CZW Thread


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    CZW Thread

    Post by Spudz on Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:06 pm

    From pwpondering

    Combat Zone Wrestling iPPV Presents “Cage of Death 15.”
    Taped on December 14, 2013 from Voorhees, New Jersey.

    Tommy Dreamer and Maven Bentley kick off the show in the ring and welcome the crowd. Long time CZW photographer Lyle Williams is invited into the ring for a round of applause and appreciation due to pending retirement. Dreamer cuts a short promo putting over the locker room and company.

    Chris Hero makes his way to the ring. He asks for his World Championship match to happen first. Request accepted. The show is opening with the CZW World Championship being defended. Bentley and Dreamer ban the Gulak Campaign from ringside.

    CZW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Drew Gulak retains and defeats Chris Hero via submission by applying a modified ankle lock.

    MASADA makes a surprise return as Gulak celebrates in the ring. Gulak and MASADA have a stare down moment and then Gulak runs off.

    SIX WAY MATCH. One pin fall to a finish: Joe Gacy defeats Azrieal, Andrew Everett, Tony Nese, Chuck Taylor and AR Fox via pin fall. Gacy blocked a lo mien pain attempt by Fox and then hit a big splash from the top turn buckle onto Fox.

    RELAXED RULES: Greg Excellent w/Momma Excellent defeats $5 Dollar Wrestling’s Freight Train w/Cherry Bomb via submission by applying a sharp shooter that couldn’t stick, so it turned into an ankle lock.

    CZW WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Blk Jeez and Ruckus w/Robbie Moreno retain and defeat JT Dunn and David Starr via pin fall after Jeez hits a top rope double stomp on Starr.

    Kimber Lee w/The Gulak Campaign defeats Christina Von Eerie via pin fall by roll-up after Alexander James of the campaign provides the right distraction at the right time. Von Eerie then gives Lee the MASADA skewer treatment as revenge.

    Fire Ant and Green Ant of CHIKARA fame make a surprise appearance to take on John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

    TAG-TEAM #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: John Silver and Alex Reynolds defeat Fire Ant and Green Ant via pin fall after a double team combo. (Stream cut out at the exact moment of the finish)

    Chris Dickinson defeats Davey Richards via pin fall after hitting a pump-handle power bomb.

    Dickinson cuts a post-match promo about a story where Davey was on the same flight as him once and he needed a ride to a venue in St. Loius, so Davey stepped up and helped him out. He says he has looked up to Davey for quite some time. Richards takes the mic and says he was supposed to be up the road a bit and not at CZW tonight but that company “lost its heart.” Richards says he won’t be on the indy scene much longer. He asks the fans to “keep wrestling alive.” “Thank you Davey” chants.

    SIX PERSON INTER-GENDER GRUDGE MATCH: Dave Crist, Jake Crist and Nevaeh defeat DJ Hyde, Biff Busick and Sozio w/The Front via pin fall after Nevaeh hit Hyde with two chair shots to the head. Sozio took a superplex from Jake Crist from the top turnbuckle to the floor through a pile of chairs.

    CZW WIRED CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera retains and defeats Shane Strickland via pin fall after hitting Strickland’s own finisher, the swerve stomp (top rope double stomp). Azrieal interfered during the contest, hitting a top rope double stomp to the back of Strickland’s head, but the help only resulted in a near fall.


    THE CAGE OF DEATH MATCH. Two competitors will start. Then competitors will be added via specific time interval. Elimination by pin fall, submission and by being thrown to the ringside floor: Danny Havoc, Lucky 13 and Devon Moore vs. Matt Tremont, Ron Mathis, Rory Mondo and Drew Blood.

    Mondo vs. Moore start.

    Ron Mathis enters making it Mathis and Mondo vs. Moore.

    Lucky 13 enters making it Lucky 13 and Moore vs. Mathis and Mondo.

    Matt Tremont enters making it Lucky 13 and Moore vs. Tremont, Mathis and Mondo.

    Danny Havoc enters making it Havoc, Lucky 13 and Moore vs. Tremont, Mathis and Mondo.

    Drew Blood enters making it officially 4 on 3.

    Havoc eliminates Mathis by hitting a dragon suplex to the outside through a barbed wire table.

    Moore eliminates Blood via pin fall after launching him off the scaffold attached to the top of the cage with a rolling senton onto a pile of chairs and glass.

    Tremont eliminates Moore by running him through cage.

    Mondo eliminates Havoc by tossing him off the top of the cage through several stacked boards and glass.

    Lucky 13 eliminates Mondo via pin fall by hitting an air raid crash off the scaffold attached to the top of the cage through a barbed wire table.

    It’s down to Lucky 13 vs. Tremont.


    Lucky 13 eliminates Tremont by superkicking him off the scaffold attached to the top of the cage through glass and a barbed wire table.

    The Nation of Intoxication are the winners of the Cage of Death 15.

    Rory Mondo comes crawling out from the back with Nick Mondo still in the ring. Rory freaks out. Nick says he knows Rory does not feel respected but he wants him to know he has done enough to earn his respect. Rory says this was his last match.

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    Re: CZW Thread

    Post by Swarles on Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:46 pm

    Nick Mondo is alive?!

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    Re: CZW Thread

    Post by WWF Attitude on Sun Dec 15, 2013 3:32 pm

    Nick Mondo was probably one of my top favorite indy wrestlers when I first realized wrestling existed outside of WWF/WCW/ECW. I seriously don't think anyone did the "UltraViolent" style better or worse than he did.

    So that part is awesome to me.

    Edit: Davey Richards  Rolling Eyes 


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    Re: CZW Thread

    Post by JustSkiff on Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:58 pm

    I'll be looking forward to watching this show. Davey/Dickinson should be great.

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