new hotness, and Sting the old guard. And we're supposed to cheer for the old guard?  [travolta]So weird.[/travolta]
    -12 man tag.. Right now.... Since when is Spud, Vickie Guerrero?
    -OMG Taz/Tenay are downright awful. Like how did they get this bad.... Although Taz calling ODB and Lady Tapa men was pretty good.
    -Gunner's got a Money in the bank briefcase?  For the second time, I feel like Im watching WWE-lite.
    -If theres anyone in TNA that I NEED to see in WWE, its ODB.  She could be really awesome there.
    -Sabin? With... character? Entertaining? Awesome.
    -Havent Aries and Sabin been feuding for like 3 years now?
    -Velvet Sky on a pole match!  Please no.
    -WTF I was joking.  Theyre really doing it.
    -49 minutes in. Im still watching. And for the most part, Im entertained. So far so good.
    -So Dexter just killed Simon Diamond, with a stinky shoe stolen from the Oregon football team?
    -I see what they're going for with how their shooting these backstage promos, and I kinda like, and I kinda cant stand it.
    -Magnus/EC3 promo. Fantastic! I learned more about the two of them from that than anything else Ive seen of them so far.
    -BullyRay/Anderson. Isnt this supposed to be like the big blowoff to their feud?  Why am I watching a commercial seconds after the match started?
    -Are we sure that's Earl Hebner?  Not Dave?  I think its Dave.
    -What is this with Bully and Ken constantly turning their backs to each other?  Lesson #1: Never take your eyes of your opponent. Idiots.
    -That missed seanton, was sick as shit. Crazy ass Kennedy. Its his body and all, but damn, that had to suck.
    -Bully channeling his inner-John Cena, kicking out of everything.
    -Someone needs to let Bully know that Zippo lighter fluid burns faster, better and longer than Rossengil.
    -Wait... What?  That match was just getting really intense... Then whoop. 1-2-3.
    -Apparently, the feud continues on... And on... And on...
    -LOL Kurt. Youre not going to get that role in Expedables 4. Drop the vigilante schtick. "WHO SENT YOU?!?!?!?!"  Im seriously cracking up over here guy.  You dont look serious, you look ridiculous.
    -Unwritten code not to mention the family?  Since when there Tenay?
    -So was it Dixie that got you to come to TNA Kurt?  Or was it the fact you had a drug problem and they were the only ones who'd turn a blind eye to it.
    -This is Dixie's entrance music?  Well.  Beats the hell outta Linda McMahon's.  So point Dixie I guess.
    -Did Kurt just say Dixie slept with half the locker room?
    -And honestly, between Kurt and Dixie... Dixie's right.
    -I REALLY like the Dixie character. Its fucking great. And this is coming from somone who cannot stand the authority figure role.  Just sucks its being played by the ACTUAL owner of the company.
    -Atlas Security. Awesome. Not worth the money, but cool to see regardless.
    -I really like that TNA is giving me a reason to care about each and every match and segment. Everything has had a purpose. Its nice to see that on a wrestling program, considering I havent since on a Sunday Night Heat back in 1998.
    -75% through the show... Still watching. Still entertained.
    -I reiterate (regarding the Dixie/Hebner segment), the Dixie character is fucking genius.
    -A moments ago replay. Quit ripping off WWE guys. Jeez. [/sarcasm]
    -Sorry I havent updated. Been watching a really good show on TV.
    -So the title change was expected, but the match finish was kinda out of nowhere, which isn't a bad thing at all.
    -Jesus. How many times has TNA re-invented themselves? Get over yourself.
    -Boo another authority figure. Big boo. BOOOOOO!
    -First thing on this show that I hate. And I really REALLY REALLY REALLY hate it.  Dueling authority figures... Gag me.
    -Boca Ratorn? Its Boca Raton Christy. Feed your ass some pie, im sure its hungry.
    -If I didnt know EC3 was a WWE dropout, Id never know.  Theyve done very well with him.
    -Did Sting lose his luggage?  Where's his trademark collared button shirt?
    -In 1 3/4 hours, I have gone from indifferent to Spud, to a mark.  Fucking SPUD!!!
    -Spud is only 1/2 as awesome without his bowtie. It is his mojo. He needs it back from that redneck up front PRONTO!
    -Wow. The Scorpion Death drop mustve paralyzed EC3. He was dead for like ever.
    -Exactly what I expected in the finish to that match, and exactly what it should have been. Perfect.
    -A TV channel called AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS is airing a reality show about arm wrestlers?  Next thing you'll tell me is like the History Channel only talks about crazy stuff like UFO's and Bigfoot right? So silly.
    -So Im supposed to believe that during that 4 minute break Sting just stood in the ring and Magnus on the ramp... Not exchanging words or anything. Right.
    -Sting vs. Magnus?  No thanks.  I thought TNA was all about the new guys now.
    -What was that Sting?  Boys wear belts?  And that other stuff you said before that?  Seriously what the fuck was Sting saying there?
    -NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Sting vs. Magnus; Contract vs. Title. Boo-urns.
    -Through this all, Magnus looks great in this. And Sting is, well, over the hill. This HAS to end with Magnus pinning Sting clean. Otherwise its nothing gained at all.

    -Overall... Since people cream themselves over ratings, Ill be your crack cocaine and give this show a 7.5/10. I really liked almost everything. I guess the catch is that the things I didnt like, I really fucking hated. But I guess thats just the yin and yang of professional wrestling. If you missed the show there's really nothing that jumped out that you absolutely positively need to see. I can say the 2 hours kinda flew by and thats a fantastic thing. Believe it or not, I am actually excited for next weeks show (sans the NEW authority figure thing, fuck that shit). If you missed this show, no need to watch it, read the recaps. But watch next week. Should be cool.

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    Re: TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread

    Post by Joe5150 on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:47 pm

    Davey & Edwards debuted, but as part of a new Investor.


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    Re: TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread

    Post by StylesClash on Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:25 pm

    I was actually disappointed in the show, similar to when WWE had the Authority beat down Bryan for what seemed like forever, the interference and cheap wins are getting old. Dixie is a horrible actress, and honestly Gail Kim is too, the backstage attack was absolutely horrible.

    I honestly liked the piledriver finish by Bully Ray. Its such a dangerous move that it should be something no one kicks out of. I just hope they don't begin to over use it and it loses its value. The only good match on the show IMO. The 12 man team was a total clusterf*ck at first.

    Good to see Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards finally in TNA, but while I'm interested to see who the new investor is, I'm sick of all the dueling authority feuds in wrestling. Only so much you can do with it.

    As far as Sting/Magnus. I really want Magnus to win cleanly and Sting be done for good. However I expect Magnus to win in some crazy way only to reveal that Sting is the new investor. However if he left for the WWE it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all. Hopefully they'd use his contract on younger, indy talent who they can build. Same with Kurt.

    Overall it was an average show at best for me, and that is coming from a loyal fan despite their fall over the years. Despite their issues, I don't think TNA is as bad off as people make them sound, and the cost cutting will only help. Hopefully they can actually build talent up though.

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    Re: TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread

    Post by WhoBetta on Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:37 pm

    I think a lot of the excitement for me was how fresh a lot of the show was.  I havent been watching the show and a lot of stories and people I saw tonight, I saw for the first or maybe only 2nd time.

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    Re: TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread

    Post by SBR on Fri Jan 17, 2014 2:50 am

    Just watched EC3 vs Sting, holy shit does Sting not give any fucks. Also, chill with the fire TNA, it's really not believable at all.


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    Re: TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread

    Post by Slayer on Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:42 am

    I really hope you're joking over liking Spud so much, because he just comes off like a British version of Brad Maddox (who is just awful).

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    Re: TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread

    Post by WhoBetta on Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:03 pm

    Nope. My Spud love is truer than the night is dark.

    He's just so over the top in his role its incessantly annoying... Which is beautiful.

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    Re: TNA Impact 1.16.14 Live Thoughts Thread

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